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Lord General Marbo Stracken

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a character in “Intergalactic Congress of Worlds”, as played by Skullstuski


Name: Lord General Marbo Stracken Image
Nickname: Ironhand
Regiment: 1st Catachen, posted on Terra
Features : His main feature is his unique Bionics, which now replace the large areas of his body devoured by a Miral Land Shark, which he moments later killed. Straken started out as a common trooper and working his way up through the ranks. His has a long scar on his left eye that runs to his chest.
Rank:Lord General
Mind: Straken has the respect of his regiment due to his prowess in battle, his sound tactical decisions and his refusal to send his troops into pointless conflicts where there little is to be gained. This attitude of logic causes tension when serving alongside regiments from other worlds whose commanders seek victory at any cost.
Saying: Do I have to do everything myself?
I'll show you how to fight the Emperor's enemies like real soldiers.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 115 kg

Weapons : A Chainsword and a plasma pistol
Friends: His regiment
Sexual: Heterosexual
Sex: Male
Likes: Killing drinks and his headset. Plus his squad.

Mental Heath.

Stracken's mental heath is was subject that he does not like to talk about due to the chance of aasassins. As He was promoted he burned of filed the reports about his mental heath in a drawer. Stracken has been classed from men from other regiments as a mad killer from his homeworld of Catachen. Stracken somethings losses his Temper at people if they have been peeing him off for years. This also goes for Family and friends. Stracken has looked for years to find his Family and is now told himself that they are dead. As he worked this out he was putting into a regiment. Most likely because he was drunk one night. Stracken when to an officer school and turned out to be a man with the ability to be a Lieutenant. Stracken saw many men die because of a race called the Serafine. One of the reports state.

Dear Lord Captain.
Your Lieutenant, Marbo Stracken has when under deep thinking straights and we have worked out that your Lieutenant has a lot of Mental health issues that can not be fixed with todays science. I am sorry to imform you of this. The report in closed is the Full report on the Illnesses and health issues.

Captain Grambin James.

As soon as Stracken found out that people were talking about him behind his back he ends up taking a platoon and leaves to the regiment to see the whole regiment together again in 5 years. The regimental Officers were down to Captain Grant Balstone and Stracken. The inclosed report read.

Name: Marbo Hirar Stracken.
/Age: 27 Terran years old.
Classified Rank: Highly Classified.
ImageWe have found that Marbo Stracken has a number of mental health disorders, some of which are, Aspergers and Autism. The report is to say that He is not fit for warfare and must be pulled out as soon as possible.
Mental disorders: Aspergers, and others.

As soon as Stracken found out (ten years later.) He went to his Commander of the whole task force and killed him in the middle of the night. This all happened on a planet called Cadia Prime. Stracken as now been killing people for many years now if they found out about his Bionics or his mental heath.

Stracken's bionics and tablets.

Bionics: Stracken's bionics are a rare sight as he always makes sure that the bionic cover in on. The bionic cover is a skin like substance made with the 3 normal elements and 5 rare elements. Two of these elements are poison to Humans if ate in pure form. If medics find that Stracken needs a new piece in his bionics it can take up to 6 months to get their hands on the chemicals they need so overall about 10 months. His bionics are powered with solar energy this charges a small long life battery in his chest that powers his top half of his heart and the other bionic parts (left arm, right leg and right ear.) These bionics sometimes causes Stracken a deep pain in his head followed by a deep arm in his right arm.

Tablets: Stracken uses tablets/ pills to help control his anger and/or his pain from his bionics (see above). Stracken's live is a though one but the down side to this is that he has to take tablets to keep it healthy as he only drinks tea and Scottish tea (Yes there is a difference.) As Stracken has his own office one of his drawers on the left side has all of the boxes of tablets he needs. Most of these are painkillers and strong sleeping tablets. His medals are a back up of the tablets as each one medal holds three tablets. Stracken has seen many Horrors and demons over the years now and with his aspergers can make him a mad man at times. Stracken now a days has to overdose the sleeping tablets by three just to get a nights sleep and waking up many times in the night.

When ever Stracken is worried in the middle of the night he will go to the court yard and walk round it or run. He dies this about six times a night. Stracken gets worried by Horrors in his dreams and most of his thoughts. Many men from other regiments call him "The worried nightwalker." Stracken tries not to show his feelings to his troopers or anyone but sometimes his Aspergers does not help him. Stracken now struggles to talk to a lot of people due to the fact of what he has been through (see next section.) Stracken sometimes will pull a pistol out to his head and pull the trigger apart from the fact he has a bullet proof steel skull on top of his bone skull.


Stracken as said will get up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams. His dreams are based on his deep past, something he hates talking about thanks to his first and last girlfriend Cliya. Although she was nice to him and listened to him, she had shown Stracken death and fear. Stracken has seen death before but when it was your first last and only girlfriend it means something. Stracken has never really wanted to get together with someone because he us scaried that with his sleep and they would want to kill him rather than go out with him.

Cliya's funeral was one of the worst times in Stracken life as he had to make a big long talk to the people there. The commissars and the priests have tried to help him but he refuses the offer saying that he is trying and that is a start.

So begins...

Lord General Marbo Stracken's Story