Esmeralda Gorri??n de Flores

Life is like a gentle breeze, and I'm just a leaf in the wind.

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a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Basta


Name: Esmeralda Gorrión de Flores
Alias: La Bruja
Age: 27
Gender Female
Affiliation: Free Super

Appearance: La Ropa de La Bruja Hailing from the Gypsy outskirts of a small town in Spain, Esmeralda picked up the burnished bronze skin that made Spaniards famous. Esmeralda inherited her father's height, but her mothers body type, so she appears much taller than an even six foot. Her hands are peppered with scars, as are her feet.

Clothing: Esmeralda dresses in the traditional Gypsy garb, although she prefers shades of green and blue to the traditional red and orange of her hometown. She keeps her hair tied back with a handkerchief, a gift from her mother, and usually is seen in a nice flowy sun-dress. Under her dress she wears a pair of tan capris but never shoes, as they interfere with her ability.

Primary Power: Brujeria. When using her abilities, she can do it one of three ways. Vocally, Kinetically, and Mentally.
  • Kinetic: The safest route for her. Any kinetic movement can be used for her purposes, but she prefers martial arts due to they can be memorized and have inherent offensive capabilities. Because her abilities can fail, knowing martial arts allows her to defend herself should the unexpected happen.
  • Vocal: Spoken cantrips are much more versatile than Kinetic motions. Using one can initiate any number of interesting effects. Changing one's hair color, sending a whisper to someone's ears even though they may be far removed, or dropping a ball of fire into someone's lap.
  • Mental: Using a direct tap into the chaos energy around her, La Bruja can literally will effects into being. This is the most dangerous, however, as one mis-thought or distraction could not only kill her, but also change the desired effect entirely. This technique is used as a last resort when Esmeralda is immobilized and muted.

Secondary Power: La Vista: Esmeralda can see the flows of chaos around her, like clouds of bright blue fog. They are immaterial, and pass through objects. She can block them out, or render them invisible to her, with a pair of blue-tinted spectacles that she keeps on her person at all times.

Personality: Esmeralda is generally a very nice person, raised in a traditional Gypsy home with very strict parents. She has impeccable manners, and never hesitates to apologize for her mistakes (sometimes too much). Most of the time, La Señorita de Flores is a bit timid, but she can be quite fierce if she believes the situation warrants it. She's a fluent Spanish speaker, so occasionally she'll speak to someone in Spanish without realizing it.

  • Great dancer.
  • Capable of handling herself in a fist fight.
  • Good at number crunching.
  • Holds her alcohol well.

  • Due to the chaotic nature of her power, her ability always has an inherent 36% chance to either do nothing or backfire. It's her achilies heel; something that no amount of training can overcome. There is also a 36% chance her ability will have double the expected effect, which can also be a bad thing.
  • Silver makes her nauseous.
  • She's allergic to apples and beets.
  • Phobia of the dark.

Equipment: The only thing Esmeralda keeps on her is a wallet stuffed with bills and her tirando palo or "pulling stick". It is basically a spindle tied to a seven foot cord that Gypsies use to grab things while on the road.

History: Gypsies live a hard life. Nobody wants them in their country, they are forced to change locations daily or be arrested, and the superstitions surrounding them are strong enough that normal people avoid contact with them like the plague. Esmeralda discovered her ability when she was the tender age of nine, when she blew a man to pieces for trying to abduct her. She was trying to push him away, and ended up pumping him full of enough energy that he simply ceased to exist. Her parents were forced to break off from the troupe and raise her alone in the countryside of Spain. When she was seventeen, old enough to be on her own, they put her on a boat to America. Upon arrival, she was immediately scooped up and carted off to some outskirt city where she was treated as a servant for a year. During her servitude, she learned English and how to act around other people. She finally broke out on the anniversary of her capture, and slipped away into the night, only to end up on the streets of Mortix City. She spent the next nine years of her life becoming street savvy, and picked up tools of the trade along the way. She currently owns a knick-knack shop called "La Busca" or "The Search", in which she sells anything from a pretty bauble to an old car part.

On the side, she works as a doctor for the poor who can't afford to go to Mortix run hospitals. She has come to envy Freya Mortix, and all that the woman has accomplished, but swears never to join up with her and her corporation. She's visited once a month by the woman's secretary, who buys tea leaves from her for her boss' tea. Neither knows that the other is a super.

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