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Inizza - The World of Revelations

Inizza - The World of Revelations


A world that has completely forgotten its history, full of inhabitants who want to unravel the mysteries.

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The world of Inizza

The world of Inizza takes place in a very geographically diverse continent. In the western cities, you have deserts occupied by alchemists and very religious folk. In the north, you have the Capital city(Central) in a very mountainous area full of colorful plants, and flowers that are about the same size as a bear. The east is an area with so many tall trees that there's barely any room to walk on the ground. Finally, in the south, you have nothing but ruins in a plain grassy area. No one knows why they're in ruins, no one knows anything. It's almost as if history has been completely erased.

There's a nasty storm brewing, too. From the south, the highest concentration of wind, lightning, and disease slowly approaches the entire continent. It has been estimated to reach Central in 6 months. The storm is widely agreed to have occurred before the south went into ruin, and all 3 provinces are working together to find out why the south is in the condition it's in, and how to stop the storm.


  • Central

Central is a very urbanized city, ruled by Count Filippo Foscari. It is not a very religious area, but they are working on studying the religiously secular side of alchemy. Central is home to many poets, actors, and engineers. It holds the University of Medical Sciences (but it's such a primitive time that people don't realize the information they're teaching there is incorrect).

  • Portetio

Major city of the west. Ruled by Count Zephon. It's a very religious area that highly regards Alchemy as a very spiritual science. There have been so many rumors of people practicing dark magic, including things like bringing back the dead, that all of the east has gained a bad reputation.

  • Fiorre

Major city in the east. The shops are all held on branches and treetops. Ruled by Magnus Oculus. The society is strictly vegan, and consuming animal based products is punishable by tongue removal.


Alchemy as the world knows it today originates from Portetio. Its original intention was to change the earth's rotation on its axis as to perfectly align one's self with the sun, the earth's rotation is where Alchemy gets its energy from. Alchemy relies on the concept of equivalent exchange: To obtain something, one must sacrifice something of equal value. Alchemical transmutation is a long and tedious process that requires constant attention.


  • The laws of physics are something to keep in mind. Objects don't gain any momentum or acceleration.
  • People believe that diseases are "located" in between your eyebrows. The standard medical procedure for curing disease is to slice an incision, and add a few small drops of holy water.


Held responsible for being the "source" of alchemical energy by the west. In reality? He's false, but public conformity, rumors, and events interpreted as "miracles" have led many to believe that he is real in Portetio.

According to mythology, he created the world from the hellfire he was born from, and use the steel from his shackles to forge the landscapes in his mighty forge. When he cooled his creation, he created life and left the waters on the new earth he created.

Toggle Rules

  1. Don't god mode, obviously.
  2. Don't do anything lore-breaking, or add to the lore.
  3. Please try to refrain from using asian characters. This world has more of a Latin influence.
  4. Don't kill without OOC consent.

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Ryan walked into the dusty streets, carrying a lime in his hand. He began to peel his lime carefully and trying not to accidentally squeeze it, or else juice might get into his eye. He successfully peeled the lime and took a bite. The sweet, sour juice heightened his tastes buds.

He looked around this place, and wondered if anyone was there. He looked off into the distance and shouted. "Hello!? Is anyone there?"


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#, as written by Ricci
The sky extended like a blanket with small cotton balls, Louise furiosly blinked expecting the leaves to cover the sky again like back home. But the crumpled piece of paper still sat on her palm, with the meticulous writing of the errands that needed to be done. She coughed dryly, the dust entered her lungs so easily here. The wind rolled through the streets, unlike the heavily blocked trees. Homesick, yes she was, it welled up in her. It was so barren that it felt as if she had been exiled to a corner of the world. And then a voice rang through the air, like an arrow slicing through the heavy atmosphere. It was a man, her gaze didn't inspect him much before her happy words left her lips. "Hello, would you know if anybody lives here?" Even though she had a big smile on her face it felt strange, there was no one on the streets. Why had she been sent here?

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Character Portrait: Louise Crassus
Character Portrait: Ryan Rall


Character Portrait: Ryan Rall
Ryan Rall

A cool guy, not too shabby.

Character Portrait: Louise Crassus
Louise Crassus

A spirited girl, but naive and living outside reality.


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