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"I'm glad to exist...I suppose."

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a character in “Insurgence- It Begins Here”, as played by VitaminHeart


Name: Myranda Blake (Though for as long as she can remember, she's only ever been known as 'Myr'
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Type: Mutant

Mutation: Myr is able to change shape, and can change into the form of a monstrous dog-like creature, often colloquially referred to as 'the hellhound'. In this altered form, Myr is extraordinarily strong and fast, able to overpower an ordinary human with ease. The dog's saliva is full of pathogens, and as a result a bite from her in that form is almost guaranteed to become septic and cause a systemic infection without treatment or quick disinfection of the wound. The spine son its back and limbs have similar properties. Myr retains some of the considerable strength of her dog form as a human, being able to lift and break things far more easily than anyone of her size should. After some alterations she also has the bite strength of her canine form as well.



In her human form, Myr resembles an angular young woman with dull, grey black hair and acid green eyes. The eyes have a glassy, lifeless quality about them that is somewhat unnerbing to many. Her skin is an unattractively pallid hue and she had dark rings around her eyes. A large patch of uneven, dark red scar tissue all across the bottom half of her face, marking the same spot as the 'face tear' as her dog from. After an alteration to improve her bite strength her jaw has a top overbite, lined with sharp, uneven teeth. There are thick stitches made at the corners as the changes to her jaw shape has begun to tear the skin on her face. Her ears are pointed and furred in places, with a metal tap clipped into one side.

A pale streak runs through her hair on one side. Myr generally wears concealing clothing and seems dressed for cold weather, even in the heat. Her body is quite heavily altered in an effort to 'improve' it. Several thing metal supports have been grafted to bones on her ribs and limbs, a crude, painful and uneven solution. Her spinal column has also been left exposed, though she tends to do her best to ensure that it's covered up.


As a beast she is large, long limbed, and rather lupine. Its face splits halfway down into a sort of bony maw that tends to seep a viscous drool constantly. It has two sets of narrow eyes and large, taloned feet that appear to be covered by some sort of chitinous exoskeleton, aside from at the joints. Bony spines run down its back. The fur that covers most of its body is a coarse, wiry kind, coloured a dark grey, similar to her hair as a humanoid.

Size-wise, it is very large, rivalling that of a lion or bear, and making it potentially extremely dangerous.

Personality: Myr is a strange one, someone who most people struggle to get along with...not necessarily because she's openly hostile...but because of something else. There's something curiously...empty about Myr. Almost a void of emotion and a lack of understanding of the emotions of others means that she does not bond with people very easily at all. A great deal of things tend to wash over Myr. A lot of the time she seems to be playing little attention to her surroundings, and never seems to concern herself with minor or trivial matters.

Myr simply seems rather...empty. She doesn't really have much in the way of dreams, or hopes, or things she wishes for. She doesn't appear to take much enjoyment out of things. It's rare to have anything that gets a lot of reaction out of her.

There is something else to Myr however...perhaps a darker side. She feels inclined to try and fill the void by finding some sort of acceptance, and sees the staff as as means for that. As a result she attempts to keep the scientists and guards happy in hopes of being a 'good' subject...though has become somewhat disillusioned to that as time has worn on, and she and the researchers discovered that the alterations made had only served to worsen things, rather than improve them.


While there are not many things the demon dog is scared of, privately she is afraid of dying, particularly as she's not entirely sure how long her lifespan is likely to be. She also has a great concern about some sort of disabling injury, concerned that she would both lose her own independence, and is confident that no-one would help regardless.

Cell: A9


Myr doesn't tend to give many things positive attention.

She likes warm clothes, and sources of heat as far as that they prevent hypothermia.

She prefers to have access to writing material, making a habit out of making notes of things, so she might remember them.

Deep down, Myr would like to have someone to rely upon, searching for some form of acceptance, but would not dare admit such a thing.


Transformation Pains- Changing for Myr is an extremely painful process, and takes a little while for it to work. The change itself involves a decent amount of bloodloss, so Myr cannot change many times in quick succession without risking the effects of exsanguination.

Cold - Myr cannot conserve heat very well and doesn't do too well in cold weather. She has to don large amounts of winter clothing in order to stay warm, and so can often be held to ransom through her need for warm clothes.

Exposed spinal column - After some alterations, Myr's spinal column, both as a humanoid and as a human, is exposed from the bottom of her ribs to the top of her pelvis. It leaves her

Memory loss - Myr has a very bad memory. She struggles to remember things for any extended period of time, making her rather easy to manipulate.

History: Myr was born 'Myranda Blake' to a single parent in a large, urban area. She remembers nothing of her childhood, or her life prior to the lab, though the truth was that she had been in a reasonably good situation. Her mother hadn't been particularly rich, but had done her best to provide for her young child. Unfortunately, in her effort to do do, she borrowed from people she shouldn't have...and the same people sort to recoup their losses eventually by taking the woman's a very unpleasant act...taking her child as well.

Myr was little more than a toddler at the time, when she was handed over to the laboratory, and not long after that came the mutations and alterations involved. Myr's body was suited to the changes that were demanded of it by the new powers, and the first changes resulted in broken bones and extremely severe damage and scarring. Myr was almost killed and her long term memory badly effected. From there they did their best to try and make her form fit they new changes. The begin with it allowed her to change without serious damage, which was helpful. The second set only seemed to make things worse however.

Myr seemed to react to the events without a great deal of drama or complaint...sometimes to a fault. When she was sent out to be chased down she made no attempt to escape, something that rather ruined their fun.

So begins...

Myr's Story


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#, as written by Moonbow
Pain, suffering, people being torn to shreds and losing their humanity. It was like being in a war zone, except they couldn't fight back or run; a target on the shooting range. Wynter didn't like to consider herself human. Rather more ice, a pure element that generates life, yet can take it just as quickly if you're dragged to the bottom. Ice can seal people off and sparkle beautifully in the sunlight, yet it would slowly melt into a mass of water that led anywhere. That was Wynter's only reason not to be like her element. She was contained for the joy of others and slowly melted into a different liquid, no longer her pure element. Right now, the ice that she cocooned herself in was the only comfort, no matter how many goosebumps she had. The cold slid down Wynter's back like a gentle hand and comforted her, reminding her of how her mother once stroked her before her brothers were born. Sometimes she wondered if her parents knew she would really be winter when they named her Wynter.
Each breath left the air colder and dancing fog hung in the air before disappearing. If only Wynter could stay like this forever, curled in a cocoon of ice like a caterpillar. She hoped she never turned into a butterfly. She wondered if she was freezing the other mutants, being huddled tightly in a ball of ice. It wasn't her fault, the temperature always drops when she's in the same room. Opening up a little hole she saw many teeth were chattering quietly. There was neko boy slumped against the wall, a canine-like girl sitting on a bed, and a small girl that seemed like she was sizzling with acid. Wynter's 'friends' in this awful place.


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#, as written by BOO!
"Don't worry about it Lilly, what you said makes a lot of sense. I wish I could hug you..maybe the scientist will find a cure..." She sighed, knowing that her other special 'power' had kicked in. Everyone who had ever met her had always wanted to help her immediatly, putting themselves in danger, or just hug her, burning them and yet again endangering their lives. She didn't say anything, though. If it got out of hand, she would stop it.

After Seoul was dragged out by Dr. Dragon, she jumped at the door slamming. Staring wide eyed at the seemingly empty cell. Leaping up from where she was sat, she started to look around for things to help her open the door. And then she remembered even if she did find anything, she wouldn't be able to hold it long enough to get out. She sighed, irritated, then stared at the wall for a moment or two.

"That cat-kid's in danger, we have to help him.." She said. "Who knows what they could be putting him through?" Not once had her gaze left the wall. Maybe I could burn it.. I could try... Shouting a kind of war cry that seemed to come naturally at this moment, she ran at the wall. "AHHHHHHH- Ow." She mumbled, the sizzling louder now she was up close although it still seemed like music to her ears. Stepping back, she had only left a dent. "Can someone help me out here?! We're treated like animals but when 'animals' work together, they can usually break free. Are you catching my hint, here?" She looked around at her other cellmates.

Her eyes seemed to plead but her stance was strong and defensive.


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#, as written by Moonbow
"RUN!" But Calla was already running with her hand locked around one of the boy's arms. The boy seemed to grasp the situation and started running faster than her.
"I know how to get out this way!" Calla shouted, the boy didn't listen and kept going his own way so she followed him until they slammed into a dead end. The cold, slithering sound of a hiss came from behind them, it was quiet and probably accidentally slipped out of the creatures jaws from the joy of getting to his prey. Calla could see the outline of him as she turned around but in the maze where everything looked the same, it was hard to pinpoint where the lizard was because he blended around in her blue shadow and made almost no sound; any roar he made hurt Calla's ears too much. His acrid smell stretched to every inch of the maze making scent impossible. So maybe...she was blind.
"Hey, boy, find a way to set the sprinklers off and then I can get us out of this brawl. FYI I don't care if you're afraid of water. There might be a valve somewhere up top, I can't tell exactly.... Just find a way!" Calla begged, hoping the boy wouldn't say he would not leave her side because she was blind. He didn't seem like that type though...

Her running led her back in the cell where Wynter discovered they had left a mutant behind. It was the canine girl, just sitting there calmly.
"I'm not sure what I've done to offend my cellmates exactly." she said absentmindedly.
"I'm so sorry! You're so quiet...I don't deserve your help but can you come with me to save my friends? I'm so ashamed of myself, I got cold feet and didn't enter the maze. I need to have a friend with me..." A few tears slid down her cheek as Wynter begged the canine girl.


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#, as written by Moonbow
"I am quiet because my jaw is not fixed well. I don't enjoy speaking. I've also not had sleep in a long time, between the cold, the cats, and all the shouting. I'm not certain if I'm your friend. I'm not that familiar with it, but I don't think that's what friends are supposed to do." The girl said.
"You have every right to your thought," Wynter rubbed the side of her arm uncomfortably, feeling incredibly awkward with herself.
"I'm so sorry we left you, by the way I can't control how the temperature drops, I just couldn't let Lilly think she was alone in this." Wynter grabbed the girl's hand and ran down the corridor following the trail of ice and black ooze. Within five minutes they arrived at the large, rustic door.
"What is your name?" she asked the girl.
((Sorry it's such a short post.))


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#, as written by Moonbow
((Sorry, addictive to the mentalist so my posts might be a little slow.))
The beast had them covered and all Calla could see was his vague outline; it wasn't enough to fight him with. The intense stare burned into her as the beast waited for her move; but she really couldn't do anything but... rebel. Calla sat down on the floor and looked in the direction where she saw vague outlines of clustered people.
"Great, now you'll never know how I survived because I can't defend myself!" She yelled with a scowl on her face. The boy was on his own now, Calla had made her decision.
"They don't own me
I'm not a piece in their game
Can't control me
They're the only ones to be blamed
I'll never breakdown" She sung to herself quietly, waiting for her death.

What was once a girl was now a vicious hound standing in front of her. It looked like a hassle to turn into.
"Doesn't that...hurt?" she asked gingerly.