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Hazel Brigs

*waves shyly*

0 · 487 views · located in Cornwall, England.

a character in “Insanity Forsakes Us: A Netherworld Story”, as played by ThePlastic713




Full name: Hazel Elaine Brigs
My mothers name was Elaine, and my eyes (when I was still human) were beautiful and hazel...that's where my name comes from, I guess...sure, it isn't flashy or fabulous, but that's what it is!
Nicknames: Haze, but mostly just Hazel
They try to call me "princess" or "your highness"...but that irritates me, if I'm honest...
Age: Human: 19, actual: 457
I'm on the older side, but I don't look it in either form. You wouldn't think I was much older than 19 or 20 if you saw my banshee form...
Birthdate: 13 October
I don't remember what year I was born...1700's maybe...
Race: Banshee
The Banshee , from the Irish bean sídhe ("woman of the fae" or "woman of the fairy mounds") is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. My Scottish counterpart is the bean shìth (also spelled bean-shìdh'''). I like to think I could be terrifying...but I'm really just a gentle, motherly spirit who lives a little bit of a lie...
Sexuality: Heterosexual
This means which gender I like, right? Males. I couldn't imagine doing something with someone....of the same gender. That's strange...


Why were you placed into the Asylum? I was sent to the Asylum because I was diagnosed with Selective Mutism and would no longer use my cry. Thankfully, I was allowed to keep my ability to scream, but it was dulled to the point that I can't kill anyone anymore...not like I really wanted to...
What do you think about being in the Asylum? Oh I don't mind it so's become my home.
What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? It was so long ago, I honestly don't remember...I do remember a particularly frightening corpse that wouldn't die when I screamed at him. I thought maybe I was I really am. (zombie, thought it made sense that a Banshee scream couldn't kill the undead).
What power do you have left? I can scream a little, and it stuns people, and sometimes knocks them out for hours. I don't use it often, unless people are arguing and being very loud. I don't like loud noises, and sometimes people just need to be hushed.
What do you miss most about being in your true form? My hair, how white it was...and maybe actually screaming...


-Small, dark spaces
-Being alone
-Listening to peoples problems (she's a great listener)
-Vanilla flavor
-Her natural form
-Her eyes (which stay the same in both forms, icy blue)
-Small animals
-Crunchy food

-Large animals (like dogs)
-Open rooms and large groups
-When people want her to speak
-Her "human" form
-When people argue
-Overly sweet foods
-People who like to hug

-Acousticophobia- Fear of noise.
-Androphobia- Fear of men.
-Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.

Personality: Well...lets see...I'm a quiet person. I don't really like talking, as I don't see the point when I can get my point across in writing or facial expressions. That's how most people know what I mean, facial expressions. I usually make some weird faces, but it helps people to understand. I don't like when other people are sad, and some people compare me to a motherly figure. I don't know why, but it's easy for people to talk to me, which makes sense, since I don't talk back.


In the highlands of Scotland, there lived a family of 3; a mother, a father, and their only child, a young lady the age of 8. She liked to read and make up her own stories, and often they were about a land in which goblins reigned. Her father was a butcher, her mother a typical woman of the 1700's. The mother was a bit of a mental case, and she often would lock herself in her room and scream for hours on end. The father wasn't much better, as he wasn't only a butcher of animals, but humans as well. The young girl grew up as normal as possible, living the best she could. Often times, the young daughter would assist her father with the butchery of animals. At the age of 12, she finally refused to continue to help her father with the butchery of the animals.

By the time she was 13, her father had brutally murdered her mother and given her to a man 20 years her superior to marry. She was treated extremely poorly and never truly recovered from her mothers murder. The man she married beat her often and, one night, after a particularly bad beating, Hazel locked herself in her room. Not knowing what else to do, but knowing what her mother did when she was upset, she screamed. The girl screamed until she couldn't breathe anymore. Hazel had stopped hearing the servants working, or her husband pounding his feet as he walked, so she left the room. Hazel came out to find most of her household head, except one of the servants, who was barely alive. She rushed to him and tried to help him, but he died in her arms. Hazel was so angry that she did the only thing she could think of; she screamed.

Eventually, the young girl died, blaming her husband, her father, and the servant who had died in her arms for her misfortunes. Thus began the transformation from beautiful, wandering spirit to horrible, frightening Banshee. Whenever she would see a woman who reminded her of herself, she'd take in upon herself to relieve the woman of the man who was harming her. This was all fine and well until one day when she chose a man and, try as she might, the man would not die. Hazel was terrified that she was losing her ability. This slowly drove the 19 year old spirit to a dark place in her mind, while also driving her to silence...

Oh...I don't remember much about my past...What I do remember, I don't like to talk about...
Other: She talks in her sleep

So begins...

Hazel Brigs's Story