Orbana Dennut

"...The sweating is the worst."

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Full name: Orbana Dennut
Nicknames: Orba
Age: I don't know, this body looks to be around twenty years old. I am a little over three hundred, the oldest of my sisters.
Birthdate: Human world Christmas time.
Race: Giant.
Sexuality: I like my men.

Why were you placed into the Asylum? I took cocaine. Found myself a man who gives me the drug for small payments, of course. I know it came from the human realm, and I know I shouldn't be using it, but it just feels so good. I feel more powerful, empowered by the Gods. Ahh, the drug was my escape, I wanted more and more of it. But it was making me crazy, I've never gotten angry at my family. But with cocaine, it seemed like that's all I did lately. I smashed so much of our home just because they were sending me here, to the human realm, in this damn human body. After I hurt my sister... The decision was made.
What do you think about being in the Asylum? I hate it. I completely, and utterly hate it here. If I had a way of getting out of here and getting the high again, I'd sell my soul. I still can't believe my family sent me here.
What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? The demonic races, I swear it, they're the evil ones with evil intentions. We're not even that evil. They don't need a reason to be evil and ruin us.
What power do you have left? Strength, my physical strength is still intact, even in this soft body, I can still use physical power. Though I may seem little, I pack a good punch. Where I used to crush a human's skull with one squeeze of my hand, my strength in this body isn't strong at all compared to what I am used to. But as far as I can tell from the other human bodies and mine, I have the strength of a well-muscled man, can knock a man unconscious with a punch and can probably lift a love-seat, with both hands mind you, like I said, I'm not thatstrong anymore.
What do you miss most about being in your true form? Little; I like this body. It's pretty. The only thing I miss about my true form is the resistance to weather, I can stand the cold and the heat in any way.

    ---Cold weather.
    ---My sisters.
    ---Cockpit matches.
    ---Human flesh, especially muscled ones.
    ---Ooh, television. We don't have things like that back home.
    ---Flavored water.
    ---Sunlight, tanning.
    ---Spiritual creatures within the Netherworld.
    ---Having my loyalty questioned.
    ---Weak challenges.
    ---The asylum, the human realm most of all.
    ---Having little to do.
    ---People who aggravate me.
    ---The withdrawal, all of the terrible, terrible symptoms.
    ---Cleaning duty.

Fears: Right now, I'm scared I'll never get better, that I'll never get over the addiction and I'll never be able to please my father by taking his leadership position in our kingdom. I'm also scared that if I don't get better, I'll lose my family with the way the cocaine makes me behave. Though, without it I feel empty and... sad. I'm scared of myself when I take the drug. I'm scared of my fate. Before all that, I used to be terrified of other things, those don't seem so bad now.

Personality: I'm not an intelligent being, as it is with the Giant race, and I fully understand that, especially when compared to these other creatures in this realm. Though I may seem genuinely friendly, my aggressive side doesn't need much temptation to show itself. I am capable of abstract thought, which is why my family is in the leadership position within our tribe. Other Giants seem more simple-minded as compared to our family, primitive. Though our family doesn't stray too far in their own simple intelligence, to tell you the honest truth. I, specifically, used to be a friendly Giant as compared to my eleven sisters, but the dependance to cocaine has drawn out the darker side in me. Aggressive tendencies have always been regular for this race, but I was going beyond the lines, as far as abusing my sisters. Now, I'm so dependent on the drug, it's all I think about.

Loyal and familial, we do have a strong family unit, who doesn't? I mean, it's a great feeling having someone behind you at all times, especially blood relatives. Our tribe, though it may not be as large as other races, are like a close knit family. Each of my sisters are different as can be, but I'm not going to name each one of them. I am, as oldest, the one they go to for advice, for help, and for simply someone that will have compassion for them. I'm the one to split up fights and equal out whatever problems my sisters may have with one another. My father sees me as the one to help care for my sisters after my mother had passed years ago. He relies on me, and I am desperate to keep his trust.

History: I was never human, unlike some of the other races within the realm that had gotten there through a previous human death. I was born into a leader's family within our tribe of Giants. As the oldest of twelve girls that were born to the leader, I was known to be the next heir to the position of power. Within the race, women had rights to the position as much as men, and before the drugs, I had proven to be worthy of it. Growing up, it's all I ever thought about, the future as a leader. Eventually, I was gifted many sisters, who looked up to me. It was a tribe-wide shock to find out the sort of addiction that I was suffering with. In the beginning, of course, I did not admit it, but with increasing need to use it, I was caught in the act more than once.

I didn't travel to the human world to get my fix, I had a sleazy courier helping me out. I did have to pay him in ivory, bones, and sometimes even fresh meat for the drugs. He didn't take large amounts, which is why my family hadn't noticed it in the beginning. I'd isolate myself in my chambers and just let the high take over me. I wasn't to be disturbed, and I usually wasn't, but eventually, my youngest sister had caught me basically in the act. She'd demanded I'd tell her what I was doing, and that if I didn't, she'd tell my father, who viewed me in such high respect, he'd disown me. The next thing I knew, my sister was running away from me, screaming, I'd slammed her against a wall during her one too many questions. I was wrong. My father didn't disown me, but he did give me choices.

Growing much more aggressive than was natural for the tribe, especially towards my own family members, I was given a choice to end my dependance and return to being a respectable family member. It was difficult, and for a brief amount of time, I was able to stop it entirely. However, the longer I waited, the more stress that was placed on my shoulders regarding the leadership position, the more I craved it. Until I finally caved... After the binge use of the drug, I unleashed myself on my other sisters who had tried to reason with me, and in the end, the choice was made to send me to the Asylum for healing. My father still had hope in me, I saw it in his eyes as I said my farewells.

Other: My sisters write to me regularly ever since I've arrived here. I adore them for the attention, but also feel a sort of resentment towards them for keeping me away from the 'high'.

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