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Alexandra Robinson

"I'd rather just be myself than try to be something I'm not."

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a character in “International Olympic Academy”, as played by Zoey26123




"The best and most beautiful things in the world are found within the heart." ~Helen Keller

Name: Alexandra Kate Robinson
"I like my name, it's unique to me in it's own way."

Nickname: Alex, Kate, and or Blue
"I don't mind if people call me by Alex, Kate, or Blue."

Age: 17

Sport: Swimming
"I've always loved the water, it's like a second home."

Country of Birth: Australia
"Wouldn't want to be anything else."

Label: The Musical one
"It helps in ever situation."


"Believe you can and you're half way there." ~Theodore Roosevelt


Basic Physical Appearance:
Alex is somewhat short compared to her family at 5'8". Alex naturally has brown hair that is curly and comes down to the middle of her back. She almost always wears it down except for when she swims for practice or competition. Alex's hair has a blue streak she had put in when she was going to the Olympics the first time. She had wanted to get something of her country and decided a blue streak would suit her needs and was fun. Alex has a lean frame that is muscular thanks to her training and working hard to stay fit.

Alex doesn't diet though she does watch what she eats so she doesn't eat terribly. Alex stays slim and doesn't seem to grow much when she tries to see a sign of it. Alex has brown eyes and long eyelashes. Her nose is small as are her lips though she doesn't mind. Alex hardly ever wears make up for she doesn't like the feeling on her face. She doesn't have much of a figure though she has been able to pull it off at special events thanks to her older sister's advice and help.

Highest score in their chosen sport:
Alex was ranked number three in Australia around the age of thirteen for her division during the 100 and 200 meter backstroke. Alex has always worked very hard and tried for the Olympic team as soon as she was eligible according to her coach and the rules. Alex won second in the World Junior Swimming competition making her train even harder and coming back the next year to get first.

Strong Points:
Alex is very strong in her distance swims, capable of doing the women's marathon even. Alex is also very capable in doing the 100-400 meter swims as these are her favorites. Alex is very strong when it comes to backstroke and freestyle and has gotten the best scores in those two styles.

Weak Points:
Alex can and does compete in butterfly and breaststroke though those are both her weaknesses as she is not able to pick up as much speed as the others and usually comes in second or third in competition for these races.


"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~Oscar Wilde


-Alex always had difficulty growing up and making friends as she didn't like to talk to people. At one point she was driven to depression and had to be taken to therapy for a few months before she was finally able to beat her depression and start trying to make friends. She made a few friends in school which allowed her to get healthy as she had been sick when she was in her stages of depression.

-Alex used to have a small crush on her old blonde friend but got over it as she didn't think there would be a chance.

-Alex always wanted to learn how to figure skate as she always wanted to move with such grace and didn't believe she could

-Alex sometimes stares off into space when she gets an idea in her head whether it be for a song, homework, or conversation.

-Alex never liked to go shopping when it involved her having to stand around and wait, even if she's told to go shop herself

-Alex sometimes mumbles when she's having difficulty thinking

-As strange as it sounds, Alex has a terrible fear of drowning. The girl has swam over 10km all at once before, but the fear of drowning his very strong in her head.

-Being forgotten by those she cares about is another fear as she doesn't want to be left behind or forgotten as she already knew the feeling and didn't want to have it again. She fears her friends will all leave and never care she was gone, or the other way around.

-Alex has a fear of heights and tight spaces making her try to avoid both though she is able to fly if she doesn't look out the window

Alex has and always has been a girl who needs help with making friends as she just always had the issue of trying to talk to people. Alex grew up wishing she had friends and hoping she would have them though she was never sure she would. People just always seemed to push her away or bully her or pick on her because she was smart and or able to do things without trying extremely hard. Alex would dream of making friends or talking to people without feeling nervous or getting uneasy and rarely ever actually did. As she grew up though, Alex was able to talk to others more and more and at one point was even able to do a public speaking event which boosted her confidence and self esteem more than anyone else ever knew.

Alex cares for people even if she doesn't know them, though she doesn't show it. Alex can't stand to see others sad or angry or heartbroken and will intervene if nobody else is around. No matter the person, Alex feels guilty to see people unhappy and works to help them whether they be friend or foe. Alex would never hurt anyone if she could help it and usually avoids doing so by ignoring people should they feel the need to tease or hurt her in any way.

Alex always sought refuge growing up as she dreamed of having a chance to feel as if she had a place in the world and a reason to be around. Music was the things that really helped her when it came to therapy as it allowed her to express herself in her own way. People never understood her music the way she did as each song had it's own feeling and emotion. Alex now listens to music whenever she physically can including at night as if she doesn't have it, she can get anxious and or sick as she can't help but doing it to herself from the depression that is still very faintly within.

When Alex sets her mind to something, one might as well try convincing a brick wall to move, it'd probably be more effective than trying to convince Alex because of her seemingly fearlessness self. Alex wasn't always a headstrong smiling person as has been mentioned, but everything really changed when Alex took up swimming, able to make friends at the local pool for swim team. Alex would talk to people when she was at practice and meets as she felt they had a connection that could only be there and be seen when they were there, doing things they loved rather than in school or out in public.

Alex is to the point where she will do what she wants so long as it doesn't bring too much attention to herself. Alex will help anyone and everyone in need, feeling as if it were her duty to make people feel as if they weren't alone, like she felt when she was younger. Alex is smart and willing to lead people though she prefers not to as she doesn't want to risk the chance of hurting someone or being the one who is responsible for someone getting hurt. Alex would never confront someone for an issue that was hers, but is not afraid to do it when it comes to friend's problems.


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" ~Gandhi


Personal History:
Alex was born in Sydney, Australia to a family of four already. Alex's mother and father, both Australian, were there on vacation over the summer. Alex's parents were both professors at the University of Southern California teaching business and economics. Alex already had a sister and twin brothers. Alex's sister, Olivia, was the oldest while her two brothers, Caleb and Jake, were second oldest. Alex was born in June born on a rather warm August day and was welcomed into the world by her parents and grandmother while her grandfather took care of the young older siblings.

When Alex first started out in elementary school, Alex was able to get by in elementary school. She had difficulty with all her core subjects but was able to do very well when it came to gym and music classes. Alex was never really able to study music in her small school in southern California, but was able to at least understand she enjoyed it. In elementary school, Alex was bullied constantly, criticized as she was able to have good grades and do sports and other activities outside of school.

Once Alex was bullied to the point she nearly stopped trying to do anything including getting up in the morning. It got to the point where Alex's grades dropped, she stopped eating, sleeping, any activities at all. Her parents recognized the signs of depression and took Alex to get therapy from a psychiatrist. Alex didn't improve even though she had been taken out of public school and was home-schooled. When music was brought up as a form of therapy, Alex didn't think it would work, though it did more than one could imagine.

Alex didn't want to go back to public school after her family moved from the US to Australia and was given the option. Alex and her siblings were home-schooled altogether which brought the family closer together. When Alex was introduced to swimming, she took to it like she was meant to do it. It was the only thing that kept Alex happy besides her family and music. Alex began swimming every day for hours with her family and by herself. The family lived by the water just outside of Sydney and allowed the family to go into the ocean whenever they felt like it.

Alex's older brother Caleb was in an accident after a year or so of Alex discovering swimming. Caleb was a large swimmer and hoped to go to the Olympics when he got an infection in his leg causing him to have to have it amputated. Caleb was forced to go through a long process of recovery. Swimming in the Olympics wasn't an option as Caleb stopped swimming altogether after the accident, fearful of swimming at all. He didn't want to remember the happiness that swimming brought him, but when he heard of his sister having made the Olympic team for Australia, everything changed.

Alex is now very encouraged to do her best in the Olympics to win them not only for herself or for Australia, but for Caleb as well.

History of their Sports Career:
Alex was introduced to the sport of swimming around the age of ten. When Alex found it, she was having difficulty making friends though this changed everything as she was able to make friends with people that loved the things Alec loved. Alex, Caleb, Olivia, and Jake all were on the swim team and were able to work to get strong together as it was a family thing to swim.

Alex has loved swimming ever since she started and it has helped her just as much as music has in a way that most people don't even know exists.

So begins...

Alexandra Robinson's Story