William Night

"I am ashamed of what I have been brought to."

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"William Night- pleasure to meet you, I'm sure."

"Some call me Will, others Death- but that's my father, not me."

"Age has no meaning for reapers, in fact, but I've existed for maybe six hundred years. This human body is a sliver of that, a scraping, probably around seventeen years of age."

"I have absolutely no idea, I'm afraid- I'd tell you if I could. As it stands, I just sort of happened. Well, that I know of. Some reapers are born of miscarriages, but I don't know if that was the case for me. If it was, that's not a birth, anyway."

"My race is a bit of an enigma, but a certainty- we are the ones who keep the order of things by transporting the dead to their rightful places, wherever that may be. We cannot be bound or killed, obviously, and have existed as long as time itself- I'm not quite so old, but my father certainly is. I'm a reaper, if you haven't figured out already. My true form is a little bit less- meaty, as you might imagine."

"As a general rule, reapers aren't really the most sexual of creatures- we are incorporeal, and don't take on the most attractive of appearances. So, I guess I could be called Asexual- romance would be fine enough, but sexuality and such is not really up my alley, I'm afraid."

Why were you placed into the Asylum?
"I used to be the image of a reaper- calm, collected, and charming. Well, as charming as one can be when they are literally bones and cloth. It started slowly- the fear, I mean. At first it was just a slight chill up my spine, metaphorically speaking of course, or the need to look over my shoulder constantly- caution, I excused it as. That is, until it spiraled- then it was straight and fast, right into some sort of labyrinth of terror. I'd like to pretend that I'm still cool as ever, but so many things set me off, and so many things make me want to hide away in a closet and never come out. On several occasions, I did just that- hid away where no one could find me. They couldn't see my fear, then, and I couldn't see it either. One can't hide from Death forever- especially when he's a close relation. I was sent here because I couldn't do my job properly- I would randomly freak out and run away, or just collapse into myself. A good reaper royal, that does not make."

What do you think about being in the Asylum?
"I wasn't doing my job properly, I understand this. I have a problem, this I understand as well. But being among other mental patients is hardly going to help me clear myself from stress, is it? At least I'm safer- there is less blood, less corpses, less portals and the like. It doesn't feel safer here, but there are certainly less triggers, at least."

What race do you think could have caused you to become ill?
"I can't honestly say. Whoever they are, they are foolish indeed, and perhaps sadistic. People typically leave the reapers be, because we are in charge of the souls of all, so the fact that we are affected as well is strange- we have no real enemies. I honestly don't know."

What power do you have left?
"I have been left with the ability to communicate with the dead- which, in all honesty, I am not too pleased about. I hate to admit it, but specters can be added to my list of triggers, and there are certainly a lot of them on Earth, even if the number hardly rivals that of those in the actual Underworld. Occasionally they just find me, and even if I try to chase them away, the dead haunt me, moaning and asking me for some sort of peace- for closure or something along those lines. It's horrifying, and I wish they had just locked every last bit of my powers away, rather than leaving me in this nightmare."

What do you miss most about being in your true form?
"At least in my true form, I didn't have to worry quite as much about the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. The mental impacts were terrible enough, but with this human heart and these terrible glands, everything is magnified my body. Skeletons' hearts can't race, they can't perspire, and their breath doesn't become difficult, because they don't breathe. This body does not allow me such relief, and even my body has turned against me now, joining my mind in the torture."

The Dark
Small Spaces
Being Skeletal
Old Things
Being Afraid
His Human Form
The Dead
Anxiety Attacks
New Things

"There is no point in explaining each one- most have no reason, other than sheer, sudden, terror."
Blood || Corpses
Portals || Ghosts
Fireworks || Dogs
Himself || Surprises
Inconsistency || Always Being This Way
Heights || Being Buried Alive
Failure || Mob Mentality

"You are asking me to describe myself? A strange request, but I will humor it all the same. Once upon a time, I could describe myself as collected and calm- the sort of fellow that nothing could faze. Those are the sort of characteristics common for a reaper, of course, for we are old and see quite a lot, even before reaching and old age. Compared to most others, I am an infant, but that didn't stop me from being just as cool-headed as everyone else. It took a great amount of difficult to upset me, or to please me for that matter, but I went about my job expertly, carrying the souls of criminals and martyrs alike- all are the same in death, until brought to their allotted location, which is usually the Fields of Asphodel, as they were referred to by the Ancient Greeks. In fact, I'd go so far as to call myself downright apathetic. I was interesting in a few things, of course, but my cold exterior was so solid that it was difficult to express any sort of emotions, even should I desire to. Everything was very much internalized- I have always been more of a thinker than a speaker, I suppose. Not to say that I have any troubles speaking- several centuries of life, many spent in a more eloquent time, have given me a formalized style of speaking, one bordering on elegant, even. I can be quite charming when I want to be, even now, something which did help when comforting more. . .hysterical souls.

While I may retain some glimmer of my old eloquence and charm, and certainly maintain the tendency to be more internalized in my thoughts and actions, I have lost all but a facade of former coolness. Apathy is a sweet dream now, a memory I wish to have but cannot reach anymore. Instead, I am constantly bordering on panicked, and often find myself clumsily tripping over that line and spiraling into the fear and hysteria which I once found appalling in some of the less accepting spirits. Simple things can lead me to an accelerated heart beat, quickness of breath, and the need to curl up in the dark with my hands over my head. I am ashamed to say that I have, on several occasions, actually fallen into the fetal positions before people, unable to stop myself from giving into the fear, the pessimism, and the general anxiety. Even when not in a fit of fear, I am borderline paranoid, always slightly on edge- I do my best to try and conceal this, but a single trigger and I will run away as fast as possible, to hide in the corner of a closet, away from it all, for up to an hour. Usually, the fits pass. But the terror, and the shame, lingers."

Paranoid || Eloquent || Anxious || Ashamed || False Calm || Intelligent

"I was not born, not that I know of. Rather, I simply became. Now, one must wonder, at least a little bit- how can there be an heir to the Reapers, if there aren't actually any births, and therefore no families. Well, I was chosen- after about half a century of existence, which is miniscule to a reaper, I was chosen by the man in charge, the Grim Reaper, Death, whatever you choose to call him, to be his heir. Which is to say, should he ever tire of running the operation, I will be expected to take over. Even Death gets tired, after a while. So, early in my life, I became an important sort of person, to some extent- it wasn't as though I was suddenly relieved of all responsibilities, after all. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I continued about bringing souls to the Underworld, as all reapers do, but also learned from Death, my acting father and mentor, the finer points of the Underworld. I was allowed access to new things, just a bit more freetime for reading and studying the various species and their customs, and there found a passion for knowledge. I also, as it happens, grew more and more distant, as most reapers do as they age, detaching myself from the world in a way that showed me to be 'matured'.

For over half of a millennium, this continued, everything becoming rather monotonous, to be completely honest, but in a rhythm I could be accustomed to. Besides, it isn't as though reapers aren't allowed their own joys and such here and there- or breaks. I enjoyed the occasional trip to various places, fascinated by the cultural myths surrounding Death in the human realm. Quite recently, I had been about to leave for a trip to Ireland, and was suddenly overcome with a crippling fear that something would go wrong with the portal. It was terrifying, illogical, and incredibly embarrassing. Despite this, I couldn't bring myself to go. So I made some excuse to myself and continued on. The fears, however, began to pile up, and inexplicable waves of panic were added to the mix, stripping me of the calmness I had once had such pride for. I did my best to hide this strange new vulnerability, but could only shield the truth for so long. Death discovered my sudden new habit of hiding away, my fear of things which are too common among our world, and became concerned. Soon, other species found the same thing happening to their heirs. Thus, in the hopes that I would return to my old, apathetic self, I was sent to this place. I desperately hope that the endeavor will be a success. The constant fear is unbearable."

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