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Colby Scamurra

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

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a character in “International Olympic Academy”, as played by Not that awesome



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[size=151][color=#556B2F ]“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”[/color]

"Say it once more- I love your accent. "
Colby Jonathan Scamurra

"They call me Stacey… that’s not my name…"
Freckles, lispy, sausages (It sounds funny with a lisp. Oh those terrible teenagers.)

"I’m five years old, what of it?"
Seventeen years old

"Sloppy hair, oversized goggles and a goofy smile- you must be a snowboarder "
Snowboarding Slopestyle

Country of Birth:
"I’m not American, people. "

"They call me ‘the ball of energy’ but I like to think of myself as ‘Mr. Boombastic’ "
The ball of energy


[color=#556B2F ]“Our fathers gave us features that we didn't want ; our mothers claim those features made them fall in love.”[/color]

Basic Physical Appearance:
Colby Scamurra is here to teach you a little something about je ne sais quoi. Now, he might not fully understand the meaning of the phrase, but he knows he's got it and he'd be more than happy to show you exactly where he thinks all that quoi is located. No worries, he's legal — well, not really, but oh well. Possessing an intangible quality that sets him apart from a crowd, there's a certain something about him that's difficult for people to put their finger on, but he sure enjoys it when they try. The boy has a big ol' grin and knows how to use it, baring his pearly whites any time he finds himself caught in a stitch of trouble, as if the reflection off them might be enough to blind people to his misconducts. One would think he'd be content to rely on his full lips to attract notice to that cheeky smirk, but he's a connoisseur when it comes to cheerfulness and a smile is all it takes.

Lest you worry that he's just too much man to handle, Colby has compacted himself into his finely crafted 5'7" frame, specifically for your convenience. Oh yes, he is in complete and conscious control of his body's genetic decisions, thank you very much. Luck can't make someone look this good. So don't you dare call him short. Just one glance at those wide pale green eyes and it's obvious that his stature was deliberately chosen for your benefit; it was simply a sacrifice he felt compelled to make.

With a head full of wild brown curls that he often covers with a collection of various beanies and perpetually rosy cheeks, you could probably tell that he competes in winter sports. In case you forget, he is always found with his oversized iridescent snowboarding googles glued to his head, and sometimes even his massive snowboard at his hip. He speaks with a slight lisp, stemming from his mothers side of the family. It’s only a slight one, but it can be noticeable. This makes it hard for him to speak seriously- but, really, it’s not as if he really needed that skill. Overall, the boy is a curly haired snowboarder, with a streak of faux self confidence and a permanent smile.

Highest score in their chosen sport:
3rd at the X-Games || Landed a triple aged fifteen || 1st at the Junior World Championships, almost second by a hairs width.

Strong Points:
Determined || Passionate ||Fearless || Jumps || Agility

Weak Points:
Execution || Zoning out || Getting too hyped up || Distraction || Hangovers


” A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

A stranger died in his arms : When he was thirteen, he witnessed a young, elementary school age girl get run over by a truck. Her mother was away and did not notice, and although someone called the ambulance, it was too late and the girl died in his arms. He doesn’t know her name to this day.

Nightmare: In the night, his fears come alive, taking thousands of different shapes. He has a problem with nightmares, and it is becoming ever-so-steadily more severe.

Sugar, spice & all things nice: He has a problem with ahem… certain girls, although others he is fine talking to. If he likes the girl romantically he’ll probably mumble and ramble on. Some find it cute- others, hopelessly moronic.

Lisp || Wearing snowboarding goggles everywhere || Knowledge of stars || Comparing people/places/everything to cosmic elements || Can’t walk by arcade games without playing them || In love with the 80’s || If anyone wants to take a selfie without him, he always photobombs it. || Can’t walk by any animal without petting it || Calls people he dislikes ‘Basic’ a lot || Speaks in an Irish accent sometimes, and is actually pretty good at it || Always smiles with teeth || Smiles at random people || Prank calls everyone || Throwing the ‘deuces’ || Using surfer/rasta speak || Only drinks vodka at parties, if anything|| Constantly videoing himself || Hates writing by hand || Has a collection of vintage sneakers || Has a book of celebrity signatures || Constantly singing the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team song || Can quote ‘Father Ted’ to the word || Has a ritual to go through before competitions || Drinks water a lot || Tans easily, although retains the freckles || Nicknames his board (The current one is ‘Marley’) || Sings jingles to commercials


Ostraconophobia : Fear of Shellfish. He hates seafood but has a massive phobia of shellfish. Like seriously, no.

Elevators: He was trapped in one as a child, and will only go in if forced.

Our next lesson will cover the how's and to's of chilling the eff out. Life just isn't that hard — pinkie promise. When things get rough and tough, simply remember that change brings new possibilities. Being an opportunist like Colby is a life skill that will help you find the goldbronze silver who cares as long as it's valuable lining to any unfortunate circumstance that befalls you, because, like any top-notch athelte, he has quite the knack for finding fortune in even the unluckiest of situations. While others might let a little destitution get them down, he figures the only place to go is right back up and with his Machiavellian wait, what does coffee have to do with this sensibilities, he's got options. Instead of dwelling on what has been lost to misfortune, he's focused on survival. So until his teeth get knocked out, he plans to face catastrophe with a smile — hopefully one that's enigmatic enough to distract from his thieving resourceful fingers.

Colby was not boy who liked to be inside; the pressure of four walls, the little space, no fresh air, nothing, it was a trap in there. A place where people could not run and be free. It was also not only him who did not want him in the house. His siblings did not much want him there as well. His stealing, consistent taking and grabbing, like a magpie. He would sneak around the house, when he saw something small and shiny, anything that he could pick up, little trinkets, spoons, anything. He would snatch it, shove it into his pocket and run. He collected them and kept them in boxes in his room. He has ADHD tendencies, often changing the subject randomly in an ‘Oh hello… oh look a bird’ kind of manner. He tries as hard as possible not to, but sometimes it really takes over him.
If you gathered up his friends and asked them to name Colby Scamurra in one word, all of them would simply say the word ‘fun.’ He’s a great friend as long as he is your friend, always trying to cheer you up when you’re sad with some corny overused jokes and he’ll always laugh at yours, even if they really are terrible. He just wants to snowboard all day, which explains him permanent wearing of the snowboarding goggles, so he is always ready. If he’s not in the school building, you will find him at the snowdrome. Funny and never awkward, Colby is the exact opposite around disliked or ‘enemied’ people. Sarcastic but often not coming up with the right things to say; around enemies, this fun-loving ball of energy is a mere ghost of himself.

Colby has a secret dream to explore space. When he looks up into the sky he sees a world that has been left unexplored. He sees millions upon millions of untouched leagues where no one has ever set foot. A world that is unique and pristine- a place he wants to be. One day he want to go up into those big open fields, where the stars dance and the moon dips from side to side. Where darkness is kept tightly at bay by the light of a hundred million, billion tiny little lights -lights that explode and twinkle that dance and flicker, little lives that live and die as we do. Where anything seems possible and when a star dies it falls away in a single life changing giant flash of light. He wants to live in that world because there he would be king, he would have the world beneath his feet and the sky would be no impossible feat. For one day he will conquer the sky and the universe will be his.

Knowing that in a lifetime those little shapes in the sky never change gives him something solid to look on. As the sly darkens and the silky fingers of the night stretches its long fingers across the time old worn sky the stars come out to play. They never change and there ever appearing shapes brings him small comfort in a world that seems to be frayed at the edges with chaos. After realising his dream was near impossible, he decided to make it possible. To touch the stars, he found the snow- glittering white in the sun. That was his stars. To touch the stars, he became one.


“Enough people say they know they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team”

Personal History:
Marie Scamurra always wanted a big family. She imagined the children defrosting by the fire, eyes heavy lidded while she read them a story with lilting words. The dog would sit peacefully next to the children, and her husband would be fixing her a cup of camomile tea. And then, and only then, would they we carried up to their warm beds, one by one. Instead, Marie Scamurra got a big swig of reality. Having ten children wasn’t exactly ‘practical’ in the real world. They were a fairly rich family, although it was still simply too much still. And the noise- oh god, the noise- it was deafening. Even the dog was a jumpy, bouncy beast that never seemed to sit still. Her husband would take all the kids to hockey regularly, and she was left alone with only the dog’s constant yaps.
Or so she thought. Secretly, a young Colby was listening in to her quiet sobs of lonlieness through his hollow floor. He had a small corner room, and the flooring was extremely cheap. He had refused to go to hockey, and after sifting through his brother Barrett’s winter sports magazines, he had found something he wanted to try. Tip-toeing down the stairs, he took a deep breath and asked his mother a simple question- [i]“Mummy, I want to go snowboarding please.”
It was a simple question, but no one knew what it would lead up to.
His siblings- Alexandra, Tex, Bobby, Dakota, Archer, Emerson, Sophia and Olivia- were a boisterous bunch, constantly keeping up the sibling rivalry every single day of the year. Luckily, Colby didn’t have to participate to keep his dad’s attention. He had his mothers. Everyone knew it, and begrudgingly knew he could do no wrong in her eyes. Secretly, though, the siblings all loved one another, although, like a group of highschool friends, they never expressed it in their vocabulary, and often teased each other.

History of their Sports Career:
Growing up in Canada, there was always pressure for the boy to play hockey. It is the national sport, after all, and some Canadians find it their duty to enter their kids into the sport of hockey. While most of the kids were at hockey, Colby was at home begging mom to let him snowboard. They lived at the rim of the coldest area, so it was only an hour’s drive to the mountain for the whole trip. He was a strange kid, marching by the beat of his own drum, blinding by the burning passion for snowboarding that was ever so slowly tumbling out of control. It seemed that one week he was placing fifth at minor competitions, and the next week he was winning the big leagues. It changed in a flash- something clicked within him that awoken the passion. It took a podium place at the X-games before the IOA noticed the little Canadian snowboarder, and now he’s ever-grateful.


So begins...

Colby Scamurra's Story