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Ellie Basil

The world is shifting underneath us, and I can feel it. Every crack. Can you handle that?

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a character in “Interlude”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Elliegh Michelle Basil


"If you were to take a leap off the Grand Canyon, would you leap forward, knowing the minute you hit those rocks below you're gone, or kick back and enjoy the ride?"

"Easy, I'd kick back, look up and enjoy my free fall."



Elliegh Michelle Basil

El, Ellie, Basil


Love is love

Marked or Unmarked?:
"Surprisingly, Unmarked, I feel really guilty about this... I feel I should be far gone..."
Ellie feels extremely guilty most of the times with others who are marked, she feels that they shouldn't be the ones to suffer.

Enhanced Senses/Skills:
Elliegh was gifted with extreme intelligence: Ellie's ability to comprehend people, maps, equations, computers, is off the charts fast. She doesn't always use this "gift" for good.

Super strength: Elliegh weighs in around 130 pounds, but can lift up to more than double her weight. Not only this, but she has some can climb and jump. She is agile and extremely quick.

Ellie is Hyper Sensitive'': Ellies senses are intense, she is hyper sensitive to touch, sound, alterations in mood, or even physical alterations. This makes her jumpy at times.

Ellie is a telepath: Two of five telepath that survived. Due to this though, she is mute. [Although she is telepathic, this does not mean she can enter just anyones thoughts. She has to be first let in by the person.]
In order to compensate for not being able to enter everyone's minds, she has learned sign language.
Also due to this, she has the ability to push fake memories, or even take away memories, but this isn't something she practices either, she considers that part of her very demonic and evil. She almost denies her ability to do this. She refused to show this in front of doctors, even after threats, verbally and sometimes even physically.
She also has telepathic prediction [The ability to know an opponent's moves and attacks by reading their brain waves].

Distinguishing Marks:
Due to the testing, Ellie's arms are far from clean of any markings. Normally she is wearing a long sleeve shirt, but if not, you can see all the different needle wounds over the years along her arm and you can see where her skin was irritated due to the chemicals being injected into her body. The irritation left many rashes and deep cracks in her arms.
My tattoo that I have on my rib cage - it's of a blue/purple-ish coy fish swimming up my side. it's about the size of my hand. It reminds me to ''just keep swimming''

"My goal in life is to be a wallflower, completely unnoticed as everyone just passes by.

About Me:

Journal Entry: 1


My name is Elliegh Michelle Basil. I am twenty years old... This is my first journal entry...So I guess I'll start from somewhere simple... Where it all began...

I lived in an orphanage up until I was fifteen; I remember the day the Interlude Recruiters came in, searching for those certain few children who seemed sturdy enough to withstand early testing. This normally was based on physical stature, personality -- if you were a leader or not, how bendable you were --, and of course your immunity levels [which in the orphanage, our immunity levels were tested each month.]

I was one of the lucky ones... My immunity level was high, and apparently, according to the Interlude Recruiters, I made a fine test subject... Meaning, I didn't scream, hiss, or make a fit. I had been selected for a test case study, put in a group of five others around my age. I remember being taken away in a huge black SUV, watching the orphanage shrink in the distance behind me.

Interlude's facilities were brutal, cruel...Our group was shoved into a room in the back far away from all the other test subjects, and then the fun began, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday were testing days. Saturday were the physical tests...

I vaguely remember about what happened next, a mix of drugs, immense pain, and a psychological tear prevents me from thinking further into those years. I do remember one thing... the one thing that changed me as a person...

When I was sixteen they tried a new drug on me. It was supposed to improve my intelligence and basically just make my brain function at extremely high frequencies. Luckily, it worked, but something went wrong at the same time, which always seems to be the case in messing with nature... give and take... I was fine...Just... different, my voice was gone, and suddenly I could do just more than jumping to extreme heights, and throw a table. I could push through thoughts, every memory anyone ever had I could bring up..Make them relive it. Make them feel it... The Doctors of course realized this immediately and were fascinated by it. They saw me as their accomplishment, not as a person... They never even explained to me exactly what happened, just kind of kept me in the back room where no one could touch me... This...Of course taught me to fear almost anything, they treated me as fragile, and so I was under the conclusion that people were bad, and having no contact was better than having a little... They marked me as a "partial failure", and since I have no tracked family members, they have all the rights to keep me here...

You know... Now that I think about it, so many people would take advantage of my power...But I see it as a curse... I have to invade peoples thoughts to voice my own... It seems intrusive... I like to be alone. Do my own thing... But I don't mind others, it's just... I feel like others are weirded out by me, so I kind of exclude myself...

I find comfort in drawing, writing, poetry, music -- especially my guitar -- and a good meditation session. I also love to learn, and I am constantly observing and learning... It's almost a curse, it's hard to sleep with a brain that rarely shuts off....


"Things I'm Learning:
"you are allowed to terminate toxic relationships

you are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you

you are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving

you don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself."


Being alone.
People watching.
A good book.
Smoking... Don't remind me of this horrible habit... It's...a stress reliever.
Herbal teas
Her dog Ayden - When she was seventeen she convinced one of the scientists to let her keep a dog, since she had no family and no real friends to speak to, minus those around the facility she was allowed to wander. Ayden is a husky/wolf mix, with bright blue eyes and dark brown and white fur. He is her best friend, and she would never trade him for anything because she can communicate telepathically with Ayden and she doesn't feel like she's intruding his mind at all. She feels accepted by Ayden.

Two-Faced people.
Those who are narrow minded
Lack of intelligence.
Someone who bashes on others without knowing their story.
Those who have no personal boundaries set.
Spiders - I know they are harmless... but there's something about the eight legs...

Well, let's just say that fear is the only reason I'm still alive. I fear everything... But... I know that what I love is greater than what I fear.

I don't know if this counts but I can eat a whole lot of food...That's a skill, right?

  • Ellie is very Perceptive: Ellie can look around a room and know the good, the bad, and the neutral people. She can almost always tell someone's intentions from the start.
  • She works quickly with technology
  • She is very nurturing
  • Writing and drawing: Since Elliegh is a mute, she finds writing and drawing to be a great outlet when she is feeling upset.
  • She can play the guitar pretty well

  • Elliegh is a mute: She cannot speak, only through telepathy, and that is if someone is willing to listen and let her in.
  • If she pushes her telepathy too far, she becomes exhausted and runs out of energy quickly, which can result in her sleeping for a few days, and may result into weeks.
  • Since Ellie was selected for confidential testing, she was locked with five others for only five years, so her social skills aren't the brightest.. She gets frustrated easily and is hard to follow emotionally at times.
  • Ellie has a terribly low tolerance for stupidity, or those who aren't willing to put their thoughts aside to just listen.
  • Although Ellie is smart, she is a terrible cook, but loves to eat.
  • Ellie was sheltered from a lot of things during her youth and during her expiriment years, she was kept inside facility boundaries only associating with others were were being tested on or were being treated for the Mark.

Character Relationship Thread


Bray Sanders:

Sam Easton:
I like Sammy, we have become friends over the past few years, and I guess since I'm a bit older I've taken a nurture standpoint in our friendship. We are both natural born listeners, which makes us great friends.

So begins...

Ellie Basil's Story