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Samantha Easton

We don't have a lot of time left, so I feel powerless.

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a character in “Interlude”, as played by **Ava**



Samantha Rackel Easton
Sam or Sammy
Marked or Unmarked?:
How Long Do They Have Left:
18 days
Enhanced Senses/Skills:
Speed - Sight - Intelligence - hearing


Likes: Image
music - peace and quiet - deep thinking - chocolate covered cherries - listening - dressing up - talking - nail polish
jeans - knotty hair - immensely bright lights - nails on a chalk board - being cold
Blood - suffocation - humiliation - death - dying alone
untying knots - quick thinking - listening - organization - confidence -
lying - staying calm -

Distinguishing Marks:
The Mark is located vertically on her left collarbone


Samantha is crazy. Good crazy. She giggles, all the time. She's flirty, she's sweet. Even when going into the cruel world of testing she still seemed to hold a grin. Her personality shines through all else and could even cheer up the less then kind people she came in contact with while in the lab. It wasn't until four years into testing (age 17) that the scientists began to find noticeably different results in the way Sam's brain began to react to different situations. She had been hooked up to a machine, the one she was in daily and it was a Friday (as she recalls) the scientists had been lazy, bored, and tired. So they began simply fooling around with her poor little brain. After a risky clicks to a few important buttons, her brain was transformed. The next day, during her check up time, (in which she went over complex logic problems with a mathematics scholars or chemists) they noticed Samantha was completing the problems twice as fast as the day before. That night she was drugged and sent to a different location and couldn't recall a single moment from that night, until a week later. Only to be declared a failure several months after that experience. Feeling violated Sam dropped her personality in front of the scientists and only brings it back in front of the others that are like her. When she found out just exactly what the mark on her collarbone meant she was sincerely upset and wished to do anything to prolong her life. Thoughts has instantly came to her mind about how she would never get married, never date, never go back to school. And frankly it was a waste she would die. Her mind was in fact brilliant. Why weren't the scientists concerned?
ImageSamantha would like to believe that her best skill in life is logic. She's a very good thinker and could solve any riddle you throw her way. Apart from being very logically smart Sam is...say, a social butterfly. She loves talking to people, discovering them. Samantha has always felt more comfortable around people if she understands them and their personality. She is completely fine with introducing herself though, and isn't afraid to start a conversation. Samantha doesn't have a best friend but she would really really like one, someone she can always talk too. whether it be about boys, clothes, nail polish, or more serious things like being parent-less or having not a nickel nothing to her name.
Samantha was born in Stratford Upon Avon, in England. She grew up moving between her mother's house and grandma's house. Going from the city to the country side weekly. The girl was an only child and in the care of her grandmother more times then not, she was left alone to read all books of every kind. So her mind expanded greatly over her elementary school years and by the time she turned twelve and was forced to undergo experiments, she was quite the little genius. The people who began testing her saw her talent for things like memorization, and quick thinking. So from the young age of 13 Samantha was then on only tested one for her brain. This left little damage to her body physically, but left many mental scars for example, nightmares that constantly wake her up, random mental blocks, dizziness, and sharp painful headaches.
Her Grandmother had been to old to go into testing and her mother had fled without her in fear, though Samantha constantly wondered if her mother had been able to hide from them, or if she had been found and taken to testing. Samantha's mother had been no good anyways. She'd stay out to late every night, sleep away from home to often, drank one to many drinks and that's why Samantha was sent to live with her grandmother for the majority of her younger years. Sam's grandmother was a kind lady and would usually just leave the small girl alone to do as she pleased. She fed her well, took her to school and was heart broken when Samantha was taken away from her. Samantha never fully new how to take care of herself, though that's how it was going to be from then on.


Nothing for now.


So begins...

Samantha Easton's Story