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Giselle Anderglace

"The throne is there for those that have enough sense to see the difference between prosperous and perfect."

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a character in “Inside Castle Walls”, as played by Starlight Keeper


"To be Queen would be a wonderfully terrifying thing."

.:Full Name:.
"It is simple and flows easily."
Giselle Winifred Anderglace

.:Nicknames and Aliases:.
"My name is already quite small. I'm not fond of nicknames either."
Elle {Darius Only|Loved}|Sel {Familial|Neutral}|Ellie {Sisters Only|Neutral}|The Magician's Guardian {Indirect Title|Embraced}|The Mad Princess {Insult|Hated}

"My mother's House. It is a small House, but very influential."
The House of Anderglace

"I am the third child of my father and his second daughter."
The Second Princess of Fallon~Fiancée of Darius Somniari
"I am a woman of high standing."

"My mother believes I should be married already."
.:Sexual Orientation:.
"Men hold my interest."

.:Hair Color:.
"As black as a raven's feather and as smooth as silk."
.:Eye Color:.
"Some relate it to a deer's eyes."
Light Brown
"I am not the tallest in my family."

"Mother says I do not eat enough. I'm never really all that hungry."
"My brother was being reckless. Although, I suppose I was as well."
One on her thigh from when she was grazed by an arrow.
"What would you consider to be odd?"
Giselle is accounted for having a very strange sense of style. She is also considered very beautiful and would be sought after had she not been engaged to her Guardian.

{Intelligent, Cunning, Pacifistic, Eccentric}
Giselle comes off as intelligent, kind, and thoughtful, everything one could want in a Queen. When people spend more time with her though, they find her to be a bit different from their original impression. She starts to talk in a very formal way, sometimes coming off as a bit rude when she is irked. She always finds her way around the insults though, even sometimes being a bit passive aggressive. Despite all of this, Giselle is actually intimately aware of her surroundings. She has a keen eye for observance and an ear that can hear a plot from a mile away. Her actions are always logical, never reckless, and meticulously thought out to the point where she can appear a bit obsessive. She hates when things don't go according to plan and will often seek a million ways to fix a problem.

However, Giselle is extremely pacifistic in nature. She hates conflict and will often divert topics away from matters that could lead to an altercation. When faced with conflict, she will often meet it stoically and a bit harshly. Her words come out as venom, which scares off quite a lot of people. She will then give the person a sweet smile and kindly excuse herself as though nothing happened.

It is rare to see Giselle relaxed as she is always on guard and ready for another enemy. The only person she can truly relax around is her Guardian, Darius, and even then, it is rare. However, despite all the conflict in the castle, Giselle still cares deeply for her family. She wishes they could just be happy, but she also wants Fallon to be the greatest country in the world and feels that can only happen by her hand. As a result, Giselle has a tendency to bite off more than she can chew, taking on many tasks at once and still vying for the throne. It's a wonder she's still sane.
"I enjoy my quiet pursuits as well as my more adventurous ones."
✾Reading✾Horse-riding✾Hiking✾Archery✾Writing✾The Piano✾Hunting✾
"Sometimes, I find my nerves too difficult to control."
✾Digging her Fingernails Into her Palms✾Rubbing her Arm✾Tapping her Fingers or her Foot✾
"I'm afraid there would be too many to put into a simple list."
✾Tea✾Magic✾Animals✾Sweets✾Dancing✾The Rain✾Color✾Silk✾Walks✾Gardens✾Romanticism✾Her Guardian✾

"There are more than I would care to admit."
✾Violence✾Poverty✾Selfishness✾Being Underestimated Because She's a Woman✾Flirts✾Rudeness✾The Dark✾

"My greatest strengths could become my worst hindrances."

"To fear is to be without power."
✾Nyctophobia✾ Giselle has a severe fear of the dark. If she is placed in a situation where it is pitch black, she often panics and becomes hysteric. This is why candles are constantly kept lit in her room and why she rarely goes out in night. Her fear is caused by: "The unknowing. Not being able to see what is waiting for you. Silent. Deadly. Invisible in the dark."
✾Strength✾ Because she has only had basic training, Giselle is not incredibly strong. She could be overpowered quite easily if she did not have an advantage.
✾Expressing her Feelings✾ Luckily, her mother and her Guardian understand this part of her. When it comes to say how she feels, Giselle has a tendency to freeze up or simply respond in the correct way.
✾Overprotective✾ This can especially be said about her sisters and her Guardian. She will go to their defense without worry of her own safety.

"I'm afraid I was a bit different from my siblings..."
Giselle was born as the third child to the King and the second daughter. To be honest, she was a bit of a disappointment as her parents wanted a boy. Nevertheless, her mother was determined for her to be the best and most fit candidate for the throne. She was bred as a scholar, a soldier, and a lady of the state. Her father even let him sit in on many of his Council meetings, a right meant only for the firstborn son. Aside from her other studies, her mother schooled her in the art of manipulation and blackmail. She was given archery and basic hand-to-hand combat lessons. She learned every language she could, saw every person she could, formed alliances with the Order of the Mages and several Lords and Ladies. In a sense, Giselle became everything one would expect in a ruler.

However, this all made her much more unusual. Some began to see her as mad as she would talk in strange and long-winded sentences. She was still logical though. Still fit to rule. She just became eccentric and outgoing, pursuing the stranger side of sciences such as criminology and sociology. Some were appalled when they learned of her pacifistic ways. After all, she was raised to be a soldier, wasn't she? Many saw her different way of thinking as an improvement to the country. She would suggest different solutions to problems that appeared to have a clear answer. Because of this, she gained support.

It even seemed as though for a period of time, the King might choose her. She was, after all, his favorite, wasn't she? Of course, many do not appreciate this fact and over the years, there have been many attempts on her life. All of these were ended by her Guardian. Speaking of her Guardian, it was not long before feelings developed between the two and the unspeakable happened when she had her father engage them. It had never happened before and many found it repulsive. Giselle did not mind though. She stated that it was "a political alliance between the High Mage and the House of Anderglace". Many Anti-Magic Activists did not agree with this though and her support slipped a bit.

.:Face Claim:.
Adelaide Kane

So begins...

Giselle Anderglace's Story