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Full name: Malik Mendota
Nicknames: Just Malik.
Age: As a human, I suppose I'm a twenty-five year old body. In my true form, however, I've roamed the Netherworld for more than a couple of thousands of years. Years, though, have begun to melt together, so I couldn't tell you the exact age.
Birthdate: I do not celebrate a certain date of birth anymore, but I do remember it being sometime in late fall.
Race: Incubi, perhaps the most psycho-powerful race there is in the Netherworld.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Why were you placed into the Asylum? I've begun to crave 'it' more than the usual amount. I was taking risks, and couldn't control my own impulses, and I do fully understand the consequences of outing my race to the hunters. I suppose I was seen taking a woman in public, however, I don't remember it fully. A foggy dream, if you must. The urge, it comes and goes, but when it does overwhelm me, I become primal, and as an intelligent being, it is risky. Bottom line, I don't recognize myself anymore.

It was within the human realm, I tend to enjoy the selection there much more than within my own realm. The race in itself is rather suggestive to me, their soft bodies, and fragile souls, a banquet of colorful individuals with deep, throbbing problems. That night that I've overstepped the boundaries, I was targeting a young woman. Blonde, bright, sharp, knowing eyes, and a white smile, most importantly, intelligent without giving it away. I watched her for a while, above her, beside her, behind the man speaking to her. He'd dropped a pill into her drink when she wasn't looking, and I knew she heard the soft fizz, however, made no attempt to pull herself away from the conversation. She set aside the drink, much to the man's dismay, spoke a soft farewell and left the bar.

Drawing her coat tighter, the woman made her way down a busy street. It was a crowded night, hence why I figured she was alone, otherwise, it was the best target for the night. I had a plan, follow her home, take her screaming body and mind and leave her shell to rot. The thrill was already throbbing within me, the upcoming images of my plan. But things began to spiral out of my control, I couldn't wait. She was turning to the doorway of another bar, I couldn't wait for many more hours until she'd had her fill of drinks and conversations. I needed her now. Needless to say, she didn't make it to the doorway, with the best moment, she'd feel a tug to the alleyway on the side. A growl, and I could already feel the fear rising up in her. This is what I needed. What I didn't know was that I was being hunted, followed like a moose along a forest terrain, except this city was a forest in itself.

If it was possible for me to know beforehand that I was followed by hunters, I would have been patient... Though now I'm not entirely sure. The crave was too strong, and it was this throb that had put me in this situation. I was always a man in control, but this was new. And it wasn't good.

What do you think about being in the Asylum? If I must be enclosed inside these plain walls, then I will be. I'm a risk to my race, so I must heal, otherwise, the throne does not belong to me when the time comes.
What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? Honestly, I have no true instinct of who the culprit is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the magic wielding races, like the witches.
What power do you have left? I do still posses the power to suck the psychological life out of others. It isn't obvious, and not physical by any means, these people eventually become vegetables within their own body, a casing, a shell of emptiness; well, no, that's not exactly true, it used to be far more powerful, fatal even, but ever since I was sent here, it seems I can only take little amounts, so much so that the victims simply feel like they're just hungover. However, the more problematic the individual, the sweeter the nourishment. During sex is when the flow becomes a running current, that I salvage, but I'm not restricted to that kind of harvesting. I can also get sweet samples and tastes just by touching skin to skin. However, my impulsive craving has made it hard to harvest inconspicuously.
What do you miss most about being in your true form? The sheer power, I feel like a soft, breakable shell in this human form. I cannot stand the sight of myself in the mirror, the individual that stares back at me is feminine and simply too gentle-looking. Although my physical power has been taken away, my psychological skills may even have sharpened, though they are nothing when not paired with the strength that I used to posses to drag these women into their demise. Now I've got to resort to much more clever ideas to satisfy my craving.

    ---The scent of flowers and perfume, the more fragrant the woman, the more I crave her.
    ---Musical instruments, especially for classical music.
    ---Intellectual conversations and conversationalists.
    ---The taste of hard liquor.
    ---Uptight women.
    ---Believe it or not, human food is actually pretty good.
    ---Reading, nonfiction and mostly biographies.
    ---The smell of charcoal, my sketching instrument.
    ---Technology, I prefer old school.
    ---Easy women.
    ---Animals, especially cats.
    ---The monarchy of our race. Especially when it comes to earning the throne.
    ---Dancing, any kind. I'll watch while you dance, don't expect me to do so.
    ---Dishonest people, I may sound like a hypocrite here, but it's true, I don't like them.

Fears: Though I wouldn't admit it, I am terrified of incompetence sexually. As such a sexual creature, a lifestyle that literally feeds me, I'm afraid of sexual loss. It would obviously mean deprivation and in the end, death.

Personality: Intelligent, yes, highly spiritual and psychologically powerful. When not preying on innocent women, I enjoy the challenge of a powerful match of wits. However, I'm strong, but although it isn't obvious, sensitive as well. The thrill of 'rape' is my weakness, and a weakness like that, I can be considered rather sadistic in my personality. The sly grin, the sheer prowess of sexual swag, I could just as easily lure women in willingly, but I couldn't give up the excitement and the sweet taste of fear and desperation. It's in my nature, I couldn't say more. Sure I do have the strength to refuse it every once in a while, but it is my nourishment, it's what I feed off of, eventually, I wouldn't control myself, and that's just me as an Incubi, I'm not speaking about the fatal crave I harbor.

Otherwise, as a human, I do seem highly intelligent and charming.I admit, it is narcissistic of me to praise myself in such a way, I suppose it's not as bad as being completely sadistic in my ways. I enjoy playing mind games with people, though the games are not obvious, there are moments where it may seem that I'm serious no matter how ridiculous the notion. The uncertainly and confusion amuses me. Though I may seem cold and selfish when it comes to being introduced to other's problems, I am sensitive enough to offer a soft word or two, but don't expect much else out of me. The more problematic the individual, the more I am interested in you, just remember that.

History: What sort of a life could an Incubi have? Within the Netherworld, within the Incubi kingdom, where only men reign over it, I've grown up to understand just how powerful the race could be, which in turn has lessened my respect for women. Within my eyes, men are the higher gender, in all ways. Birth of a demon is a spiritual process. We're not amoebas, and don't reproduce by splitting in half. The seed is often carried by human women, it is a deadly fetus, fatal to the woman during birth. As a demonic child to be grown into an Incubi, I was raised by these demons, my family, knowing nothing else but what lies ahead. Trained, in all ways of my race. It should have prepared me for the transition as a full Incubi, humans call it puberty. I felt as if I was pre-occupied with something else when the time did come, it certainly caught me unaware. As a child, I was much more interested in the education that most humans were prepared for in the most prestigious colleges. Books, research, it was all that filled my mind, and to this day, I do show preference to studies rather than anything else.

Immediately following the transition, I was introduced as a full-fledged demon, it was torture in the beginning. I was grotesque and primal and although I haven't had anything to compare it to, I knew I was a hideous being, though over time, I learned to control myself, to live as an Incubi respectively. Hours melted into days, days into months, and months into years, before I knew it, over two centuries had passed since I was last, a human. I had risen in ranks and was next to the throne of our kingdom. Intelligence had grown in me like a well fertilized orchid, masking the sadistic and ruthless side of my soul. By now, I was a respected individual among our race, but for how long?

This deadly crave had been a slow growing 'tumor'. I hadn't noticed it in the beginning, and had simply figured that I needed to take more souls as an aging Incubi. But over time, the crave seemed unnatural in it's pull; in the beginning, I was well aware and awake during these bursts, but as it grew stronger, I began having black-outs during the strongest thug of the craving. It kept me from being inconspicuous, took away my rational thought to guard myself as a predator, and it grew so strong, it finally rendered me dangerous to my own race. This new turn of events had been hard on me, the decision, no matter how much I ridiculed it, had been made. In order for me to inherit the throne, I would have to get better. And I am determined to do so.

Other: As a human, I'm still learning to feed himself without drawing attention, it's far more difficult than I thought, the crave doesn't have a schedule.

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