Lola Thompson

It's just a bad day, not a bad life.

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"Hi, I'm Lola."

Theme Song
Grow Up||Paramore
We Don't Have To Dance||Andy Black
Song to Love Interest
It Ends Tonight||The All-American Rejects

{"The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few."}
-Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan


ImageImageImageImageFull Name
Lola Thompson

Lo- Not many people call her this, only a few in her family still use this pet name.

Lol- This nickname was given to her by friends and she likes it, but only a few close friends know it.

Lala- Most people call her this because she always seems to be humming or bouncing to an unheard song.


Hex Code

Sexual Orientation
Bisexual, but not ready for the world to know just quite yet.

Eye Color
Depending on her mood they can sometimes look almost gray.

Hair Color
Sometimes she wears clip in hair extensions that make it look like she has hot pink or red streaks in her hair.


she maintains this weight as a nod to the words,
"I love you"
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Distinct Markings
Small random scars all over her body from childhood.

She only has three piercings in her right ear.
In her left ear Lola has six piercings.
She also has a double nose piercing.
Lola only wears the hoop in it when she goes out and wants to look "edgy".

Behind her right ear she has a tinny skull and crossbones.
On her right collarbone she has a feather that turns into birds.
On the outside of her right foot Lola has a small mountain range.

{"Gravitation Is Not Responsible For People Falling In Love.”}
-Albert Einstein


✧Spunky✦Talkative✧Trustworthy✦Carefree✧A little secretive✦Distant at times✧Sarcastic✦Quick witted✧
Lola seems to have a side that many people know of, because she knows what the lime light is like she also knows how and what to hide about herself. That being said she doesn't really care what others think about her, she just would rather others not see her dark side, not because she is afraid of their reactions but because that is her own little secret that she likes having.
Secretly, Lola is afraid of being hurt, she seems to have a bad habit of getting involved with the wrong people and finds herself being hurt more often then not. She has a very quick and dark sense of humor and a lot of times has to hold her tongue for fear of offending someone. When she is with her friends she loves to laugh and joke around with them because she knows that can take what she dishes out, because they know her. People say she is really fun to be around and talk to because she always seems to have something fun in mind or something funny to say.
If Lol makes a promise to you you can be sure that she will keep it.

✦Fire✦Commitment✦Bumble Bees✦
She is allergic to bee stings and almost died once from just one sting when she was a child.
One night when Lola was a little girl her families home caught fire, she didn't hear the fire alarm and her parents weren't able to get into her room. The smoke filling up her bedroom finally woke her up, but she didn't know what was going on so she hid in her closet. Finally a fireman was able to get into the room and found her hiding and was able to get her out before the house collapsed.
When she was ten her parents started what would be a seven year long nasty divorce that started with her dad hitting her mom after she had found her husband cheating.

✦The dark

✧Playing the base guitar
✧Bubble gum

✦Sour food or candy
✦Being told what she can and cant do
✦Not being able to have a cat because she is allergic
✦People who judge others before getting to know them
✦When someone tells her she shouldn't eat what she wants

Favorite Songs
The Beautiful People || Marilyn Manson
Don't Speak || No Doubt
Creep || Radiohead

{“Freedom Is Not Worth Having If It Does Not Include The Freedom To Make Mistakes.”}
-Mahatma Gandhi


ImageAcademic History
It was fairly easy for Lola to get into Spence, even if she hadn't gotten a partial scholarship for playing the violin she still would have been able to go due to her stepfathers money. That doesn't stop her from working her hardest in her academic courses, she keeps her grades up and tries not to get behind in her work. She does have a bit of a problem with History and Math though, she is not very good with numbers and finds some of the things they learn in her History class to be boring and that makes it hard for her to memorize it.

Lola is very invested in the schools orchestra she volunteers most of her free time to help with whatever they need and she plays second violin, but would like to be first.

Her mother was a model and her father a photographer, they always seemed like a happy little family and no one ever expected on of her parents to cheat on the other so when it came to light the news shocked the industry the world over. After her parents split up is when her father grew distant and sometimes violent, because of this Lola was not allowed to see him very often and when she did she had to be accompanied by someone. When she turned eleven she told her mom she wanted to learn an instrument and Tabitha was more then happy to hear that until Lola told her what instrument it was, the bass guitar. For about three months Tabitha wouldn't hear of it, she insisted it was a boys instrument and tried to get Lola to take an interest in the violin. Finally She gave in but only after Lola agreed to also learn to play the violin as well, so she bought Lola a bass guitar and a violin and started sending her to lessons.
When Her mother met Christopher, Lola was a little upset at first. Still under the impression that her parents would one day get back together, she refused to have anything to do with him until one day she was practicing her bass in the garage and he drove up to the house and instead of going in to see her mom first he went and sat on the floor and listened to Lola. after a few minutes her grabbed a bucket and started drumming on it with his hands and try as she might Lola couldn't help but get excited and play with him, they had a little jam session and after that they became closer and closer until Christopher one cloudy autumn afternoon asked Lola if it was ok with her if he asked her mom to marry him, she said yes, and so did Tabitha.
Christopher came from a long line of archaeologists and was very wealthy and because of this there was no issue with sending Lola to an expensive school, and Lola was more then happy to go, she loved to learn.

Family Tree
Mother- Tabitha Wistof ✧ 52 ✧ Alive
- Lola's mom is her hero, through everything she has been through she has stayed so strong and carried the both of them through all their hard times, now she is pregnant with her second child after being told she would never have children again by multiple doctors, Lindsey is really excited.
StepFather- Christopher Wistof ✧ 55 ✧ Alive
- Lola absolutely loves her stepfather, he has been so good for her mother and has really helped their little family become happy again.
Father- Samuel Thompson ✦ 53 ✦ Deceased
- She doesn't really like her father but she does still love him, he is her father, she can't not love him. He was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and in the span of three months his health took a drastic fall. He died about a month ago in his sleep.

Happiest Memory
One warm sunny day when Lola was only about four or five her mother and father took her to upstate New York, her father was going to do a photo shoot. The shoot finished early and instead of going straight home Lola's parents took her to a big open field full of wildflowers. They had a picnic on the hood of their car and Christopher let Lola play with his camera and helped her take pictures of her parents, she still has the pictures too.

Saddest Memory
When her mom told her that her parents were splitting up.

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