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"Heh. Heheh. That's interesting. Yes. Why don't we try it, hmm?"

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a character in “Insane Reality”, as played by rikura



Name: Rena Kyumi
Nickname: Ren
Age: 17
Age Became Insane: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin, Thin, 5'7"
Personality: Appears calm and distanced/disconnected from her surroundings, but is actually very in tune with her surroundings and will have random bursts of insanity (usually when blood is involved). She mumbles to herself, and talks conversationally about things like torture, blood, death, and such. She has a very curious nature and likes to experiment.
Bio: Her entire family died from the toxins. About the time they died there was an extreme and painful burning sensation on her body, in her lungs, and in her head. When the burning stopped, she started to hear voices, see things, and talk to herself, and slowly became more and more insane. She loves the sight and smell of blood, and she loves to do strange experiments with torture and/or pain. It's hard to tell whether she considers you a friend or an enemy, but either way, you might want to be cautious of her.

So begins...

Rena's Story


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#, as written by rikura
"There they go again, haha! I wonder if I could catch one? Heheh. It'd be interesting, wouldn't it? Yes. Yes, it would." Rena mumbled to herself as a group of those silly soldiers passed by outside again. She was up on her knees, looking out of the window of an abandoned house. She tilted her head to the side as if listening to something. "Hmm, yes, yes. They can never find us. Never find us." She was quiet for a while before laughing, "But we can find them!" How long had she been here? Ha! Why did it matter? Oh, it doesn't. "Nothing matters. Nothing matters."