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Charlotte Loxely

Rebel Lieutenant. {Deceased}

0 · 709 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Machina Ex Deus


Name: Charlotte Loxely
Alias: Powersurge
Age: 24
Gender Female
Affiliation: Insurrection
Appearance: Charlotte is 5'4", with a shock of bright blue hair and similarly-colored eyes. She's always got a few wrenches and other assorted mechanic's tools at her belt, and a pair of goggles on her head.

Clothing: Her mask of choice is fairly straightforward; it adheres to her face, and covers her eyes and a good portion of her cheekbones as well. She doesn't have anything but her street clothes in terms of uniforms- a few tank tops, a leather jacket and ripped jeans, plus well-worn combat boots.

Primary Power: Electrokinesis: Charlotte can manipulate electricity, channeling it from mechanical devices through her own body and out at whatever she aims it towards. This includes the ability to pull lightning from the sky, if the weather allows for it. The human body is not the ideal conduit for such things, however, and if she loses concentration for even a moment, her abilities can backfire and interfere with the neural pathways of her brain. Charlotte risks death every time she uses this ability, but most of the time, it just knocks her out for a few hours.

Secondary Power: Technopath: Charlotte can mentally interface with machines and all forms of mechanical device, partially due to her electrical abilities. This makes her ideal for hacking, and maintaining the Insurrection's vehicles and computer systems, such as they are.

Personality: Charlotte's something of a firecracker, so to speak, and capricious in her moods. She can go from being inexplicably sweet one moment to vindictive the next with little noticeable provocation. She is a little childlike at times, and loves small things like sweets and riddles, though playing chess with her is a mistake unless you're really, really good. When it comes down to it, though, she's fiercely protective of her allies and very good at what she does. Unlike a lot of the types attracted to a cause like the Insurrection, Charlotte is pretty straightforward and open about where she came from and where she's going.

She's lived in the warehouse district for most of her life, and the one that serves as Insurrection HQ is actually her house, which she's outfitted with plumbing and electricity, as well as scavenged computers and monitors from who-knows-where.

*excellent with machines/hacking
*knows her way around the city
*experience fighting Mortix soldiers

*Lack of tact/subterfuge ability (she sucks at lying)
*physically lackluster in terms of strength

Equipment: Mechanic's tools, a cell phone, a couple short metal pipes for conducting electricity into (she can control voltage even without direct contact if she charged the item herself, which allows for delayed detonation/shock

History: The Loxelys used to be one of the big names in Mortix city, owning perhaps the second-highest stake in the metropolis after the Mortixes themselves. When Charlotte's family was forced to give up their investments though (and they did not go quietly as the more fortunate did), they became destitute. Her father was killed by Freya Mortix herself, and her mother died shortly after, presumably by her own hand and out of grief. This left Charlotte to fend for herself for the most part, and she grew up in the slums.

When the Insurrection began, she was one of the first on board, and is now second-in-command of the effort. She fights not for revenge (she hardly knew her parents and doesn't see much point in getting angry about it), but to free the people of the city from the crime that infects it at the hands of Mortix.

So begins...

Charlotte Loxely's Story