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Inside The Enemy

Inside The Enemy


Five agents have been sent into an Enemy HQ to gather infomation but something back in the UK has gone wrong and the agents and trapped.

762 readers have visited Inside The Enemy since Thundera created it.


Dear Agents,
Your mission is simple. I am sending you into the enemies HQ as rookies. You are to work your way up in ranks until you are amongst
Harley’s favourites this mission could take years but it is vital for the British intelligence.

Once you are inside the base keep a low profile as much as possible until I say something into the ear piece planted in your brains. I can’t lie to you all this is the most dangerous mission I have ever organized but I have faith in you all to come out on top of this.

Make sure once you are in you remember to-

The rest of the note was sabotaged and ruined beyond use the agents weren’t even fully qualified yet and they were trapped in the enemy. The five agents are meant to be climbing ranks in the terrorist group as quickly as possible but without the rest of the letter they are clueless all they know is to act loyal and gain trust and respect. They never got information from the British Intelligence through the brain chips so they reprogrammed them to communicate with the other four agents in Arizona. The agents are brave but unfortunate because only two weeks into their mission suspicions are rising on the youngest agent who a mere fourteen year old is claiming to be working with her sister. Harley brought it but this mission is so damn risky now even the most confident agents are uncertain of their chances and safety...

Joseph Harley is committed almost every crime out there murder,rape,theft,fraud,drug dealing , vandalism and terrorism. He is a cruel man however he tends to form close relationships to his loyal men and when he is falling for The Stunner’s convincing acting he forms a relationship with her. He know thinks they are in love and that the Player is his most loyal worker but he is wrong The Stunner is playing her little games again. Harley however hates the other rookies. He makes an exception for The Little One because of her relation to The Stunner but he despises her secretly. The other two agents are going through hell to keep their selves covered and look loyal. Joseph Harley has started telling The Stunner everything and everything he tells her she tells them.


The Stunner:
-She’s the most convincing
-The eldest (20)
FC: Nikki Reed

The Computer Geek:
-He is crazy about The Sweetheart
-Third Eldest (18)
FC: David Beckham

The Sweetheart:
- Third Eldest (18)
- Likes the computer geek
FC: Taylor Swift

The Player:
- Second Eldest (19)
- Loves the Stunner
FC: Tyger

The Little One:
-Youngest (14)
-Sister to The Stunner
-Is suspected a little

Joseph Harley:
- Thinks he is dating The Stunner
- Think he’s best man is The Player
- Is 29
FC Russell Brand

((can add more if requested. FCs may be changeable if you can convince me))

Code: Select all

[color=red or blue green yellow ect]
[size=200] Personal Details.[/size]
[b]Code/Nick name[/b]
[b]Pet hates:[/b]
[b]General Behavior[/b]

The Actual Writing

1. If swearing block out vowels however shit and crap may be typed without blocking out vowels.
2. Be respectful
3. No sexually explicit scenes are to be role-played please Black Out or go to PM thank you.
4. If you’ve read the rules so far add the word ‘Orange’ somewhere in your profile.


WARNING: Violence will occur in this RP but I have set a few simple but obvious rules.

5. No Godmodding i.e
Agent A swung her giant powerful godly fist into B’s nimble face squashing his nose into pieces and laughed at the blood and bone on the floor.

Instead write

Agent A swung her fist at B aiming for their face she knew B could easily evade or block the punch but she had to try.

6. No auto hitting so no
Agent A punched B in the stomach with perfect aim.

7. You are not invincible you will be hit sometimes in fights.

8. Don’t start fights all the time that isn’t all the RP is about.

9. If you have the read the rules so far change the word ‘Orange’ to ‘Pineapple Cheese’

General Rules
10. Rudeness to other writers will not be tolerated by anyone.
11. One character per person to start with
12. Don’t go away for days without warning we can send your character on a mission for Harley or make ill ect.
13. Please be commited
14. If you break any rules you will get three chances then you’ll be temporarily banned for a week then if it continues I’ll kill your character in the most gruesome ugly horrific way possible
16. If you have read all this change ‘Pineapple Cheese’ To ‘I love spies xx’ THANK YOU FOR READING THESE RULES SORRY IF THERE SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF THEM!

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Character Portrait: Nezzera Pavolo
Character Portrait: Samantha Mitchell


Character Portrait: Samantha Mitchell
Samantha Mitchell

Looks can be decieving.

Character Portrait: Nezzera Pavolo
Nezzera Pavolo

"Can't touch me."


Character Portrait: Nezzera Pavolo
Nezzera Pavolo

"Can't touch me."

Character Portrait: Samantha Mitchell
Samantha Mitchell

Looks can be decieving.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Samantha Mitchell
Samantha Mitchell

Looks can be decieving.

Character Portrait: Nezzera Pavolo
Nezzera Pavolo

"Can't touch me."

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Re: Inside The Enemy

Come on people four more spots three boys one girl!

Re: Inside The Enemy

Oh, thank you. :)
I will try my best. Fingers crossed!

Re: Inside The Enemy

Thanks! I love your character we just need the other three spots filled hopefully we can start before sunday. Spread the word if you know anyone.

Re: Inside The Enemy

I submitted my character already and I hope it is to your liking. I can make changes if you ask me to. I really like this story and I can't wait for it to get started ^-^ Very well made and creative!

Re: Inside The Enemy

Yes you may. Your reservation expires at
15:07 tomorrow. Exactly 24hours from now (according to my laptop.) Thank You :)

Re: Inside The Enemy

May I reserve the Sweetheart please? :)

Inside The Enemy

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