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Bryant Sanders

"What do you need?"

0 · 222 views · located in Manhattan, NY

a character in “Inside Manhattan's Hallways”, as played by GloryArstotska


Name: Bryant Sanders

Nickname(s): None at the moment

Age: 17

Birthday: July 25

Sexual Orientation: Asexual, panromantic

Role: The Hook-Up

  • Chocolate
  • Money
  • Cats
  • Coffee
  • His family
  • Playing the piano

  • Rules
  • Getting caught
  • Tea
  • Sports
  • Losing a contact
  • The morning

Bryant has never been cowed by rules or authority, but he doesn’t go out of his way to disobey or break them. He’s fine with obeying the law, up until it becomes an obstacle to what he wants. But that doesn’t mean Bryant isn’t a nice guy. When he isn’t “dealing with a client,” he’s one of the friendliest people around. Bryant is willing to talk to anybody, and usually at any time. He’s (relatively) honest, and (almost) never breaks a promise. Bryant's a cheerful person, after he's had his morning coffee, and he tries to get along with everybody.

Hardly anything fazes Bryant. He is a pretty good sport and doesn’t get worked up easily. Bryant claims that it just takes too much effort to get angry, so he doesn’t bother. He isn’t involved in much drama, if any, but he tends to have a good knowledge of the happenings around the school and town. Bryant fits in well with most groups, if only because he usually has or can get something they want. The only person that can really tell Bryant what to do and be successful every time is his mother. Bryant is a momma’s boy and not ashamed of that fact at all. He loves his family and will proudly show off the latest picture his sister has drawn for him. The one thing that gets Bryant worked up is someone insulting his mom or his sister.

Bryant also has his “business side.” He wouldn’t have been able to acquire all the contacts he has at this age if he was always cheerful and laidback. Bryant is no pushover and refuses to let customers order him around, no matter what age they are. If threatened, he can blackmail a person like no one’s business. But worse, he can blacklist them and make sure they never get a favor again. Bryant knows just about every shady person around, and most of them either owe him a favor or have an alliance with him, so to speak. So if you want the good stuff, don’t get on Bryant’s bad side. However, he’s mostly successful at separating his business life and his personal life. So you most likely won’t be blacklisted just for having a go at his mom, unless he’s in a really bad mood that day.

Bryant grew up with an unfaithful father and a frazzled two-part-time-jobs mother. His dad, Charles, was a cop and always “staying late to work on a case.” His mom, Irene, knew about his little escapades but couldn’t leave until she had a steady source of income to raise Bryant by herself. Bryant never really knew or loved his father, but his mother meant everything to him. She was the one that helped him with his homework, taught him how to play the piano, and-most importantly- showed him how to deal with the shadier people in life. Irene wasn’t the cleanest person in the world, and she decided to teach her son some tricks she’d picked up on. It was a wonderful mother-son bonding moment, and it was also a way to stick it to the man. In this case, Charles.

When Melissa, Bryant’s younger sister, was born, it was love at first sight. Bryant immediately promised to be the best older brother in the world. Whenever their mom was at work, Bryant was the one to take care of Melissa. He learned how to change a diaper, how to bottle feed, how to swaddle an infant… Bryant basically became Mr. Mom. Well, as much as one can be when they’re eleven.

Bryant’s criminal career began quite on accident. His mother had already introduced him to several of her “friends,” who had agreed to work with him if he wanted to when he was older. One night, Bryant found the druggie corner of his school. The wannabe druggie corner, at least. None of them had any way of getting the real stuff, so they were using Sharpies and crushed candy. Since most of them were from filthy rich families, Bryant saw his chance to earn some money and offered to get the wannabes some actual drugs. Most of them backed out rather quickly, but a few were still interested. So Bryant met up with his mother’s people and a deal was struck. Bryant thought it would be a one-time thing, but they kept coming back for more. Eventually, he expanded into doing basically whatever someone wanted that wasn’t strictly legal. However, Bryant has always refused to do something that would harm another person in some way.

One night, Charles never came back. It was a week or two later that Irene received divorce papers in the mail. There was a special clause that stated she would receive child support. Combined with her job, the money would be enough for her to take care
of the small family of three. Irene sold the house and moved into a smaller, less expensive one, and enrolled Bryant in some piano classes. His musical interest is why he’s attending this school.

Academic History:
Bryant has always gotten relatively decent grades. His mom didn’t finish high school, and he wants to make her proud and help take care of her once she’s older. Getting into this school was only possible through a mixture of his musical talent, his mom’s job, and some of his own deals in the alleys. Bryant doesn’t want his mom’s money to go to waste, so he tries as hard as he can. His school record is surprisingly clean. Bryant tries to not act up in class so the teachers won’t suspect him of anything out in the streets. He hasn’t seen the inside of a juvenile detention center yet, and he isn’t planning to.

Do his dirty dealings count as an extracurricular? The other students seem to think so, seeing as he does most of his business at school. He also always willing to work with the band, orchestra, or anyone else if they need a piano player.

Face Claim: Avan Jogia

Height/Weight: 5'10”, 145 lbs

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

So begins...

Bryant Sanders's Story