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Prince Samael Kobal

"Mmm, that hurt. Do it again."

0 · 440 views · located in Cornwall, England.

a character in “Insanity Forsakes Us”, as played by Mela




Full name: Samael Nicor Kobal
Nicknames: "Your highness", "My lord", "Master", "My prince", or Sam, I suppose, if you must pretend we are friends.
Age: In human years, I could go for 21 or so, but in reality I am 468 years old.
Birthdate: I stopped celebrating my birthday many years ago, so to be perfectly honest, I don't remember exactly. I just know that when we reach March, I am one year older.
Race: Demon, and proud of it too, which is why I despise this... human form. My natural form is more... me... you might say.
Sexuality: I'll fuck anything that moves. Males, females... even humans.

Why were you placed into the Asylum? Well, that's a personal question, is it not? Luckily, I have no qualms about answering it regardless. You see, I am a demon, and we are apparently not supposed to like being dealt pain, although dealing it ourselves is no problem. With my new illness, sadomasochism, I happen to have taken a liking to both aspects of pain. It turns me on, honestly. Although I am mostly a sadist to be honest, masochistic tendencies have a tendency to show themselves as well, and those are what landed me in this place. I had a slave bite and scratch me, while sucking on my cock. I had another slave behind me, whipping my back... accidentally hitting before mentioned slave once in a while. I was found out, but still... it was worth it.

What do you think about being in the Asylum? ... is that a trick question? Imbecile, of course I despise it.

What race do you think could have caused you to become ill? Can I be honest with you? No, wait, do not answer, because I am going to be either way. You see, I cannot make myself care who did this. I am ripping them all to shreds the second I get out of this... place.

What power do you have left? Not much. I happen to still be able to channel the powers of evil, but all I can do with it is make these puny blasts. Now, they would normally be able to burn you to crisps in the fraction of a second, but now all they do it toss you around a bit. Okay, admittedly, it can easily break a lot of bones, and I can kill you with it easily enough, but it is nowhere even near what I used to be able to do, even with that simple move. I can do it either out of my eyes, or out of my hands, but either way you will see a bright flash of light from the place in which I release the power.

What do you miss most about being in your true form? Being powerful. I miss having creatures of all sizes bow down to me in fear, I miss... strength, agility, flying... all of it. But mostly, yes, being powerful. Ah, and my tail. Can you even grasp how odd it is to me suddenly being without my tail? I had to find a whole new way of balancing myself.

- Pain
- Power
- Others fearing me
- Fire
- Satanic rituals
- Sex, paired with pain. Painful sex...
- Smoking, a habit I have taken to after becoming "human"

- Bright lights
- Everything good and cheery
- Being called "cute", which has been done quite a few times while I have been in this pitiful shape...
- People who think they are better than me
- Most beings, to be perfectly honest, but humans more than any other

Fears: Being stuck in this place for the rest of my quite considerable amount of years. I have a kingdom to rule, after all. Once I murder my parents for sending me here in the first place, that is.

Personality: If I really have to do this, let's start by my telling you that I am a cold, cruel, arrogant bastard. I am not kidding. I hardly feel any emotions except physical pleasure, and if I do, they're vague feelings of friendship, nothing more. As for the cruelty, that is bloody natural; after all, I am a demon. In fact, I suppose many people would classify me as "evil", but I cannot say I care much. Really, all these labels of "good" and "evil", are way too simplistic, but who am I to argue? Oh, wait, yeah, I am the bloody heir to the demon throne. I can argue every bit I fucking feel like. Fact is, I do not feel like arguing the point. It seems completely pointless to me, and that is just who I am; I can be stubborn and pigheaded as anyone, but I know when something is completely irrelevant or redundant. I also know how to negotiate. I am a smart guy; I am over 400 years old, and I have spent these years learning a long list of skills. Which leads me to another trait of mine; my arrogance. I know I am good, I know what I can do, and I know damn well that I am better than you. Want me to prove it? Because I can.

History: I was born into the royal family, first son of King Groth and Queen Fabery, but being the heir to my father's kingdom was always more a duty than a pleasure. Sure, I had power, respect and money, but I had all the responsibilities and expectations going along with it too. From a very early age, I learned that if I pleased my father and did as he wanted me to, I was rewarded. If I disappointed him, however, I was punished... harshly. Such is the way of my people, and it works too. Our customs, however, are very complicated, a combination of what is expected of us by Satan, and the things that have developed through the years, kings making rules which were then edited by another king and so forth. You can imagine that after millennium after millennium of this, there are many things to keep track, so, truth be told, it took my quite a while to get the hang of everything.

A hundred years ago, I married my first wife, Princess Louzaine - the woman meant to be my queen, and believe me when I tell you she is the sexiest, most sadistic, vindictive bitch I have ever met. I could not have found a better match. When my illness started showing itself, she was confused by my wanting her to hurt me during sex. In fact, I couldn't even get it up without pain. It was an issue for a little bit, until we adapted and things worked out. However, as my illness grew worse, I began needing pain constantly, so I went elsewhere to get it, which again leads to sex. Of course being unfaithful is not wrong of me, I am, after all, a male demon, and as long as I come home to my wife every night, it is none of her business what I do with others outside the home. The things was, though, that I needed it so much I began using our slaves for it. The fact that it was now within the walls of our castle, pissed her off, which meant our marriage took a beating. In the end I guess she had enough... so here I am.

Other: Nothing right now. :)

So begins...

Prince Samael Kobal's Story