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a character in “Insurgence- It Begins Here”, originally authored by BlueWind_22, as played by RolePlayGateway

BlueBird stands at 5'6 and weighs 132lbs. Long untamable black hair cascades down her shoulders and ends somewhere around her mid-waist. It used to end around her shoulders, but after a few years unchecked, it's grown. A crown of emeralds used to sit on her head, but she lost it when coming to the jail. Her once long beautiful dress used to reach to the floor and graze her feet, but now it ends near her knees and just seems to cling to her.

Name: BlueBird
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Type: Mutant
- Fire: She can make fire appear and disappear at will. She can even catch on fire and it won't even harm her. The fire is blue though.
- Sapphire ability: She can create sapphire in shape of things she wants it to be. She can also move Sapphire with her thoughts, and eyes. She can even become sapphire or turn someone into living sapphire. Ex: She holds her right hands out, and a spear made entirely of sapphire seems to grow out of her hand.
Personality: BlueBird knows her real name, but she prefers to be called BlueBird or Blue for short. She doesn't like to look around her empty cell and feel alone. So she keeps her eyes close alot and listen to the mutants in other cells talk and move. If she isn't doing that, then she's sleeping and dreaming of things outside the jail. Sometimes she remembers her other life, her life outside the jail, and she just shuts down. She just tunes out of her body and just seems to die for awhile. Although she doesn't show it, she's angry and sad. She hates the gaurds, she hates being locked up, and she misses alot of things about being her own person.
- Thunder and Lightning
- Loud noises
- Silence
- Her memories
Cell: A10
- Dancing
- Singing
- Music
- Stars
Weakness: Blue can't really die, because of her sapphire ability, but she does have problems with her memories.
History: BlueBird lived in a foster home with her twin brother. Their mother gave them up because of unknown reasons but BlueBird never cared. As long as she had her brother, she was okay with it. Her brother was always there with her, eating, laughing, and getting into trouble together. They were the dynamic duo who always jumped head first into a good fight. As they grew older, their foster parents got a divorice and the two kids got split up. BlueBird went with their foster mom and her brother went with their foster dad. They'd get together on holidays but she was never the same. She got into more fights at school, always snapped at teachers and even broke someones arms at school. So, her mother pulled her out of school and homeschooled her instead. One day, BlueBird went for a walk and never came home.

So begins...

BlueBird's Story


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"Come here my little BlueBird." Four people were huddled together, smiling in front of a vast expanse of dark wavy blue stuff. One of them laughed, and grinned, a little girl with butterfly things in her hair. She waved, and the picture froze as the boy next to her smiled...

In one of the cells, a girl smiled. No one saw but the mouse at the far corner of the metal room, and the girl seemed to remember that she was a prisoner in hell. Her cell was warm, always warm because of her ability to make it warm, and it always smelled like brimstone. Didn't they used to say hell was always on fire? She tried to smile again but only managed to grimace as the pitter-patter of feet reverbrated into her cell, hurting her fragile ears. Voices, she could take, but heavy footsteps always pained her.

BlueBird moaned as she clawed at her ears. Her black dress clung to her gaunt frame and gave her comfort for a brief moment. At least she was clothed. "Huh." She almost smiled again but then she forced herself to freeze. Don't think. Don't feel. Don't move. BlueBird curled into a ball and repeated her mantra over and over again. Don't think. Don't feel. Don't move.