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Piper Flynn

"It's the constant ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick."

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a character in “Insanity Forsakes Us: A Netherworld Story”, as played by Imagine That!



Full name: Piper Teagan Flynn
Nicknames: Piper is easiest, I believe.
Age: I was rebuilt at the age of twenty, but that was about 87 years ago.
Birthdate: I think it's the seventeenth of.... mar... no, seventeenth of May...
Race: I'm a Cyborg, and this... this is my "regular form." My mechanics are all on the inside, luckily. I didn't need any restoring on the outside.
Sexuality: I like males. Yes, males.


Why were you placed into the Asylum? I don't sleep. Insomnia, they call it. But, it's not my fault. It's this blasted ticking in my mind. Tick. Tick. Tick. Yes, that. Do you hear it? It's horrible, don't you think? Apparently, they had to take out some of my brain when they were trying to fix me, and now, I'm left with this ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. Constant, never stopping, always going, round and round and round, and ticking. Do you know how frustrating it is? Never being able to shut yourself down because all you can hear is a ticking in your mind. I haven't slept in nearly sixty years. Tick. Tick.
What do you think about being in the Asylum? I don't mind it. It's quite nice, having all of the different races of the Netherworld together in one place, to meet, and greet. Well, I suppose. If you like meeting people. And understand the joys of meeting people. I like to keep to myself, to be fair. I don't get.... the friendliness of others. It's strange, and foreign. No Cyborg is like this.
What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? Well, it could have been any of them. It could have been me. Well, it wasn't. I'm sure it wasn't the Cyborgs. We don't have the ability to feel, let alone feel so much resentment to the rest of the races to think up a plot like this. It was one of the smarter races, definitely.
What power do you have left? I have, in one word, invulnerability. I can't be harmed. My skin is impenetrable, and so is my mind. I suppose that helps, being in such a hostile, yet friendly environment. Nothing can get through me. If you try and hurt me, you will probably just... bounce right off of me. Well, my skin isn't bouncy but you get what I mean right? Sometimes, my skin can be torn by certain weapons, such as an extremely sharp sword or a bullet of sorts, but all that requires is a patch up in the workshop, as it doesn't penetrate my metallic endoskeleton.
What do you miss most about being in your true form? I don't really miss much of my home, and my people. The Cyborgs are... unfriendly, uncaring, solitary. We don't socialize with each other, we mope. It's not a fun place to live, if you can call being rebuilt as a machine living, that is. I wish I had died. The Ghosts and the Zombies seem much nicer people.


Likes: ♦ Being underwater - although the sea is practically off limits now, even a shower or a bath is nice ♦ cake, especially chocolate ♦ the colour blue - it was my tail colour ♦ getting one good night sleep every now and again ♦ orange juice ♦ laying in the garden, watching the clouds in the sky move along aimlessly ♦ people who smile ♦ strawberry smelling shampoo ♦ my hair when it's curly ♦ small puppies and kittens.
Dislikes: ♦ The pitch blackness of night ♦ the colour orange ♦ scary movies ♦ when my hair just doesn't look right ♦ the smell of sea air - it reminds me too much of home; I don't go to the beach any more ♦ Cyborgs ♦ vindictive races of the Netherworld ♦ caramel ♦ creepy crawlies ♦ individuals with psychic powers - they can mess with your mind.
Fears: I am still terrified of fire. I know I shouldn't be, it can't hurt me as much as I think, but I never knew this thing called fire existed until I started my second life. It burns, and it's hot... and untamable. Also, I can't stand voodoo dolls, or really, any sort of creepy looking doll. China dolls, realistic looking baby dolls... but especially voodoo dolls.

Personality: I am not the typical Cyborg; I haven't shut off all of my emotions, and turned into a robot with no feelings or sense of humanity left. I do have a sense of who I was remaining inside of me. I do have moments where I am cold, and uncaring, and my mind wonders why I keep up the pretense of being a mermaid when I am just a mechanical being now, but I always convince myself that it's for the best. It keeps me, me.

I am quiet, yes, but I have a wild streak underneath my mechanics. I have kept up my childhood personality of being seen and not heard most of the time and I don't like strangers, or large groups of people. I am reserved to people that I don't know, and I'm not very big on people who are extremely open. It's difficult for me to feel certain emotions like empathy any more, and when people try to talk to me about their problems, I just feel awkward and try to excuse myself. But, I have also kept up my mermaid personality of not being pushed around. I do not let anyone take advantage of me, or anyone that I care about, and I will stand up for anyone without a second thought, if I believe they are innocent. I can be quite blunt and harsh to people when telling them the truth, but that comes with the whole loosing of the humanity. I am loyal, and I would never go back on someone that I have made a promise to; it's one of the things I can't condone more than most. I am always polite and try to see the best in people, however, and I will always offer you a smile. Unless you've upset me.

I am trying my best to stay as the person I was, but it's difficult. Sometimes I hate myself, and I can't stand to look in the mirror and see what I have become. I know I am turning into a robot more and more everyday, but working on keeping up my mermaid personality is hard. It's not who I am any more, as much as I want to convince myself that it is. I do have days where I am robotic, and blunt, one word answers come out of my mouth and I feel barely anything remotely human, but I always apologize profusely the next day. I don't want to loose myself to the robot I have become on the outside.

I don't like the idea of relationships any more; who would want to be with someone who can't feel anything half of the time anyway? I do have a flirtatious side though, which rears it's head from time to time when I see someone who I like the look of. But, that's all it ever amounts to; flirting. I would never let it go any further. I couldn't do that to someone, to hurt them with my emotional mood-swings.


History: I was born as a mermaid, a siren of the ocean. My parents weren't royalty; they were quite high up in the Underwater Kingdom, but that doesn't mean a lot under the water. There's no money, no shops to buy thing, just the freedom of swimming around. I miss that the most, I think. I was brought up to be seen and not heard, to smile and act properly, but to never let myself get bullied or pushed around by anyone. I had a good childhood, I didn't go without food, or playmates, and I enjoyed my life. My parents and my three siblings were my entire world, and there was nothing I wanted more than to find a nice merman to marry, and have a family with.

However, that didn't happen, obviously. I was caught in an accident. A boat came along our stretch of the North Atlantic, something which rarely happened. We weren't scared of it; we were actually quite interested in why something of that size would wander out into our little part of the ocean. It was stupid, but a few of us decided to swim up to near the surface, to look for answers as to why it was here. It turned out that it was a fishing boat for one of the land races. They weren't supposed to be on our territory, it was the rules that had been put into place by the Council years ago. Everyone has their own part of the Netherworld to themselves, so we don't cross paths and upset each other. But this boat was too far out to be here by mistake. They let down a net. Everything turned into a blur, but I felt myself being ensnared by the confines of the material, it getting stuck around my tail, and hair. I was trapped.

I'm still hazy on what happened, but it was the Cyborgs who were out in the ocean. It's not their favourite place, of course, being part metal, but they wanted a mermaid to experiment on. They wanted to take one of the water and change them into a cyborg. So, they tortured me, keeping me out of the water until I was nearly dead. I needed water, gasping for air, and then they put me under antithetic. When I awoke, I was part metal. I was no longer a mermaid, dweller of the sea. I was someone who could never go in water again. I hated it. I hate it now. The mechanics inside me never stopped working; I don't sleep. Well, I can't sleep. Apparently, that's why I'm here. Because I can't sleep. But that's not my fault; it's their's. They are the ones who put all of these mechanical things inside of me. I'm not crazy.
Other: I could explain why I became a princess if you like; the Cyborgs didn't have a monarchy, and they were being harassed by the Netherworld council to have some sort of order. They didn't have anyone in the community who was suitable for the role, to lead their entire race. But they did have someone from a community where there was a successful monarchy in power. The Mermaids. Me. And that was why I was chosen to be the princess.

So begins...

Piper Flynn's Story