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International Olympic Academy

International Olympic Academy


Welcome to The International Olympic Academy, where we grabbed all the extremely talented athletes from around the globe and shoved them all in to one school. Great idea, right?

2,071 readers have visited International Olympic Academy since Not that awesome created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:




In a beautiful and secluded corner of Greece, in the north-west of Peloponnese, there is a mass of tumbled columns and marble blocks on a little plain at the junction of two rivers. It is difficult to imagine that this dilapidated sight is Olympia, which gave its name to the Olympic Games where 2,500 years ago the Greeks gathered to see their best athletes contend for the most coveted prize of all - a crown of wild olive leaves. Though there may be a kernel of truth in the numerous legends of how and when did the idea of the great international athletic meeting arise, the origin of the Games could not be traced further back than the year 776 BC, but they had almost certainly been started much earlier than that.The original laws of the festival decreed that it was to take place every four years at the first full moon after the summer solstice- which period was termed " an Olympiad" in the ancient Greek Calendar.

We can now gaze with awe on the scattered remains, where once were celebrated the virtues of courage, physical skill and beauty of form, in a setting of surpassing splendour, where for a time, all too brief, there reigned among the quarrelsome city-states that concord which, if they had been able to preserve it, might have saved their incomparable civilisation. It was not until the nineteenth century that French and German archaeologists unearthed some of the ancient Olympic treasures. Their finds and the precepts of the great Dr. Thomas Arnold of Rugby emphasizing the value of sport for educational purposes' inspired a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, to attempt a renaissance of the classic Olympic Games. He campaigned for years to prove to the world that the Olympics, if revived, would benefit mankind. After all, had not Greek civilisation reached its peak after the Olympics were introduced. With great skill and tenacity the Frenchman piloted his project to realisation. The first of the modern series of Games was held in 1896 at Athens. Only thirteen nations took part, though few of them sent representative teams.

Now, though, the Olympics is a recognized event. Two hundred and fifty nations competed in the London 2012 Summer games. There was 9.6 million tickets on sale. Nowadays, the Olympics is the most decorated sports event throughout the entirety of the globe, bringing nations together in victory and, unfortunately, defeat.


أهلاً و سهلاً! // Welkom! // Willkommen! // Bienvenue! // ようこそ // Добро пожаловать! // Benvenuto! //


On an Island somewhere in the Pacific , the only civilization you will find is a large plethora of buildings about the size of a city. The buildings encompass aboutImage
the whole island, leaving only a pocket of rainforest at the rim of it. Look further, and you will discover numerous stadiums, swimming pools, ice rinks, running tracks and velodromes. You'll also find, at one side of the island- cafes, stores, parks, bistros and cobblestone streets. To your delight, at the very southern tip of the small island is a theme park complete with thrilling rollercoasters, waterslides and many other indulgences. Congratulations, stranger. You've made it to Coubertin Island- The International Olympic Academy resides here.

After the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, the International Olympic Committee realized they had to do something, and something fast. The games consisted of two assualts, several dozen word spats between the athletes, fierce rivalries and more tension in the air than ever before. Also, the number of young competitors had gone down considerably. They all met for some ideas, and one of the directors who went by the name of Gary Lopez- His colleges, in jest and behind his back nicknamed him 'Mental Gary'- suggested an absurd idea. What if, instead of the talented young athletes competing only within their country- and the young athletes having to balance school work, training and a social life- they could all train together and go to one school? Then they would raise a generation of athletes that had healthy competition with eachother, but also knew one another and the tension would be gone. Crazy, I know, but somehow his colleagues thought that this was actually a pretty good idea. And so, the International Olympic Academy was born. Gary and his team scouted the most talented athletes from every corner of the globe, and all of them are crammed into the academy.

Currently, the year is 2019 and the academy is still going strong. In recent years, winter sports have been allowed into the academy. But, one thing the creators didn't count on is that yes, country barriers will be broken, but one thing Gary cannot stop is cliques. A tragedy, really ― how quick humanity is to cut away pieces of themselves, constantly editing and changing who they are to fit in. Our need to belong is both our greatest strength and most obvious weakness. For students at IOA, nothing is taken advantage of more than their desire to be accepted; to find common ground in a society that sees adolescence as little more than an inconvenience on the way to adulthood. It’s no wonder then, that the social hierarchy has been around longer than most care to remember. As prevalent in this generation as it was so many decades ago, the clique system adapted with the change of times ― names, faces, even rankings almost redesigned for each new era.
“What could possibly go wrong” ― the golden question, the one question on everyone’s mind as the student body sectioned off. They had been quick to form friendships with others who shared common interests and, fulfilling the oldest of clichés, it was a success. A circle of friends, a place to crash whenever, a guaranteed seat at lunch ― the hierarchy offered all that and more. However, like most good intentions, things went awry. What started out as a way to bring individuals together developed into a great divide, most content to associate only with those in their clique. It was no longer just about that sense of belonging. In the years that followed, it twisted into a silent competition ― each group passive-aggressively vying to one-up the other and almost always meeting opposition along the way. Yes, some students are here purely for sport and only focus on it, but hey, teenagers will be teenagers, and one thing teenagers do best is leaving other teenagers out. One of the key things that the Academy is both famed and feared for is the clique based hierarchy that the students themselves have created, causing rifts and rivalries in what was once quite a wholesome student body. The cliques are the only thing that keeps the gossip flowing and the cat-fights starting and they are what will determine your entire experience. It’s safe to assume that no matter where your loyalties lie, you will always be targeted by someone. Although the cliques themselves promote a family feel, this only applies for the one that you belong to. More often than not, secrets will begin to start slipping, and it’s up to your clique to protect it’s members - because who wants a bad reputation? No one.

Here at The International Olympic Academy, you can never be too careful, because there will always be someone watching from the wings, just waiting to tear you down.

Without knowing, though, Gary created a competition within The Academy which could mess up the precious clique system, create more gossip and even forge new relationships. Gary created his own personal games called 'IOA Games' You are in random teams of 4, and most likely from different sports. The winners get thousands of dollars extra funding and tons more private lessons-and glory, glory as well. All athletes like glory. I mean, what is an Olympic medal worth besides it?

Finally, to add to the ever growing amount of drama, a website exists in which students confess about others anonymously. The website has made numerous students consider leaving, although most regard it as a mere annoyance.

I mean, everyone is here because of their passion for sport, right?


The academies crème de la crème ― most either want to be with them or, well, be them. On this campus, no one is admired, envied, and feared more than the A-Listers. At the very top of the social food chain, they redefine what it means to be popular with their disarming smiles and convoluted schemes. A-Listers are the students who set the trends, get exclusive invites to the hottest parties, and deem who’s in and who’s out ― all the while keeping their reputations perfectly pristine. Usually the ones you’ll see on the cover of nerwspapers. Beautiful, powerful, and often filthy rich, the A-Listers are on top for a reason ― and they’re definitely not the type that let you forget it. But, one thing they have to remember- in sports, everyone loves the underdog, not the arrogant prick.

Female 1
(The ‘it’ girl)
|| Nina Dobrev || Gymnastics || Russia || Reserved
Best friends with Barbara Palvin FC, Ex-girlfriend to Alex Pettyfer FC, Has a crush on Hunter Parrish FC after a one night stand, Despises Freya Mavor FC because they used to be friends and she left her.

Female 2
(The second in command)
[second name Bones]|| Barbara Palvin || Tennis || USA || Reserved
Best friends with Nina Dobrev FC, Starting to become best friends with Sasha Pieterse FC, Is in a relationship with Tyler Posey FC even though he’s a lower social status than her, sisters with Jacob Artist FC.

Female 3
(The ‘New Girl’)
Starting to become best friends with Barbara Palvin FC, Is a little overwhelmed/scared of Nina Dobrev FC, Sisterly/brotherly relationship with Jacob Artist FC, has feelings for Alex Pettyfer FC, likes Zoe Sugg FC.
|| Sasha Pieterse || Equestrian || Namibia || Reserved

Male 1
(The Funny Guy)
Best friends with Landon Liboiron FC and Alex Pettyfer FC, is a little tired of Nina Dobrev FC, brother to Barbara Palvin FC, Sisterly/brotherly relationship with Sasha Pieterse FC.
[second name Bones]|| Jacob Artist || Athletics || USA || Open

Male 2
(The Mysterious One)
Best friends with Jacob Artist FC, dislikes Nina Dobrev FC, Is wary of Sasha Pieterse FC, Crush on Barbara Palvin FC but thinks it would be weird to go out with his best friend’s sister.
|| Landon Liboiron || Swimming || Canada || Open

Male 3
(The Royalty)
Thinking about leaving the clique, was in the Who clique before the school found out he was royalty, likes Jacob Artist FC, Wants to be friends with Dylan O’ Brien FC again but is afraid to leave the clique, is being blackmailed by Nina Dobrev FC because when they were dating he told her a secret.
|| Alex Pettyfer || Tennis || Switzerland || Open



Got a secret? nothing these students don’t already know ― or at least twisted into some sick rumor for their entertainment. They rule the gossip scene with their hushed whispers and devious minds. With anonymous informants and connections to those at the very heart of the school’s infamous rumor mill, the queens aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty ― especially if it adds to their own personal gain. Why so vindictive, you ask? It’s simple, really. They want in ― membership into the coveted Legacy clique is what most in this group desire ― and they’ll use any means to claw their way to the top.

Female 4
(The Gossip Queen)
|| Candice Accola || Tennis || Monaco || Open
Secretly hates Selena Gomez FC, Best friends with Thatsojack FC, likes Nina Dobrev FC, despises Sasha Pieterse FC for joining the A-listers clique so quickly, secretly dating Cara Delevigne FC.

Female 5
(The Bitch)
Despises Candice Accola FC and wishes to ‘overthrow’ her, dislikes Cara Delevigne FC, likes Thatsojack FC, Is acquaintances with Nina Dobrev FC.
|| Selena Gomez || Gymnastics || Mexico || Open

Female 6
(The Tomboy)
Secretly dating Candice Accola FC but wants to make their relationship public, likes Thatsojack FC, Hates Selena Gomez FC and is quite open about it to everyone but her, dislikes Nina Dobrev FC.
|| Cara Delevigne || Archery || UK || Reserved

Male 4
(The Sassy one)
Is best friends with Candice Accola FC, friends with Cara Delevigne FC and is beginning to pick up on their secret, constantly flirting with everyone, hates Selena Gomez FC.
|| Thatsojack || Equestrian || USA || Open

“A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”- This quote is true for the snowbunnies clique at the academy. It is one of the largest and most diverse cliques as they will accept anyone who competes in winter sports. They are one of the more relaxed cliques, although they are still often caught up in drama. The figure skaters are usually found discussing costumes and makeup options, the snowboarders and skiers found discussing tricks and the ice hockey players are almost always found with their hockey sticks in their hands. They are probably second after the populars- the hierarchy is only just starting to get used to them. You’ll find tons of Snowbunnies around the five ice rinks and three artificial slopes around campus.

Female 7
(The Feisty One)
Best friends with most of the clique, dislikes Nina Dobrev FC, Hates Selena Gomez and Candice Accola FC, is okay with Thatsojack FC, has a major crush on Tyler Posey, and is jealous of Barbara Palvin FC (his girlfriend)
|| Seychelle Gabriel || Snowboarding || Venezuela || Open

Female 8
(The Sweetheart)
Best friends with most of the clique, especially close with Meredith Foster FC, likes Ash Stymest FC but he seems a bit ‘hardcore’ for her, tries to stay out of the way of Nina Dobrev FC, Selena Gomez FC and Candice Accola FC.
|| Zoe Sugg || Figure Skating [solo] || UK || Reserved
Female 9
(The Girly Girl)
Best friends with most of the clique, especially close with Zoe Sugg FC. Partnered with Choi Minho FC and is in a relationship with him. Dislikes Candice Accola FC because she spread a rumor about her that wasn’t true.
|| Meredith Foster || Figure Skating [pairs] || Denmark || Reserved

Male 5
(The Blogger)
Best friends with most of the clique. In a relationship with Meredith Foster FC. Many find him cute, even Nina Dobrev FC, although this is purely platonic.
|| Choi Minho || Figure Skating [pairs] || Japan || Open

Male 6
(The Ball Of Energy)
Best friends with most of the clique, although is extremely close with Logan Lerman FC, as they were childhood friends and grew up together snowboarding. He has talked to Lucy Hale FC a couple times and is starting to get feelings for her.
|| Mark McMorris || Snowboarding || Canada || Taken by Not That Awesome

Male 7
(The Dorky One)
Best friends with most of the clique, but especially Seychelle Gabriel FC. He doesn’t know she has a crush on him. Dating Barbara Palvin FC. Likes Caspar Lee FC.
|| Tyler Posey || Ice Hockey || USA || Open

Male 8
(The Flower Child)
Best friends with most of the clique, although is extremely close with Mark McMorris FC, as they were childhood friends and grew up together snowboarding. Is locker neighbours with Dylan O’ Brien FC and they have become acquaintances. Had a quick hookup with Freya Mavor FC.
|| Logan Lerman || Snowboarding || Canada || Reserved

Male 9
(The Joker // The Good Twin)
Best friends with most of the clique. Twin with other Calum Hood FC. Snowboards with Mark McMorris FC and Logan Lerman FC.
Shore twin one|| Calum Hood || Snowboarding || Australia|| Open

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! Alright, alright ― so maybe that statement’s a gross exaggeration but, hey, can you blame us? If you’re not wary of this clique, well, let’s just say ― you really should be. They don’t give a damn about what you think of them, as long as you are thinking of them. It’s the girl you make eye contact with from across the hall, her hips sashaying to a tantalizing rhythm as she approaches. It’s the boy who sends shivers down your spine, strong hands teasingly moving upward as he whispers dirty secrets in your ear. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who it is. All it takes is that one undeniably sexy smile, two hands on the small of your back, three steps down the hall to the janitor’s closet ― and you’re a goner. This crowd never fails to keep themselves satisfied, luring others into a game of cat and mouse for the sole purpose of fulfilling their own carnal needs. Perhaps the only thing they do more than, well, their peers is ― party; in ways that would have Mother Teresa rolling in her grave. Undisputed party animals that use little discretion, the Animals’ are the academies hot messes and everyone knows it. They are usually the ones hosting the parties, though, so unless you want to be bored and alone while a great party is going on, don’t get on the wrong side of them.

Female 11
(The Ex-It Girl)
Close friends with Ailee FC, enemies with Nina Dobrev FC after they fell out and she left the clique. Had a quick hookup with Logan Lerman FC, and has feelings for him, but she hides them and still goes off with others.
|| Freya Mavor || BMX || UK [Scotland] || Reserved

Female 12
(The Pageant Queen)
Close friends with Freya Mavor FC, friends with Francisco Lachowski FC. Plays tennis with Barbara Palvin FC, and has a kind of flirty relationship with Josh Hutcherson FC, although she doesn't like him in that way.
|| Ailee || Tennis || S. Korea || Reserved

Male 10
(The Smooth Guy)
Best friends with Hunter Parrish FC, knows Nina Dobrev FC's has a crush on him. Probably the one in the group that has the most one night stands, due to his smooth talking.
|| Francisco Lachowski || Soccer/Football || Brazil || Reserved

Male 11
(The Blonde)
Is oblivious to Nina Dobrev FC's advances, best friends with Francisco Lachowski FC. His dad knows Andy Lopez, so he is one of his favourites.
|| Hunter Parrish || Swimming || South Africa || Open

Male 12
(The Falsely Cute One // The ‘Bad’ Twin)
Twins with other Calum Hood FC, and hates getting compared to him. Best friends with Ash Stymest FC, hates Nina Dobrev FC because she bitch-slapped him once.
|| Calum Hood || BMX || Australia || Open

Male 13
(The Punk)
|| Ash Stymest || BMX || France || Open
Best friends with second Calum Hood FC, has a slight crush on Zoe Sugg FC but worries it will damage his 'reputation'. Hates Nina Dobrev FC because she bitch-slapped second Calum Hood FC.

Just as the name suggests, this Clique is not one of the more popular ones at the academy. Actually, to put it bluntly- they are the least popular. They take their place right above the absolute and utter loners. The whos know their place, usually, and often tend to keep out of drama, preferring to listen in. I mean, they will be there when the drama is exploding, just- out of the way. The whos this year are proving to be different though. They are still on the bottom of the theoretical social pyramid, yes, but somehow the whos are getting tangled up in the web of drama and gossip at the academy. The whos, this year at least, are climbing. Infamously.

Female 13
(The Fan Girl)
Lily Collins FC is best friends with both of her clique members, Dylan O' Brien FC and Josh Hutcherson FC. Sometimes talks to Mark McMorris FC, and they are slowly becoming friends, maybe more.
|| Lily Collins || Australia || Swimming || Reserved
Male 14
(The Sarcastic One)
Was best friends with Alex Pettyfer FC until it was found out he was royal, and then he joined the a-listers clique. Sometimes they talk, although he is a little annoyed with him.
|| Dylan O' Brien || Diving || USA || Open

Male 15
(The Daredevil)
Has a crush on Spencer Locke FC although she sometimes is a bit too full-on for him, with her drama queen tendencies. Has a kind of flirty relationship with Ailee FC, although he doesn't actually like her.
|| Josh Hutcherson || Judo||Canada|| Open#

Headmaster // General Training Teacher

Andy Lopez || Ryan Gosling || Headmaster//General Sports Teacher || Taken by me

More to be added if the request is high enough[/size]


Activity is crucial ― I really cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen a handful of quality roleplays die due to inactivity and I don’t want that happening here. This site, admittedly, has a slight problem with activity, but I promise I’ll try my hardest to keep this open. Please don’t join this half-heartedly, because if you reserve and just disappear I will reopen the character in a flash. There’s nothing worse than a dead roleplay- I mean, the possiblites! *sobs*. If you can’t be on for whatever reason, please notify me in the OOC. I understand that, as GM, I set an example when it comes to activity; however, I really don’t want you relying on my posts 24/7. If you are inactive for 4 days without letting me know, please note that I will PM you vigorously. If I get no reply, bada bing bada boom- reopened character.

Nobody likes to be left out, right? Try to reach out to as many people as you can when it comes to plotting. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, sonny! Roleplays are all about character interaction and, hey, you might even surprise yourself with how it all turns out. Character development gets a major thumbs up from me. If you’ve got any significant plots in mind ― major drama, proposals, character death ― make sure to run it by me first. GM stamp of approval and all that.
Okay, I know not everyone is going to come up with some JK Rowling type characterisation, but please, for the love of God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever you believe in please please be literate. I’m most likely to accept interesting, flawed characters over the typical ‘bitch with no reason to be bitchy but runs the school motherfucka’ trope. Okay, just because I labelled the characters with labels like ‘The Bitch’ does not mean I want characters without a cause. If that’s too hard- just think of it like this. Why is she a bitch? Attention? Most likely. Build on that. I want some flawesome characters up in here.

This role play may contain content such as alcohol, drug use, self-harm, swearing, AND potentially eating disorders and the like. If you are uncomfortable with any of these, please do not apply.

Please, please, please do. This is a school, remember, and this school especially thrives on gossip. If you have any ideas, please run it by me. Most likely I’ll except. To whoever/if ever someone plays anyiyou are welcome to generate as much rumors- be them true or complete utter rubbish- as your heart desires.

Run these through me, and everything will be set. I will warn you though, I’ve got a party already set up for the start of term. These parties are outlawed in the school, though, so it is kept very hush hush around the teachers

The students can be aged 16-18. Also- if your character is from, say, Russia, I don’t want a name like Lizzy Smith. Think more Natalya Plushenko. If you think the name is too long, nickname them! C’mon guys, it takes one google search. Also, my favourite name site is here if you are really struggling.

Okay people. Just because I wrote up some character relationships, does not mean you can have none with anyone else or change them. With just a quick PM or message, you can change, although I may be reluctant or decline. When some of the characters come in, I will probably create a relationship thread and I encourage you to private message eachother when that time comes.

There is a trip planned for the theme park (the only part of the island open to civilians and separate from the IOA) in the near future. Other trips are TBC.

We all come to roleplaying the escape the struggles of life, so sit back, let loose, eat a metaphorical cupcake and have a ball!

Code: Select all
[center][font=garamond][size=90][center][img]insert-fontmeme-link-here [/img]
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]fontmeme saying ‘basics’[/img] hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[i][size=150]quote or song lyric[/size][/i]
[left][img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img][/left]
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
{This relates to your characters country. For example, if your character was from France or Monaco, they could be called something along the lines of Léon Devereux. Likewise, if your character was from the UK, USA, Canada or Australia, the name could be Ryan Scott.}
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
{This includes names they are taunted with, by the way.}
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
{Sixteen to eighteen}
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
[b]Country of Birth:[/b]
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
[i]"Character speaking goes here"[/i]
{This is on the main, just above the GIF. Some examples are- the royalty, the sarcastic one, or the sassy one.}

[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]Fontmeme saying ‘Statistics’[hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[i][size=150]quote or song lyric [/size][/i]
[right][img]picture or gif [/img]
[img]picture or gif [/img]
[img]picture or gif [/img]
[img]picture or gif [/img][/right]
[b]Basic Physical Appearance:[/b]
{About two paragraphs, but the bare minimum is maybe one and a half}
[b]Highest score in their chosen sport:[/b]
{You might have to research this. If your character plays a team sport, it could be the most amount of goals scored in a game. No ridiculously high numbers please. Also, if I generalised the sport your character specialises in- I most likely did- choose one element. For example, if I simply said ‘snowboarding’ there is still many sports to choose out of that- slopestyle, border cross, the list goes on.}
[b]Strong Points:[/b]

[b]Weak Points:[/b]

                [hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]Fontmeme saying ‘ Who are you?’[/img][/b][/color][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[i][size=150]quote or song lyric [/size][/i]
                [right][img]picture or gif [/img]
                [img]picture or gif [/img]
                [img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
/add more accordingly
{Okay, here’s where I get serious. I want at least three paragraphs, minimum. Try to explain every detail of personality you can think of. I want to feel as if I know the character, as if I’m in their head. Give them flaws- insecurity, wrath, self-consciousness, anxiety, paranoia- seriously, the list is endless. Try and make them really interesting, with a defining trait like ‘sometimes she thinks she’s dead’ or ‘She hates all green eyed people. Something to make your character stand out.}
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][img]Fontmeme saying 'Biography'[/img][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[i][size=150]quote or song lyric [/size][/i]
[right][img]picture or gif [/img]
                [img]picture or gif [/img]
                [img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
[img]picture or gif[/img]
/add more accordingly
                [b]Personal History:[/b]
{Same thing. At least three paragraphs, minimum, no exceptions. Everyone has a history, and probably at least one thing tragic has happened to everyone. If you want to give them a tortured past, go ahead, but don’t take it too far or your character could seem forced or mary-sue-ish}

[b]History of their Sports Career:[/b]
{Maybe one to two paragraphs about how they got into the sport, etc.}


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Character Portrait: Colby Scamurra
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Character Portrait: Alexandra Robinson
Alexandra Robinson

"I'd rather just be myself than try to be something I'm not."

Character Portrait: Colby Scamurra
Colby Scamurra

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."


Character Portrait: Colby Scamurra
Colby Scamurra

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

Character Portrait: Alexandra Robinson
Alexandra Robinson

"I'd rather just be myself than try to be something I'm not."

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Character Portrait: Colby Scamurra
Colby Scamurra

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

Character Portrait: Alexandra Robinson
Alexandra Robinson

"I'd rather just be myself than try to be something I'm not."

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