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Kanoa Okumura

An insert child

0 · 136 views · located in Digital world

a character in “Insert Children”, as played by digi-kun


Name: Kanoa Okumura

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Origin: Hawaii

Description: Has silvery hair that has been shaved at the sides and gelled into a short mo-hawk. His sleepy, unfocused eyes are blue, and his skin is tan. Kanoa wears a green tank top with short jeans that go down to his knees. His shoes are black basketball shoes, with white laces. Weighing 130 pounds, he stands at 5' 6" with a lean build.

Simple and uncomplicated, Kanoa likes to take the road of least resistance. He's easy going and thinks things can easily be talked out of. He smiles a lot, even laughing at his own mistakes. He teases others a lot, but only out of fun. Kanoa doesn't really hate anyone unless they give him a damn good reason to. Otherwise he just laughs about it. He's comfortable in his own skin, and would prefer to stay in his comfort zone as opposed to trying new things, but when it comes to his friends, there isn't anything he wouldn't do to help them.

History: Kanoa grew up always playing games. He almost never took anything seriously; school, chores, anything that basically required him to work. He would always be off on his computer playing games, or out at the beach with his friends. His parents were genuinely worried about him, as they weren't sure he was motivated to do anything to prepare for his future. He never liked planning for anything, unless he was setting a day to go surfing. One day, he was surfing the net on his laptop, searching for good songs, when his screen began acting strange. The screen was streaming with zeroes and ones, and it was making strange noises. Before Kanoa could even react, there was a bright flash of light, and next thing he knew, he woke up in a strange field with others around him.


Gender: Male

The mushroom on his head is more of a bluish hue, but other than that he looks like a normal mushroomon.

Personality: Sarcastic, yet fun loving, Mushroomon is tough and competitive. He always has to win, Mushroomon has a bit of a temper, but would never hurt his partner or others unless they were his enemies.

Baby/Fresh Form: Nyokimon

Baby/Fresh Form Description:
Slightly smaller in appearance, and the leafs are a brighter green

In-Training Form: Budmon

In-Training Form Description: Is colored a darker green.

Champion/Adult Form: Woodmon

Champion/Adult Form Description:
His appearance is generally the same, but with red eyes. He becomes slightly more serious in this form.

Ultimate/Perfect Form:

Ultimate/Perfect Form Description:
Kanoa's digimon becomes surprisingly more mature and serious in this form. He is calm, and more calculating, and is much more reliable than while in his previous forms.

Mega Form: Puppetmon

Mega Form Description: Puppetmon becomes much more childlike, a severe regression in personality compared to his ultimate level counterpart. He considers most things to be a game, and even a battle isn't taken too seriously. However, he still does maintain a sense of responsibility to his partner and those around him, however slight.

Current Digiegg:
Digiegg of Knowledge

Form Description: Used on Mushroomon, he becomes Kamakimon, a mantis like digimon with green armor across his chest, shoulders, and legs. It wears a yellow helmet, with two long antennas on it, and a band across it's eyes, similar to the design on angemon's helmet. It is twice the height of Kanoa, and it's arms are both large scythes. On his back are small wings that are practically invisible once he starts using them to fly around.

Second Digiegg: Black Gear

Form Description: On any form, they turn him into a uncaring, evil digimon. Puppetmon is the worst, as he virtually becomes insane, and randomly attacks anything in his path. His clothes become black, as with the other forms, mushroomon's head becomes black, and the wood on woodmon and cherrymon also become black.

Third Digiegg: Ancient Egg

Form Description: AncientTroiamon

Fourth Digiegg: Elemental Egg

Form Description: When used on Cherrymon, he becomes much a much smaller warrior known as Hitemon, a samurai warrior like digimon, with blue armor and a thin mist surrounding him. He uses the water element to overwhelm his opponents with quick, deft strikes. His sword is used to guide the flow of water however he chooses.

Fifth Digiegg: Devimon-DNA

Form Description:
Being a virus type digimon, Mushroomon through Puppetmon are unfortunately easily susceptible to the Devi-DNA. When used on his lower forms, their bodies simply become darker, with glowing red eyes, with their attacks increasing immensely. However when used on Puppetmon, the cross on his back vanishes, replaced by wooden wings. Eyes glowing, and a much darker appearance, the fingers on his gloves become clawed and are brimming with dark power. Needless to say, Puppetmon becomes more malicious in this state, however his evil demeanor is much more stable and controlled than when influenced by the black gear.

So begins...

Kanoa Okumura's Story