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You'll find out as much as you will by death itself.

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a character in “>Insert name here.”, as played by OfficialDJWobs


Physical Description: Pure-Black Hair (It's flows the right side of his face), Black-Eyes, Black Bandanna (Around the same tone of Black as his hair), often wears a White Lab-coat that drags down past his waistline, a Black-turtleneck, a Black Pair of Jeans to match the turtleneck, and a White pair of non-branded shoes.

Personality: He's a comedian, that has a personality of L from the series, Death Note. He follows his personality, not his traits. He keeps his hands in the pockets of his Jeans, eating a variety of foods, reading a lot of books, he's stuck-up, quiet (most of the time) and has a much darker personality that won't be described in this, but described throughout the RP itself.

Equipment & Abilities: He carries 6 Knives inside his Lab-coat. The Knives are powered by his own SOUL from the other timelines he's came across, each one is different, but 6 knives don't always mean 6 SOULs. Each Knife carries two of his SOULs from each timeline. One is the standard Red SOUL, the other is the platforming SOUL, the Blue SOUL, this means there is 12 SOULs in total. They're also powered by 1 Elemental Crystal each, each begin a lightning based crystal. So, not only are the knives Powered by a Time and Space manipulating Gods' SOUL, but also have Lightning crystals within them, making each one hell of a challenge.
Each side of the SOUL (Red and Blue) revolve around each of his eyes, as well. Say, if he decided to activate the RED SOUL, than his Right eye would turn RED along side, vise-versa for the other eye and other side of the SOUL.
He manipulate Space and Time due to the encounter with the man Stuck-through space and time, W.D Gaster. Who granted him the POWER after every single last monster was wiped out from the Underground from a certain Human.

Historical Background: (You'll find out this if you actually decide to RP.)

So begins...

Robin's Story