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Atsuko Inoue

"I am committed to protecting this place no matter who or what threatens it."

0 · 945 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Inland”, as played by Keen


Atsuko means warm child, unfortunately for her parents she was never quite able to live up to that name.
Theme Song and a Quote

Image[ Name ]
Atsuko Inoue

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
Atsu, Kage (This translates to shadow)

[ Age ]

[ Gender ]

[ Race ]

[ Role/Occupation ]
Human Companion/Police Officer & Detective

[ Face Claim ]
Touka Takanashi | Chuunibyou

The Outside

Image[ Hair Color ]
A deep raven black, one of the things that contributes to her title of 'Kage'

[ Eye Color ]
A bright, reddish-purple

[ Skin Tone ]
Lightly tanned from her frequent work outside

[ Height ]

[ Weight ]
141 lbs.

[ General Description ]
Standing a bit taller than average and possessing an impressively athletic and toned build she certainly gives off the impression of someone that is not to be messed with. This, accompanied by her dark long hair and piercing red eyes can often make her a bit intimidating in appearance. Her features are sharp and mature in appearance and her eyes always seem to have an observant and critical look to them. Her looks combined with her usual expressionless face tends to give the woman a mysterious aura, an image which Atsuko tries little to dispel and perhaps even tries to reinforce.

Atsuko's style is a simple one and generally ranges from professional looking to comfortable with little in between. She lacks any clothes one might call 'cute' and you'll be hard pressed to ever find her wearing a skirt or a dress. One commonality through her outfits however is the presence of a choker, she's been a fan of these accessories since her high school days and can rarely be seen not wearing one.

Inner Soul

[ Likes ]
โœ” Coffee || "Black, please."
โœ” Beaches || "Certainly the most pleasant places on Earth."
โœ” Sweets || "Unhealthy, but undeniably delightful, they are a weakness of mine."
โœ” Acrobatics || "I've been doing it since I was quite young, it's... Fun."
โœ” Cute, small things || "I suppose people don't expect someone like me to like this sort of thing but, their charm is hard to resist."
โœ” MMOs & Videogames || "... I'm not sure what you're talking about."

[ Dislikes ]
x Chaos || "I will not tolerate rampant disorder in my home or my city, it is my duty to maintain order."
x Cigarettes || "Disgusting."
x Bullies || "Abuse of power is unacceptable."

[ Weaknesses ]
โ˜  Inexpressive || "People say I don't react to things normally or that I'm weird... It's just the way I am."
โ˜  Sweets || "It's a bit sad that such things can be so tempting to me but... They're really too heavenly."
โ˜  Unforgiving || "Until proper justice has been served, forgiveness is not something you will find from me."

[ Abilities/Skills ]
โœถ Police Training || "I've learned to handle a firearm, Judo, and various interrogation and investigation techniques during my time on the force."
โœถ Acrobatics || "My parents enrolled me in classes when I was a child and I've kept it up ever since... It's made me quite agile and flexible."
โœถ Tough || "Pain is only temporary. The only way something can get to you is if you let it."
โœถ Sneaky || "I've been told I'm quite good at sneaking up on people."

[ Personality ]
Atsuko is a bit of a mysterious woman. Almost always reserved in expression and tone of voice she is a very difficult individual to read. Atsu goes at everything in her life seriously, refusing to fail and refusing to go at anything without giving her full effort. She's the type to be proactive about a problem as opposed to sitting back and just thinking about it or going through extensive stages of planning and despite this slightly reckless way of doing things, she usually comes out on top. Atsu has a rather strong distaste for injustice and chaos, an aspect of her personality which quite clearly led her to her current profession.

Being rather inexpressive some people feel a bit awkward being around in her social situations, and on top of that Atsuko is certainly no social butterfly. She makes few friends outside of work and even then, they aren't people she feels very close to. Though she rarely shows much emotion does not mean she does not feel them however, she's a woman who likes to be happy and have fun just like anyone else and is a woman who can feel sad or alone from time to time as well, she merely doesn't show it. About the only strong emotion you will ever
see on this woman's face is anger, and if you've managed to piss her off you are
most certainly in for some trouble.


[ History ]
Atsuko's past is really nothing noteworthy, she was born a human on plain old boring Earth after all. Her parents and childhood were quite average, middle-classed, and trauma free. Even as a child Atsuko's disposition was much the same as it is today, never very excitable nor easily upset. Similarly, her sense of justice and desire to preserve order was also present as a child, she was often the one who would stand up to the bullies on the playground, though at such a young age such efforts were not always successful. Her life had moved at a steady pace until she was about 8 years old when a new member joined her family, her younger sister. With the introduction of the newest member of her family her protective nature had become cemented, she would make sure to become strong enough to protect her little sister and anyone else who might be in need or suffering at the hands of those more powerful than themselves.

During her high school years Atsuko picked up the hobby of gaming, and more specifically, MMOs. She might try to deny it or feign ignorance but she has become quite the 'addict', often spending most of her free time in these online worlds (always as a mage of some sort). As she grew older the idea of getting a normal job or just going off to college didn't appeal to her in the slightest, so she settled and what seemed to be the natural course of action for her and opted to join the police force. She's still quite new to the force but she's made a reputation for herself as a hard, efficient worker.

[ Others ]


So begins...

Atsuko Inoue's Story


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The sky was a bright, cheery blue; people bustled through the streets on cars and bikes like ants scurrying to obtain food for their Queen. Large piles of slush were stacked up high on the sides of the roads, dirt from cars turning the ice a blackish gray. The trees bare and shivering from a gust of wind that shook the Christmas lights which adorned absolutely everything, stood tall like gangling ghosts of a past season. The warmth inside of the building was a welcome compared to the freezing outside. A fresh, light layer of flurries began to blow through Tokyo with the fury of a stampede of a thousand elephants. The hot breath of fire places across the city exhaled life into the busy city as well as heaters from tall edifices that towered into the sky.

Inside of one of these structures was a red head shadowing one of the wealthiest men in Japan as he recorded a new single for his holiday album. The studio was decorated as brightly as the interurban sidewalk trees, spirits were high as the next day began winter break for schools and families alike. The rock star emerged from the sound proof room and his assistant, Yuzuki Haruna handed him a bottle of spring water. He smiled down at her like he always did with that irritatingly charming expression the Demon General occasionally wanted to slap off of his face although she remained perfectly pleasant and reflected his exposition so as not to get fired from another job. Give me the run down Yuzuki-chan," he said as they walked out of the recording studio and to his office. Yuzuki took a deep breath and began to read him the notes she had taken yesterday after a whole morning of phone calls and getting yelled at by his publicist for not showing up on time for an exclusive press preview of a music video the rock star had recorded last month.

"Oh and you have one more thing before the holiday break!" They stopped at the entrance to his office; he turned towards Yuzuki expectantly, patiently waiting to hear what this something might be. "A one hour meeting with a Make-A-Wish child from the America chapter," he nodded his head and entered the office. A large work space with panoramic windows, carpeted floors, bean bag chairs and other things he had deemed "essential" to work adorned the open room. Yuzuki sat on one of the many plush couches and took a deep breath in. Soon she would be rushing to the supermarket to grab a box dinner for her and three others before heading home to Satan-er-Ryuu's castle.

The male headed over to his desk and pulled out an envelope. He placed it on Yuzuki's clipboard and winked before going to freshen up for his meeting with the MAW kid. The red head stuffed the envelope in her pocket and prepared the room, cleaning up a bit and attempting to make the office presentable before her work phone rang to inform her that the child was here. It was a quick, painless appointment that went on a bit longer then it should have. Yuzuki didn't understand anything the excited adolescent spoke about, his cystic fibrosis or how he underwent seven surgeries before his lungs were fixed for now. In Crestia they didn't have such diseases running rampant in children's bodies.

"Goodnight, Merry Christmas!" Yuzuki called on her way out after changing out of her heels and into her outdoor shoes. She quickly headed towards the supermarket in order to obtain dinner for Ryuu, Azezal, Alaric, and herself. She adjusted the navy scarf around her neck and fidgeted with the plush purple gloves on her hands; the cold was not a kind element and Yui's cheeks had already turned a blush pink. She stepped into the shop and headed towards the back where the discount meals were. It wasn't as luxurious as the food her sister used to cook back home, but it was better then cucumbers and jelly or the sustenance Yuzuki had survived on during her first month on earth. As she checked out, the envelope in her pocket drew her attention once she had taken the bag from the grocer and it rumpled in the folds of her skirt. Yuu took it out and dropped it in the plastic sack on her way out, savoring the warmth of the store before the frigid temperatures seeped into her bones.

Yuzuki placed the food on the counter in the apartment, her stocking feet making hardly a sound on the tatami mat floors. The kotatsu sat in the middle of the dining room, waiting to be used by the demons and their creator. She placed the meals in the fridge and turned the heater up a bit, taking the envelope out of her pocket and reading it slowly, her eyes widening in shock when she looked at the amount of zeroes on her Christmas bonus. Yes, the demon King would be most pleased with her efforts.


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The announcement from their King that they were going to celebrate Christmas was something to be excited about and yet the other two Generals didn't seem to be as ecstatic about it as Yuzuki; their first human holiday together! Speaking of which Yui had some information to volunteer. "They put up lights on the exterior of their homes and decorate with something called tinsel, I believe it is plastic made to look like snow although I'm not quite sure. Oh! That reminds me, my company is having a holiday party tomorrow night and they said I should invite my family!" They were as close to family as Yui had considering everyone she loved was dead.

The sudden call from Alaric's phone startled her and Yuzuki jumped, her knees hitting the top of the table. It hardly hurt, but Yui winced anyways; possibly from habit of having to display emotions so her coworkers didn't think she was some sort of monster immune to pain. Quietly she listened to the phone call and noticed the notes of distress in Alaric's voice. She frowned, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong during what mortals considered to be the most wonderful time of the year. Yui always found it funny that Alaric took his job so seriously, the former leader of the Dread Guard reduced to a mere Grief Counselor. Still they all had to pick and choose their battles in this world.

"I apologize, my Lord, something with work came up that I must take care of. Forgive my absence." Abruptly the female stood up, bearing the cold and striding over to the General. "I'll go with you. It would be lonely if you went alone, right?" Something about his expression bothered her and so Yuzuki did not want him to go alone. "Would that be alright my King?" Regardless of his answer Yui would go, she was already pulling on her jacket and buttoning it up.