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Abby Rose

"The difference inbetween us is that I will live forever.. And that I can feel pain... I'm joking about the second part."

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a character in “Insurgence- It Begins Here”, originally authored by Lloyd999, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Abby Rose
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Type: Cyborg (Mutant)
Mutation: She is one of two mutant subjects being used for a project on making Artificial Intelligence. The plan is to take a human and try to morph it to become a computer, and hopefully, if they can fully and successfully do it, she'll still have a concience. An extra modification she was given was that she is very smart and has fast thought processing.
Description: What was once a human, is now something else. Her body has been morphed, and still is being morphed, into a machine, a machine strong and immortal, or at least that should be the end result. Her hands have been morphed to become mechanical. Some of her muscles are still organic, because they are currently being replaced, but not for long. Her skin is alunimum and steel. Her eyes have been replaced with two different kinds for different purposes. Soon, though, she will not be able to move, for when she is complete, she will be hooked up to an entire system. She is the Genetic Lifeform that powers the Intelligence of an Operating System. Wires are hooked to her and plugs are being placed. She is work in progress, but she is 70% done, compared to the other subject who is 80% done.
Personality: What may have been her personality before is almost gone. Before, she may have been a girl who loved the world for what it was and was interested in many things. Now, is likely the oppisite. Abby's bitterness goes toward what has become of herself. However, she does not complain. Inside, she is hurt, hurt for what she and the other subject have become. However, now, she only smiles for giving others uneasiness.
Fears: She once feared for what is to become of her, and she still sort of does, but now she has accepted her fate, despite how much she fears it. She has also feared being attacked by another one of the mutants.
Cell: A8, a cell reserved for the subjects of Dr. Com Exburna. So far, there is only two.
Likes: She likes being in control, and teasing other people to make them feel uneasy.
Weakness: Any weakness that she may possibly have is instantly fixed so that she may be perfect. Though, one of her main weaknesses are diseases and viruses, both biologically and software. She also, though may be resistant to things like aging, straining, and wearing out, she still is effected by explosives, fire, large quantities of electricity, and instant freezing, though, she still remains intact, most of the time.
History: Abby was the daughter of a CEO of a company, but she couldn't remember what it was for. Her father said it was a company that specialized in creating the future and making it so that the house has electricity. Her mother died when she was four, after being in the hospital for about a month being deathly ill, likely an accident that happend while she was at work. Her mother worked at that exact same company her father owned. When she was seven, she was taken away from her home and taken to that man in Alaska, aparently because her father couldn't take care of her because he was busy all the time, and had made a deal with the man. When her memories were taken, she was given the power of insanely strong intelligence and problem solving skills. Then, the government bought the children and Abby got her memories back, and she became bitter. Originally, they thought it'd be too basic for her to only have strong inteligence, and were planning to give her powers involving mind reading and telekineses, but then a strange scientist by the name of Com Exburna came in and asked for support on a "new dirrection" in his project on Artificial Intelligence. Ever since then, she and another subject had been morphed into immortal and perfect 'Genetic Intelligence Modules' (GIM) for computer processors, which may replace the idea of AIP (Artificial Intelligence Programs). ... 3f8pd9.jpg

So begins...

Abby Rose's Story


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#, as written by BOO!
Lilly looked at the wall of the cell opposite, only just hearing. Maybe, just maybe if I break into the other cells first, we could get out.. Alone, we'll be shot down or captured again. She took a step or two back and a deep breath. This was probably going to hurt. "All of us want to escape. Machine or not." She ran at the wall, nearly hitting her head with the full force.

The wall in A8 had a massive spike in and the acid shot up the sides, sizzling loudly. Lilly stepped back again for another run up. "We can't do this alone!!" She shouted, bashing into the wall a second time. The dent grew and the acid shot up again, making obvious cracks in the wall. Stepping back, she saw she had just about thinned the wall with the acid enough to break it with another bash.

Taking a final run up, she ran at the wall, bashing it down. The acid which had gotten it's self inside the wall splashed down, then floated back to her and layed on her skin. Stumbling into the other cell, she looked at the two machines. "If you want to stay in here forever, go tell those scientists what I've just done. If you want to be free, help us." She examined the room for an easier way out.

"I can't be the only one tired of hearing those screams." She sighed. If they weren't going to help, that was a waste of her valuble time. The scientists would have noticed all the noise and may be on their way over.


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#, as written by Moonbow
"You know what else, Lilly? Animals don't hesitate to take a humans life." She gestured for Lilly to get behind her when she heard the help from the machine mutants.
"Knew it, half-pin barrels, they must have had budget cuts... Locks, same kind, keypad and card, single lock..." One said thoughtfully.
"Okay, this is simple. Find some way to lift the door out of it's hinges, then you shouldn't need to worry about the lock and he will likely be in Labrynth testing, I saw it on the schedule, though, you do realize that this is only a one time thing, and you'll likely be punished afterwards, even if you don't get to your friend." Wynter had a rare, malicious grin as she focused very hard. The ice crept to the bottom of the door and she made a fast motion that shot the ice up and the door off its hinges. There was a guard outside and Wynter punch him in mouth, effectively knocking him out as well as shattering his skull. She wanted to kill more, but she stopped herself so she wouldn't get blood lust.
"Shall we go my lady?" Wynter smiled at Lilly.

The monster moved through the maze and seemed to be anticipating their arrival.
"Don't leave me, if you do then you'll die. In this maze lurks a lizard mutant trying to kill us, it will try and get us separate so he can pick us off one by one. The monster was so loud, Calla could practically see him. The boy that was brought in with her seemed to be shaking the slightest.
"Please don't scream again."


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#, as written by BOO!
Lilly smiled at Wynter, wondering if she should stop her. She couldn't help but feel like if Wynter got hurt, it was her fault. I didn't mean to it to go this far! But now we know how to get out... She stopped herself. Those kinds of thoughts were dangerous. Find cat-kid, get him back to the cell, hope no-one saw. The feeling of guilt still stabbed at Lilly, leaving her stomach to twist itself in knots as she ran out of the door and looked around.

Kneeling by the guard, she went through his pockets. Her hand gripped on a radio, pulling it out. She knew it wouldn't help, but kept it anyway. "Thank you.. uh.. machines." She smiled and nodded polietly. "Miss, do you know where the Labyrinth is?" She hoped she did, otherwise this was a waste of time.