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The Magician

MortixCorp's greatest "fraud".

0 · 462 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Arke


Name: Alex Snyder
Alias: None
Age: 29
Gender Male
Affiliation: MortixCorp
Appearance: The Magician is a lanky, pale man. Standing at a slightly imposing height of 6'5 feet, he downplays his height due to his unkempt appearance. His hair is shaggy and black, often dull and unstyled. The medium-length hair brushes the upper lid of his eyes, which are a striking dark brown. If it weren't for the intense looks he gave off while on the stage and off, he would look like just another civilian. His face is finely sculpted, angular and symmetrical. One of his back molars have been ripped out of his mouth, leaving a very unsightly heal-over of the gum if he cared enough to let you look inside his mouth. His fingers are rather spindly, though most of them seem to have been twisted or broken in some way because none of them point straight forward- but slightly off center. He doesn't look very muscular, nor is he very healthy physically- but he's strong enough to have a basic knowledge of self-defense and his power is usually more than enough to compensate his lack of physical strength.

Primary Power: Sensory Illusions: He can cast a glamor that dulls the senses, leaving it free for him to manipulate to his will. He can make you see rainbows, pots of gold, and unicorns- or something much more dark. It's nearly impossible to tell when you have fallen under his spell, but once broken all the effects vanish immediately. For example- if the Magician creates a wall of fire, and you decide to stick your hand in it, the entire spell itself vanishes. This is because you don't feel flames burning, so you realize this is all just a fraud. Therefore, he keeps the manipulation very, very subtle. A twitch here, and while you're looking in one direction he slips a blade between your ribs. He can control all five senses when a victim is under his glamors. The only way this power can ever directly hurt somebody is if the Magician shows the victim an image so shocking or disturbing the victim suffers cardiac arrest or goes unconscious.
Secondary Power: Weak Precognition: It's an advanced form of Cold Reading. Just a single twitch of the body will alert the Magician to what the move will be, how fast it is, and when it happens. Therefore, he has almost twice as much time to react to something, even being able to dodge gunshots because he learns (in the heat of the moment) when exactly the opponent shall pull the trigger. However, since The Magician is very weak physically, he cannot utilize this skill to hit back, only to escape and dodge. He often uses this to gauge out escape routes- automatically determining how a pursuer will chase him, what will stop his pursuer, and how to throw off his movements. Sometimes he uses this ability to judge how well received his magic tricks are in an audience.


Personality: Very quick witted, show-offy, and for some reason very friendly. Almost creepily so. He likes to dance around with his words, because he likes to keep many things hidden until they're presented in the nature of magic. He likes to show his skill off, and has a strong belief in not mixing magic and his power together- every single one of his magic tricks were not augmented by his powers in the slightest. He is very amiable, often easily engaging in conversations and making friends. However, under this he is almost too laid-back for his own good. He has a bad habit, in his laziness and vanity of underestimating opponents. He has been trying not to do this recently. He likes to smile, he likes to keep his mother happy. Anything regarding magic he will enthusiastically pursue, and despite all this, he seems to be like that eerie doll one keeps in the back of a shop. Staring, smiling, but cold and lifeless. On close inspection of course.

-Very skilled with his wordplay
-A master of Magic, without the use of his powers.
-A great understanding of machinery due to his graduating with a degree in engineering
-Dexterous, knows how to use his hands and body effectively.
-Plans ahead. Very far ahead.

-Physically weak
-Tends to be obsessive with his plans- if it goes awry he's going to be vulnerable
-Doesn't have much of a plan for people who actually can break through his power
-Not very subtle when it comes down to it- after all, he was raised to take the stage as a magician. He is memorable- which means he can be recognized and those who might have dealt with him will know something's up.


Clothing: Most of the time, the Magician is dressed in a neat suit-and-tie set. On stage, he dons the traditional top hat and want, as well as the tailed suit, white gloves, and bow-tie. When not wearing casual clothes, The Magician is often wearing a simple dress shirt, cargo pants with suspenders, and shined dress shoes.

Equipment: Two hidden knives, made of a vibration-based technology that allows it to slice or stab straight through armor. He also wears a ring that turns into a sharp spike when the head is twisted, a canteen on his hip, He carries little else aside from basic essentials in city life- such as his keys, wallet, and contact item.


History: He was adopted by a lonely mother named Hectate, who owned a small wonder-shop. The living conditions weren't pristine, but they were satisfactory and he was fairly happy during his upbringing. Growing up in a wonder shop lead the child to have an unnatural fascination with magic. He devoted himself into learning slight-of-hand tricks, illusions, and gimmicks using few items such as a length of rope or a coin and magnet. As he grew up, many realized the man had a silver tongue, and a wit as sharp as a knife's edge. He became known as the magician by his classmates, and before he graduated high school he was the entertainment during most of his school's drama acts during intermissions. He discovered his power shortly after graduating, performing a slightly difficult trick which involved a soda and coin- and accidentally dropping the coin. In his panic, he picked up the coin and continued- but for some reason the people who watched him didn't seem to notice. Their eyes had clouded over slightly. Mystified, the young man began looking into his powers. It would prove to be unsuccessful until he accidentally let them slip- tricking somebody into thinking that he was a coyote. A representative (who knew of this) from MortixCorp contacted Freya.

When he was brought to her, the Magician was surprised to see the head of Mortix being only a few years older than himself. What happened next was that the woman manipulated him into working for her- or so she claims. Of course, her arguments were very, very persuasive, but the real reason he joined was because he thought it would prove to be interesting. Learning to control his powers was a plus. He didn't buy into all that crap about riches and whatnot, because he and his mother were so used to living in a decent if-small house that they wouldn't know what to do with all the extra money or space anyways. Despite MortixCorp's pay being so high, he decided to work as a Magician as well- performing on stage for the people.

So begins...

The Magician's Story