Hannah Woods

Am I really crazy? More than your feeble mind can percieve.

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a character in “Insanity”, as played by MotherDragons


Standing at 5'2", Weighing in at 100 pounds, We have Hannah Woods in the right corner. Skin as white as untouched snow, with ruby red lips and purpley blue eyes. Her dark hair, falls in gentle waves down to small of her back.


She is intelligent with a quirky sense of humor. She is quiet and rarely speaks a word, unless she is spoken to first. She pays very close attention to every detail to everything.


Are they really aloud to have gear in an insane asylum?
She is always carrying a book to read or a notepad in which she makes observations.


Hannah's family was always perfect. Her mother loved her father. Her father loved her mother... With his fists. Now, her father used to genuinely love her mother and everything was perfect. Then, he got fired from his job. This turned him bitter and he began poisoning himself with a demon called Liquor. One night when Hannah was 16 her father was "loving" her mother. She stood there as she watched him hit her mother. Then Hannah's mother collapsed and wouldn't wake up, despite her attempts to wake her up. Her father called 911 and forced her to lie, to say she fell down the stairs. Out of pure terror she agreed. Later that evening, something inside Hannah snapped. She began planning a way for all the hate and anger she felt to be let out. Hannah basically tortured him to death. She then called 911 and said, "He's dead." Police soon flooded the scene. After extensive interogating, she was arrested for murder. Luckily or not so luckily, Hannah's lawyer got her off on insanity.
She was then sent to Jolly Acres Mental Institution. After being sent there, she developed Schizophrenia. Apparently, being locked in a padded cell alll day really does do wonders on the mind.

So begins...

Hannah Woods's Story