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"The Enigma"

A hacker genius living on borrowed time, courtesy of MortixCorp

0 · 319 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by A Rubber Chicken


Name: Myrias Wesper

Alias: The Enigma

Age: 95

Gender Male

Affiliation: MortixCorp

Appearance: An outstandingly withered and frail body are the signs of extreme age and a lifetime sat in front of a screen. A whispy, white beard frames his sharp chin and hangs in a scraggly and unkempt bush around his thin lips and below his face, which is almost ebony in colour. This facial hair is whiter than his eyes, which have long since abandoned their youthful gleam, as well as their ability to serve any real purpose. Years of blindness show through in the cloudy, blue, faraway look that focuses on nothing and sees as much.

Long, spindly fingers are the only apparent saviours of the old man, retaining a youthful appearance save for a few scars across the knuckles. While they may appear to be ancient battle scars they are in fact entry points that have many times, and likely will be again, opened during surgery to add yet more metal and wiring into his rhumatistic joints to keep the fingers flowing across his keypad and screen. In fact, there are so many scars littering his body that a brief examination would reveal the truth about him; he is only alive still because of the many implants and artificial aids to his frail organs, yet he will never have the vitality that has been taken away from him.

Clothing: Long red robes adorn his frail body most of the time, covering the many scars caused by countless admittance to surgery, and an orage scarf hangs loosly about his neck. Usually they will trail behind him on the ground but when he takes his seat before the computer they are pulled up to reveal bare feet. He never covers them, preferring to feel the ground beneath his skin, whether it be metal or stone. In actuality, the soles of his feet are probably the most sensitive parts of his body, being the only uncut surface to his memory. A large red turban sits atop his head for both practical and religious purposes. While keeping his hair from getting in the way it is also symbolic in his link to his deity, something which is often frowned upon in an industry where the only God is the mainframe. A red, fabric belt is usually in place too, showing just how thin his frame is beneath the baggy gown, it is drawn around his waist and his hips are forced out and push sickeningly against the material like knives.

Primary Power: Apparatus Imperium, the control of machines. More specifically, the control and utilisation of digital technology: Cameras, security systems and lighting for example. The problem is that the longer and more intensely he uses this power the less time he spends concentrating on his own machinery; the equipment implanted into his body that keeps his heart beating and his lungs breathing. Prolonged use or short bursts on highly complex systems will leave him more than breathless, he will likely pass out shortly after stopping. Further use and his body will give up completely and he will send himself into a coma.

Secondary Power: So long of using the power of digital sight has instilled an ability to passively see through the lens of any video recording device within approximately 30 feet without exhausting his concentration. While it is no substitution for his own sight it has the advantage of being able to see around corners or far into the distance in the correct circumstances.

Personality: As a man who has lived for as long as he has with power bubbling beneath the surface and a vast wealth of knowledge concerning the intricacies and harrowing details of MortixCorp, Myrias is far from the most mentally stable person. What many regard as dementia or pure insanity is only an inability to hold on to useless information. Names of people he has no care for will not be remembered, his memory is far too precious at such an age. Faces too will be forgotten unless they are of importance. True it may be that his mind is not quite as sharp as it once was, he is still an excellent hacker held in high regard. In his youth he was all too often called a genius and while he may have lost some of his faculties he is still far smarter and more able to learn than most people.

Mild and calm at all times, The Enigma practices regular meditation to remain focused and keep his thoughts as sane as possible, though his age is not without it's drawbacks. As smart as he is he suffers from confusion at times and is prone to mistakes regarding who is who and has been known to have what is affectionately known as "Psychotic episodes" in which he attacks any and all around him. Through medication and further meditation he has managed to reduce the frequency of these but there is always a risk and security at MortixCorp knows it.

Despite being a quiet and introvert person he will always speak his mind on any subject put to him and will offer council to those who seek it

Strengths: Superlative hacker. High rank in MortixCorp. Fantastic grasp of complicated concepts, technology and systems.

Weaknesses: Difficulty with mobility and inability to perform any strenuous tasks most of the time. Hard of hearing, distinct lack of sense of smell and taste. Possibly senile.

Equipment: Prayer beads in a pocket.

History: When MortixCorp was first born Myrias was a well known freelance hacker in his mid forties working for obscene sums of money to perform tasks that many believed should never have been performed. He was, and some say still is, a man with no morals. So long as he was with a computer and had access to his files and software he cared for little else, not for people and not for money. All he needed the cash for was to live and keep moving so he'd never be caught. And he never was, not until someone from MortixCorp tracked him down and gave him an ultimatum. There was little choice for him, he was not yet ready for death, and so took a job with a regular salary and a position on the back benches. It wasn't long before he started to like where he was and soon started rising through the ranks despite his age. His power did not shine through until he was first struck with rhumatism.

At the tender age of fifty five he had his first surgery to correct his fingers and became faster than ever before with his skills as a hacker, further sending him spiralling up through the corporation and, eventually, to a very respectable place with direct orders from Freya Mortix, a woman whom he came to idolise and obsess over. What he felt for her was no more love than he could feel love for the inanimate computers he used every hour of the day. It was more of an empathy he had never before encountered, finally meeting someone with a lust for power that surpassed his own. Unfortunately his obsession began taking over his mind and he eventually sought help in the arms of religion, accepting a force above all and finally becoming at peace. It is now his firm belief, and has been for almost eight years, that Freya was sent by the Almighty to bring his rule to the mortal realm.

So begins...

"The Enigma"'s Story