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Theodore Bleddyn

"Much to see, much to do, blah blah blah."

0 · 647 views · located in Wyoming

a character in “Insignia”, as played by LookAliveSunshine



Theodore Arthur Bleddyn Junior

Theo, to his absolute closest friends, and Teddy by his family.




Bleddyn Alpha

Face Claim
Gerard Way



135 lb

Neither particularly fit, nor particularly skinny or chubby. Healthy, although not
particularly extraordinary, always just a bit hunched and appearing a bit shorter
than his actual formidable 5'9". He looks a little young.

Hair Color

Eye Color


A few across the crests of his knuckles, knees, and a rather nasty one from his lowest
left rib to his left hip, in addition to a weirdly textured burn scar over his right
shoulderblade and neat light lines across his lower wrists on both sides, as well as his
biceps and thighs. Theodore also has a few pinprick scar dots at his inner elbows,
although mostly on the right side.


Clothing Style
Punk/Goth/Dark or Painfully Casual

Wolf Form
Theo shifts into a thick furred all-black wolf with a good amount of muscle but like his
human form, not particularly fit in in any manner. His hackles raise exceedingly often in
wolf form, as well.


A bit of a lazy asshole, in all honesty, and he is often this honest with himself, Theodore
is a late riser and usually late to bed with insomnia and nightmares, and he likes to fancy
himself a shut in but he's just a little bit too fond of talking passionately to really pull that
off accurately. He writes poetry and reads it, and listens to a lot of rock and roll and in
general tries his damnedest to be the rebel of the family no matter fucking what even if his
parents are fucking dead. At least that's what he keeps trying to tell himself. He also really
likes comics and painting and drawing them and he's actually pretty great at painting and
art but he can't devote a lot of time to it anymore which is a fact he truthfully loathes.
Fiercely protective of what he identifies with, he's impulsive and could fly off the handle with
little things like insulting a movie he really loved. He's egregiously loyal and territorial to
what he gets attached to and falls in love with concepts, people, and things, at a whirlwind
brand speed.

+Talking Passionately+
+Fast Food+
+His Brother+
+Watching Plays+
+Video Games+

-Too Many Diurnal Days-
-The Winter-
-Bad Coffee-
-Black Coffee-
-Most Meat-
*Enclosed Spaces*
*Loss of Senses*


+Highly Creative+
+Extremely Brave+
+Loyal and Protective of Those Closest To Him+
+Very Good at Getting Out of Things+
+Very Influential of his Pack+

-Holds a Mean Grudge-
-Never Takes Things Seriously-
-Lazy as Hell in Daily Life-
-Very Closed Off at His Core-
-Very Self Destructive at His Core-
-Tendency To Be Apathetic To Others' Lives-

The firstborn of the current alphas of the Bleddyn pack, Theo's more destined to lead
and less inspired to, but the pressure has been on him since he was very small for
him to make an acceptable alpha. Born in early spring, he was his mother's pride
and joy and from the beginning, his father's worst nightmare. He was born small,
weak, and a month premature, and his beginnings hardly told well of a future of the
strength required to lead a pack. Through the first years of his life he was sickly and
grew little, many doctors thought he'd perish within the first five years of his life, but
the little alpha did fight off that which had bound him down before, but only, it
seemed, after the birth of his two years younger brother, Riley, and their subsequent
huge bonding period.
After the first few years of Ry's life, the brothers became fiercely loyal to each other
and their relationship seemed to strengthen both of their physical beings as well.
They were inseparable, never seen without each other, and often confused by the
elder wolves in their pack for one another in the early years due to Theo's being
small for his age and Ry's being a big big for his age. In Riley's company, Theo
learned his fierce loyalty and most of his intelligence, due to his little brother's
literary fascinations from a very young age. He adored everything his baby brother
did and was open to learning everything he could from him.
However, school and socialization outside of his brother was extraordinarily hard
for Theodore, and all through primary school he was entirely ostracized, whether
of his own intention or simply being a bit of a strange, withdrawn child. His father
was not impressed with his lack of charisma, and was often ridiculously harsh on
the boy until his death when Theo was twelve. The Bleddyn family was horribly
torn up after Theo's father's death and Theodore spiraled into middle school with
bouts of depression and self hatred, began smoking by the time he was fourteen
and immediately got into everything he shouldn't have. At this point, Theodore's
mother noticed his bad attitude had begun to affect his little brother, and was very
disappointed, putting Theo at odds with his family (besides Ry) even more than
before. Now, in his Junior year of high school and still acting like an asshole who
wants absolutely nothing to do with his family besides his brother or this whole
pack merging thing, his rebellious stage is reaching a forte and he's more than
rejecting any thought of merging the packs.

Besides smoking cigarettes, he also drinks alcohol and uses various other substances
Currently single.

Roleplayer Name
LookAliveSunshine (you can call me Sunshine though)

Roleplayer Limits
While comfortable with smut, I think it should be written in PM or over a chat client.
I'd rather this character does not end up dead.
Graphic depictions of gore and violence are okay.
Graphic depictions of substance abuse are okay.
Graphic depictions of self harm and suicide should be taken exceedingly seriously.

So begins...

Theodore Bleddyn's Story