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MortixCorp's most twisted experiment to date.

0 · 323 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Aythr


Name: Michael
Alias: Doppelganger, Specimen 32, The Blob, Stretch, Freak
Age: 26
Gender: Technically genderless, but prefers a male body.
Affiliation: MortixCorp.

Appearance: Michael appears to be a young, somewhat effeminate man in his preferred form, his apparent age ranging from 16 to 28. Nothing about his appearance seems to be right at first glance. His colors seem faded or off, as if he were a poor photocopy of a real person. His irises lack color most of the time, giving his eyes an uneasy, inhuman appearance.

Clothing: Due to Michael's powers, he rarely ever wears clothing due to his powers, although he is able to use said powers to appear in whatever clothing that he wishes, normally formal or semi-formal. No matter what clothing his is wearing, however, the colors appear faded or unnatural.

Primary Power: Biological Amorphism

Michael does not have a set biological structure. He can shape himself or any part of himself into whatever shape, color, rigidity, or density that he wishes. This essentially means that he can take any form that he sees or wishes to take. When given a sample of the targets genetic material, he can replicate their physical attributes without having previously seen the person, copying them down to the most minute detail. In this way, Michael can assimilate organic material, slowly breaking it down and absorbing the nutrients not unlike an amoeba; He envelopes his prey and slowly and painfully digests them.

With his amorphous form comes several distinct weaknesses. First and foremost, Michael is highly allergic to radiation. Due to his already unstable genetic structure, Michael cannot sustain his amorphic abilities when in sunlight for very long. The radiation that causes damage over years to a normal human causes mutations and genetic instability in only an hour that even he cannot account for. He tries to avoid light at all costs, but if he is exposed, he must retreat to darkness in short order or else be seriously injured by the radiation.

Though highly resistant to physical blows, Michael has a particular weakness to extreme temperatures. Despite his ability to change his form and composition, he does not seem to be able to make himself immune to fire or extreme cold, and has a weakness to it the same as a normal human no matter what form he is in.

Secondary Power: Regeneration

A secondary benefit of his primary power, Michael's form is able to regenerate from damage to an incredible degree. While exposed to sunlight, this power is useless. Healing from the damage caused to his genetic structure is much more difficult than a regular wound, and Michael must spend a great deal of time recuperating from cellular damage compared to physical damage.

- Strong-Willed
- Intelligent
- Ruthless

- Overconfident
- Cannot resist challenges to prove his own superiority.


Michael is incredibly arrogant and self-centered. His personality is not unlike a spoiled child, and he uses his powers accordingly to get what he wants. He is loyal to Freya for the freedom she gave him, but otherwise only forms alliances with anybody to further his own goals. He will do whatever is necessary to further his goals. He enjoys killing, especially by devouring his prey, because he feels as though his victims have no greater cause than to give him power, sustenance and knowledge. Though Michael is irrevocably evil, he does not cause wanton destruction unless it furthers his own motives. He also tends to find games intriguing, and cannot resist a battle of wits with any who would dare challenge him.


Michael doesn't normally carry anything on him, since his power does not complement anything more than his own body.


For as long as Michael could remember, he had grown up in a sterile laboratory deep underground. He was created in a tube like many of his siblings in Mortix's Genetic Testing Lab, though he was lucky enough to be kept alive due to his unique abilities. Michael grew to resent the scientists that poked and prodded him, his patience and scorn assuring him that they would one day meet their horrible fate. Michael was subject to one experiment after another, day in and day out. They took pieces of him, bathed him in any number of unnamed and untested chemicals. He was kept in tiny room without any windows, and was fed once a day. Day by day, the wrath swelled and festered, until the faithful day that he finally struck.

It was a day like any other when Michael took his revenge. The time had come for his once daily feeding. One of his caregivers slid his tray of food in, allowing his hand too far into the room. Michael immediately wrapped around the hand and quickly enveloped the man's body with his own form, dissolving and devouring the scientist whole and taking his form to escape confinement. It wasn't long before the alerts and sirens went off in the lab as the others discovered that Michael had gotten free. He made it to ground level, though he quickly discovered that the sun could harm him in a way that the scientists could not. His powers began to fail him, and in a couple of hours, he was caught. He was quickly contained and brought back to the lab, but not before the breach of security had reached the ear of Freya Mortix. She decide that there a great number of uses for Michael and his unique abilities, and offered him something that he couldn't resist: Freedom.

Freya's way with words was too enticing to reject, and Michael agreed that freedom in service to Freya was a much better deal than a life confined in a tube in the underground laboratory. He was taken from the lab and was given his own home and company resources. It wasn't long before he felt more than grateful for all she had given him. Over time, he began to realize that either through her powers, or just through all that she had given him, he had fallen in love with the woman. He secretly pined to be with her, and though he tried his best to keep it a secret, his desires were not easily hidden from Freya's abilities.

Michael is unsure whether or not Freya will ever return his undying love for her, but one thing is for certain: Michael would do anything for Freya Mortix.

So begins...

Michael's Story