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John Maddox

a.k.a. Tank

0 · 276 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Aythr


Name: John Maddox
Alias: Tank
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Insurrection

Appearance: Is a massive individual. He is an excellent physical specimen, with the physique of a body builder. At 6'4 and 250 pounds of muscle, it is easy to see why a lot of people are intimidatd by him. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and very broad facial features, giving him the appearance of Scandinavian descent.

Clothing: John is almost always found in whatever clothes fit, and even then, they tend to be stretched very tight over his frame. He has a leather jacket that matches his build, but otherwise, he doesn't wear much more than standard street clothes. While "on the job," he prefers a simple mask that won't get in his way.

Primary Powers: Density Manipulation

By increasing his density, John can become super-dense, making him nigh invulnerable to physical injury. Because of this increase in density, his whole body becomes a wrecking ball; His strikes have incredible momentum, and it is incredibly hard to stop him when he's moving just because of the sheer amount of energy it takes to get him moving in the first place. When John increases his density, it puts a much greater strain on his heart than average, and if he stays dense for too long, it can cause serious internal injury, including cardiac arrest. He is impervious to almost all physical damage, be it from knives, bullets, massive pressure, explosions and even fire, electricity, and corrosive substances although to a much lesser degree. Though his form is invulnerable, he is still subject to death in the same way any human is; e.g. While super-dense, he could survive the pressure of being a hundred miles beneath the sea, but without air, he would still drown. He is still subject to poison, disease and viruses as well, although without a way to puncture his skin, they would have to be administered orally or inhaled. While resistant to fire, acid, and electricity in his super-dense state, he is not completely immune; a hot enough flame, enough voltage, or a corrosive enough substance can injure him normally.

Secondary Power: Super Strength

As a way to cope with his density manipulation, John has developed super strength, if only to move his body while he is super dense. His muscles have evolved to cope with his density powers, and as such, he is far stronger than the average human, able to lift up to 12 tons when he is super-dense. It is very hard for him to control his strength, especially when super-dense. He normally doesn't mean to kill anybody, but combining his massive strength and the density of his fists, he can easily punch an assailant through a brick wall, a feat that would kill most normal humans.

- Strong sense of justice
- Loyal to his allies
- Very Intimidating
- Incredible determination

- Relatively slow due to his size
- Not very dextrous
- Not the brightest crayon in the box


John is the same way emotionally as he is physically: built like a tank. He always tends to stick to his ideals and back up his friends, and can take almost as much verbal and emotional assault as his body can take physical assault. He generally stern, although it's not very hard to get a smile out of him. The best way to describe his personality is the strong, silent type. Though he is generally slow to react to psychological impacts, making him angry is just about the last thing that anybody wants to do. He tends to crack if the pressure becomes too great, and at that point, he's like a hurricane; The best thing for somebody in his line of sight to do is run, or pray that they can withstand his fury.

He is not a very intelligent person, but prefers it that way, believing that knowing too much can get you into a lot of trouble. All in all, he prefers to be the brawn, and to let somebody else take the spot of the brain.


John doesn't tend to carry a great deal of things with him. At the very most, he usually has a cell phone, a set of keys, and his wallet on his person at any time. As far as weapons are concerned, he doesn't tend to carry them unless somebody forces his to. Even then, he only has a knife and a shotgun. He prefers shotguns, stating that if his aim was as good as his ability to arm wrestle, he would just grab a rifle and stay out of the fight all together.


John has always lived in Mortix City, although he always felt that something was wrong with the place. For a while after he discovered his powers, he was a vigilante, stopping minor crimes on the streets like muggings, murder and rape. It wasn't long before a lot of the Supers he made acquaintance with turned to Mortix for work, completely turning their backs on what he had been fighting against. It didn't take long for even John to figure out that Mortix was to root of all the problems that plagued the city, and he joined The Insurrection to help crush their grasp on his home.

So begins...

John Maddox's Story