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Lloyd Rubino

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a character in “Insurgence- It Begins Here”, originally authored by Lloyd999, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Lloyd Rubino
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Type: Cyborg (Mutant)
Mutation: Much like that of Abby Rose's. He is being turned into a machine to be used as an Artificially Intelligent computer. He has a couple differences from Abby though. His helmet lets him view many more things things visually than Abby can. He also has the ability of very fast reflexes, and originally, he was given the power to create thin barriers to protect himself, and believe it or not, that doesn't just mean physically.
Description: The poker faced robot/person is easily distinguished for his helmet. His other features aren't as obvious. His helmet, which is not unlike an astronaut's, covers what might be his face. On the viewport, it actually has built in LED lights that can let him project his feelings or what he is trying to say, to make up for the lose of his ability to communicate verbally. Like Abby, much of his body is replaced by machinery. His body is almost complete, most of his muscles already being replaced. Though, he doesn't have as much metal covering as Abby does, so much of his body is covered by synthetic material, along with a black leather jacket and pants, and pretty nice black shoes. The only explosed parts of his body are his head (if that counts, considering it's covered by a helmet) and his hands, which look like a knight's gaunlets combined with some kind of robot costume gloves, and both the helmet and the gloves, along with much of the metal skin his body does have, is made of Brass and Steel.
Personality: Once, Lloyd was a boy who loved being creative, his three biggest loves being Music, Writing and Video Gaming, not that he didn't like acting or dancing or anything. Now, he is often depressed, and quiet, well obviously he is quiet considering he can't talk. He does show some curiosity for many things, yes, and he does occasionally try to have fun, maybe dancing or acting something out or just doing rediculous gestures, but other than that, he is quite depressed. He only trusts those who share the room cell with him, currently, that is only Abby Rose.
Fears: The only reason he isn't scared of becoming a machine is because he is afraid of pain and afraid of death, however, that doesn't mean that the thought of becoming a non-living object doesn't depress him. Also, he's not too sure if he is weak to water or not, so he tends to stay away from it.
Cell: A8
Likes: Anything involving Creativity, Music, or Video Games. Though, there's not much of that in the prison.
Weakness: As stated, he can create thin barriers. Meaning, he can create a barrier to protect himself in an instant, but keeping one up may make it easier to break. As stated before, this is not just physically. Also, his helmet is pressurized, so if he were to take it off, it might be a little hard for him to breathe, but that doesn't mean he'll suffocate. He is also weak to fire, however, even if his whole body is on fire, he can stay standing for extended periods of time, as long as he doesn't panic, even though his body will be heavily damaged.
History: Lloyd has had a pretty normal life, well, normal untill a point of course. At a very young age, his parents abandon him because they simply couldn't take care of him because they were too busy doing other things. However, he was adopted by a scientist who worked at a company called Prometheus Sci-Inova. Then, at the age of 6, an incident happend at the company durring an event, and Lloyd was there too. His father died and Lloyd ended up in a hospital with a fractured arm, a couple minor burns and some mysterious poisoning, likely a gas, however, thankfully they got the poisoning out of his system before it could do any harm at all. When he recovered, however, he was taken in by the man from Alaska. The rest came after, quite similar to Abby Rose's history.

So begins...

Lloyd Rubino's Story


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#, as written by BOO!
Lilly looked at the wall of the cell opposite, only just hearing. Maybe, just maybe if I break into the other cells first, we could get out.. Alone, we'll be shot down or captured again. She took a step or two back and a deep breath. This was probably going to hurt. "All of us want to escape. Machine or not." She ran at the wall, nearly hitting her head with the full force.

The wall in A8 had a massive spike in and the acid shot up the sides, sizzling loudly. Lilly stepped back again for another run up. "We can't do this alone!!" She shouted, bashing into the wall a second time. The dent grew and the acid shot up again, making obvious cracks in the wall. Stepping back, she saw she had just about thinned the wall with the acid enough to break it with another bash.

Taking a final run up, she ran at the wall, bashing it down. The acid which had gotten it's self inside the wall splashed down, then floated back to her and layed on her skin. Stumbling into the other cell, she looked at the two machines. "If you want to stay in here forever, go tell those scientists what I've just done. If you want to be free, help us." She examined the room for an easier way out.

"I can't be the only one tired of hearing those screams." She sighed. If they weren't going to help, that was a waste of her valuble time. The scientists would have noticed all the noise and may be on their way over.


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#, as written by Moonbow
"You know what else, Lilly? Animals don't hesitate to take a humans life." She gestured for Lilly to get behind her when she heard the help from the machine mutants.
"Knew it, half-pin barrels, they must have had budget cuts... Locks, same kind, keypad and card, single lock..." One said thoughtfully.
"Okay, this is simple. Find some way to lift the door out of it's hinges, then you shouldn't need to worry about the lock and he will likely be in Labrynth testing, I saw it on the schedule, though, you do realize that this is only a one time thing, and you'll likely be punished afterwards, even if you don't get to your friend." Wynter had a rare, malicious grin as she focused very hard. The ice crept to the bottom of the door and she made a fast motion that shot the ice up and the door off its hinges. There was a guard outside and Wynter punch him in mouth, effectively knocking him out as well as shattering his skull. She wanted to kill more, but she stopped herself so she wouldn't get blood lust.
"Shall we go my lady?" Wynter smiled at Lilly.

The monster moved through the maze and seemed to be anticipating their arrival.
"Don't leave me, if you do then you'll die. In this maze lurks a lizard mutant trying to kill us, it will try and get us separate so he can pick us off one by one. The monster was so loud, Calla could practically see him. The boy that was brought in with her seemed to be shaking the slightest.
"Please don't scream again."


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#, as written by BOO!
Lilly smiled at Wynter, wondering if she should stop her. She couldn't help but feel like if Wynter got hurt, it was her fault. I didn't mean to it to go this far! But now we know how to get out... She stopped herself. Those kinds of thoughts were dangerous. Find cat-kid, get him back to the cell, hope no-one saw. The feeling of guilt still stabbed at Lilly, leaving her stomach to twist itself in knots as she ran out of the door and looked around.

Kneeling by the guard, she went through his pockets. Her hand gripped on a radio, pulling it out. She knew it wouldn't help, but kept it anyway. "Thank you.. uh.. machines." She smiled and nodded polietly. "Miss, do you know where the Labyrinth is?" She hoped she did, otherwise this was a waste of time.