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Valter de'Forte

The Musician

0 · 516 views · located in Mortix City, USA

a character in “Insurrection”, as played by Arke


Name: Valter de'Forte
Alias: None
Age: 36
Gender Male
Affiliation: MortixCorp

Appearance: The Musician always has an odd appearance, compared to his rival Snyder. His short hair is always slicked in some sort spiked appearance, leaving the smooth dark brown strands either at rest or in the air. Usually, it's in the style of a comb-over, but the cut is projected into the air instead of resting on the side. His eyes are a bright hazel, brimming with a capricious air that is both an unsettling and fitting contrast to his hair. His face is rather round, though his jaw is very angular and square-like with a pair of thin lips that look like it's about ready to break into a smile. His body is thin, but it is muscular. He has several scars around his left leg and side, and his left arm looks rather fake in comparison to the rest of his body- though one can barely tell through his pallid complexion.

Primary Power: Maestro: To begin with, Valter can manipulate the air to play any instrument he wants. The air condenses to resemble a faint, fog-like structure to base his playing off of. While this in itself isn't particularly threatening, what's added is that he can adjust the pitch to a point where it stuns the enemies- or even causes them to go deaf entirely. This is not without backlash, or significant drawbacks. The sharpness on the sound is directly related to how much concentration the Musician has. To completely kill an enemy's hearing he must in the prime form of concentration, and even the deafness will only last a few weeks. Also, powerful sound-killing headphones or gear will completely nullify this ability, though if the Magician's motivated enough he could break it- though that takes (a lot) time and concentration. His power is multidirectional, therefore he could be hiding in a building and one would feel the effects of his power on all sides.

Secondary Power: Song Fighting: When playing a song, Valter can use any song as a unique "combo" when fighting. For example, at the end of a particularly strong group of notes, he can cause a shockwave of varying degree to erupt from his bodice. This is to compensate for his easily beaten sound-based power, and Valter spends more time perfecting this than his primary power. The shockwave strength can range from a punch to the gut or a car slamming into somebody at 80 miles per hour. All over the front of the body.


Personality: Mild-mannered, polite, and efficient, he is what one expects of a musician. He hardly gets angry, but because of his meek nature he's often very quiet. He learned at a younger age to hide this by acting like a passionate player on stage, and to act sociably among peers. He likes to downtone his own ideas, preferring traditional methods or ways of performing tasks. He doesn't like technology too much, and sports a very unreasonable and slightly hypocritical hatred of the Insurrection for his personal reasons. He always seeks to stun his enemies, but for the wrong reasons. He very much likes to see them tortured or punished later.

-Performing (music and otherwise)
-Shooting a gun
-Thinking outside of the box
-Adjusting to a situation (come from years of messing up while playing a song and having to disguise it on the spot)
-Knows how to fight without using his powers

-Constantly worrying about the spottiness of his own powers, results in constant worrying of his partners and friends
-Tends to focus on one enemy at a time
-Willing to fight to the death though it may have been wiser just to pull out (in other words, a stubborn form of hubris).


Clothing: Most of the time he dresses in a nondescript pair of jeans, t-shirt, and hooded sweatshirt of varying colors. When at work, he tends to don a more professional appearance, similar to Snyder but more like a simple white collared shirt and working pants along with a tie. He dresses up in his pianist tuxedo whenever he's about to go on a mission- but the outfit is secretly modified to be much more flexible and built-to-last than most if not all performing clothes. That is, it can withstand small arms fire and resist shrapnel and large arms fire.

Equipment: He always carries a spare pair of white gloves, ammo, a knife strapped to his arm, and a pair of shades.


History: He was a child under adoptive parents. His original parents died due to a unique strain of tuberculosis. He grew up relatively happy, and his life remained unchanged by MortixCorp's takeover of the city. It would have stayed that way, and he might even have joined the Insurrection if his father didn't accept a job offer as one of MortixCorp's many guardsmen. It made decent pay, and the young man was extremely proud of his dad to have him protecting civilian lives. His father was a gentle man, but was willing to take up arms for the security of the city as well as to grant a better style of living for his family.

It all changed when the insurrection decided to begin guerilla tactics. His father reported back home the surprise killings of the guardsmen, and every day Valter would visibly relax when his father came home from his shift. His grades dropped because of the stress, but he was otherwise unaffected-as always. One day, his family received a letter- His father had been killed in a surprise attack by the Insurrection. It was only after he had just begun to discover his powers- and Valter wanted to show his father how he could play whatever he wanted when he had finally mastered it.

His family received his compensation, but for Valter it wasn't over. His mother was killed two years later when a member of Insurrection collapsed a building she was in, killing her amidst the falling debris. The mild-mannered young man developed an irrational hatred for the Insurrection, and the moment he graduated from a University of Music not far away, he enlisted into MortixCorp's guard regiment. Age had not tamed this man's angry quest for vengeance. He was called a hypocrite, blinded by his own hate- but Valter couldn't give less of a shit. Whenever he got his hands on a member of the Insurrection, they'd pay very dearly for disrupting the peace of the city. Very. Very. Dearly.

He is one of the men most notable for inhumane atrocities. One minor member of the Insurrection he managed to capture, he did terrible things to. near the end, Valter deliberately got the man hooked on Dragon Salt, addicting the man to the point where he couldn't even remember his mother's name- much less give any information for MortixCorp to use. He often withheld the man from his dosage, causing him to go into terrible states of withdrawal, eventually killing him by blocking off his airways with the crystals. He no longer cared that his father would not have liked him doing this to fellow human beings- so blinded by hate as he was.

So begins...

Valter de'Forte's Story