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"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells!"

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a character in “Insane Reality”, as played by Adamus


I like nonsense,
it wakes up the brain cells.
-Dr. Seuss

|| Wendell T. Bennett || Wen || 18 || Male ||

Full Name: Wendell Thomas Bennett
Nickname: Wen

Age: 18 yrs [ eighteen years old ]
Age Became Insane: 13

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

-Dark brown hair
-Brown eyes
-Fair skin
-Tall: 6'0"

Wen has an odd pattern of behavior. Though on first sight it seems like the boy acts out randomly, Wen's actions and way of thinking aren't all as crazy as some may say they are. Well... to him, anyway. What makes perfect sense to him may be bizarre to those around the kid.
Everything has to 'click' for Wen to do something. Not as in that annoyance of a noise, but as in how it feels. If something doesn't 'click' to Wendell, then it's wrong and there's no way of convincing him it's right.

He's a weird fellow, often making noises, tapping rhythms, and having complete conversations with himself wherever he goes. Most people who know him try to turn the other cheek and pretend that nothing is wrong with him, but those who are strangers to Wen tend to think he's missing a few bolts in that messed up little head of his.
He's usually not aggressive, but similar to how his decisions are made, Wendell's personality shifts from time to time. If his current state of mind just isn't working out, he'll try to fix himself to fit in better. Unfortunately, these personality changes are often triggered by anger. If he feels threatened at all, even in the least, Wen will 'click' and become violent. The boy is dangerous when he is like this, and can even get so far out of hand that he has, in the past, had the capability to... severely hurt.. people, to a point where their eyes probably didn't open again.

Wendell didn't have very many people in his life to miss once they all died. If anything, the boy had loved his pet dog more than any one of his family members, and had longed that poor Crooked-Eye hadn't been killed by the toxins.
When the factory exploded, releasing the fumes into the air, it was Wen's mother, sister, two brothers and the family pet that had all been killed. The only two Bennett's that remained were Wen and his father, George. Unfortunately, they were a mere two parts of a larger number of people who had been left behind during the evacuation.
It was George who seemed to had lost his mind first. He began whimpering at night, calling into the darkness, snapping at his son whenever he tried to help. The first year was torture for Wen, but he was thankful when his father finally took his own life and ended the suffering. He was happy that his father was dead, that he had committed suicide. The blood didn't even bother him and the gun wasn't hard to put back.
He didn't know he was next to join the strange group of people his father had briefly belonged to.

It started with hallucinations, visions of a better reality, daylight dreams that sucked him in and left him wishing they never let him go. What was going on around him was like a slap in the face whenever Wen zoned back in, so quickly he learned that his mind was a better place than the world outside of it.
The next was the voices. They echoed in his head, toyed with his hearing, made him listen to the muffled wails over and over again that formerly had only appeared at night. Listening to all the pain was enough to drive anyone mad, but it didn't stop there.
If it wasn't the fake reality or the screaming sounds echoes in his skull that made him snap, then it couldn't have been much else. Wen began to get paranoid, superstitious, he began to believe that if he did certain acts, the things in his head would leave him alone.
It only made things worse.

Slowly the chaos in his mind began to feel normal. Day by day, Wen learned how to cope with all those secondary voices, brief hallucinations, and challenging thoughts that had all made their homes within him. When people began returning to the city, Wendell slipped in among them, appearing almost normal. He made friends, he found a job, during the day all the madness didn't seem to exist anymore. Back with other people, Wen thought that maybe things could return to how they used to be.
He had been too optimistic, and sooner or later Wendell snapped again and committed his second murder. This time, though, it wasn't as easy to disguise it as suicide.

So begins...

Wen's Story


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#, as written by rikura
"There they go again, haha! I wonder if I could catch one? Heheh. It'd be interesting, wouldn't it? Yes. Yes, it would." Rena mumbled to herself as a group of those silly soldiers passed by outside again. She was up on her knees, looking out of the window of an abandoned house. She tilted her head to the side as if listening to something. "Hmm, yes, yes. They can never find us. Never find us." She was quiet for a while before laughing, "But we can find them!" How long had she been here? Ha! Why did it matter? Oh, it doesn't. "Nothing matters. Nothing matters."