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Jasmine Han

'Parties, tennis, friends... what else is there in life?'

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a character in “International Olympic Academy”, originally authored by Cloud, as played by RolePlayGateway



“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn

"I picked Jasmine myself. Don't you think it's nice?"
Her Korean name is Han Ji-hye
Her English name is Jasmine Han

"Please, call me Jazz."


"What else is there?"

Country of Birth:
South Korea
"And proud of it."

"A proud member of the Animals"
The Pageant Queen

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss


Basic Physical Appearance:
Jazz stands at a comfortable height of 1.65m (5'4") and is, as to be expected from a raising tennis star, incredibly fit. She possesses a naturally slim body, toned from years of tennis. Her 'assests' are of a moderate proportion, but Jazz knows how to dress to play them up when she wants to. Her hair comes halfway down her back and is naturally black, however she enjoys dyeing it whenever the mood takes her. Currently her hair is a rich, chestnut brown. She loves to style her hair, whether putting curls in it, leaving it sitting straight or tying it up in a ponytail. Naturally pale skinned, Jasmine has acquired a light tan from days playing tennis in the sun. She has dark brown eyes, fully capable of turning into 'puppy dog eyes' should she feel the need. Jazz has a naturally expressive face and is usually smiling and laughing, or fluttering her eyelashes at a boy. She wears make-up frequently, although usually only pulling out the big guns for parties and special events. She also has a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder which reads 'Victory' in Korean.

Highest score in their chosen sport:
She is currently ranked number two equal junior tennis player in the world, and the top junior in South Korea.
Jasmine has won four singles and three doubles titles on the ITF (International Tennis Federation) tour in her career.
Her success in the Junior Grand Slam events include: first in the junior singles division of Wimbledon last year, runner up in the Australian Open competing in singles and runner up competing in doubles at the French Open. She has yet to compete in the US Open due to injury.

Strong Points:
Jazz is generally an all-court player, preferring to play somewhere in the middle of the baseline and the net. She has a strong forehand, and usually prefers using it over a backhand. She is a versatile player, as most all-court players are, and uses aspects of other tennis styles in her play, offensive baseline, defensive volleyer etc. She has the ability to select an action in a game usually used by other tennis styles, therefore Jazz can switch between different styles depending on how the game is going. This strategy also means she doesn't become predictable. She has speed, agility and the needed tactical thinking to pull off a win and make her opponent play to her game. Singles is her preferred type of game.

Off field she's friendly, bubbly and always up for a good party. She can be determined when she wants to be, although this is most frequently seen on the tennis court or when she's flirting with someone.

Weak Points:
As with all players, Jazz isn't perfect. She is frequently being told that her serve is weak. Similarly she has much to work on in her backhand until it reaches the strength of her forehand. She is also not as strong as other players, no doubt why her serves are usually considered weak. While fully capable of hitting a hard ball, there are plenty of players with stronger arms than her. Although she has won doubles tournaments before, she is definitely not as strong when a member of a pair. Although she knows how you're meant to play, she often finds it hard to anticipate the moves of her team mate, particularly partners who she has rarely played with.

Outside of tennis Jazz lacks much concentration. She can be perceived as something of a ditz and rarely puts effort into her school work.

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon


She's cheated on more than one school test, either copying off her neighbour or writing the answers on her hand.

She can't help but poke her tongue out when concentrating on school work.
Her favourite food is Ice Cream and when she's craving it, she will do anything to get some.
She's obsessed with all things Disney.
She has killer aim when playing Darts.
She can't help but make the peace sign whenever she poses for photos.
She has a lucky hair tie that she wears whenever she's competing.
As English is her second language she can sometimes make grammatical errors.

Spiders \\ "Creepy crawlies! No thanks."
Bumps \\ This is a hard one to understand, but Jazz finds anything unnaturally bumpy utterly disgusting. She's tried to explain it to people, but no one seems to understand.

[Ditzy, Happy-go-lucky, Competitive, Friendly, Flirtatious]
In essence, Jazz is a social girl who loves to be surrounded by her friends. For her, friends are numerous and never far away. Her friendly, confident nature rarely causes her to shy away from meeting new people and if the conversation lags you can always count on Jazz to contribute something. Whether or not that 'something' is intellectually stimulating is another thing completely. Commonly described as sweet, humorous and bubbly, Jazz can make any room come alive. When she's not cracking a childish joke of her own (her favourite jokes are terrible puns and jokes aimed at twelve year olds), she'll be laughing at a friend's. She doesn't always understand sarcasm, not always catching the subtle differences in intonation, nor is she particularly fond of blonde jokes which, despite her dark hair, seem to be aimed at her a lot of the time. Still, she isn't one to hold grudges or sulk at being teased and will usually return to laughing along with everyone else in moments.

Jazz isn't what you'd call a genius. She has never excelled academically, her excuse being her dedication to tennis. She also lacks any real interest in most school subjects. She's rather good at art and, of course, P.E, but when it comes to maths, chemistry, biology, physics, economics and so on, she's usually completely lost. It isn't uncommon for Jazz to tap someone on the shoulder and ask them to explain a theory or get them to help her solve the problem. That is when she's concentrating though. A lot of the time you can find Jazz gazing out the window, day-dreaming of winning a tennis tournament or planning her outfit for the next party. Simply put school work is rarely at the top of her list, and her grades usually reflect this.

However, it often surprises her academic teachers to see how much effort she puts into her tennis. If she worked as hard at her classes as she did on the tennis court, she'd be scoping As in no time. Jasmine is extremely competitive when it comes to tennis, or really any sport she plays. She likes to win, it's as simple as that. She isn't afraid to work hard to improve her skill and is determined to one day top the world rankings. In fact her whole demeanour changes when she steps onto the tennis court. Gone is the slightly ditzy, joking girl, replaced with a fiercely competitive tennis player. Undoubtedly it is this passion for the sport that has allowed her to achieve so much, so early in life.

As mentioned above, Jazz loves to be surrounded by friends. And, without a doubt, she loves parties. Themed parties, drinking parties, tea parties... whatever it is, she'll be there. She's generally pretty inclusive when hosting her own party and doesn't particularly care who is there, as long as they're having fun. If she sees someone moping in the corner she'll drag them into the centre of things and ply them with shots until they're enjoying themselves (or throwing up in the bathroom). Other than making other people drink or drinking and dancing herself, you'll usually find Jazz flirting at parties. Mostly she flirts for the fun of it, enjoying the game and the attention it brings. Despite what many people might think she isn't easy, but she feels no need to guard herself against the opposite sex. If she likes a guy she'll kiss him and if she wants to do more she will, regardless of what others might think. She isn't a slut, and if people call her that she's likely to simply shrug and wonder off to find someone else to talk too.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
― Charles M. Schulz


Personal History:
Ji-hye Han was born early one summer morning to an older couple who had all but given up the hope of having a daughter. Considered something of a miracle child by her family, Ji-hye was treated as a princess throughout her childhood. Her parents, both doctors, earned enough to ensure a comfortable life for the family and as such Ji-hye rarely knew poverty. However, her parents were often busy and she spent the first few years after her mother returned to work being looked after by various nannies or family members. When she was five her grandfather died, a death that hit her father hard as he had been close to his own father. Her grandmother moved in with the small family and subsequently became the adult that would look after Ji-hye when she wasn't at school. It was her grandmother that would pick her up at the end of the day, help her with her homework and then take her for an ice cream as a treat. Ji-hye loved her grandmother immensely.

As she grew it became apparent that Ji-hye would never follow her parents' steps and become a doctor. She lacked any drive whatsoever to study, found maths and science particularly irritating and often fainted at the sight of blood. In fact the only parts that Ji-hye liked about school were the art classes, going out to play sport and the amount of friends she had in her class. Her parents, while disappointed, wanted to support their daughter in anyway they could. They did enrol her in extra classes, hoping that the added study would help unlock a secret love of science in her, but that only made it worse. In the end they changed direction and, on the recommendation of a school teacher, enrolled Ji-hye in tennis lessons. It was love from the start. Here was something that Ji-hye could really enjoy.

Ji-hye was eleven when her grandmother died. Suddenly her best friend, confidant and carer was gone. Her parents tried to distract her, but for several months she was inconsolable. It was during this time that she really threw herself into tennis, a sport her grandmother had always enjoyed. While she shot ahead in the tennis world, she fell behind academically. She only just managed to scrape through with the help of some friends and her parents.

As Ji-hye's talent in tennis rose, so did the need to travel to compete in tournaments. Her parents were happy for her to do this, pleased with the success of their daughter. She took extra English lessons, picked Jasmine as her English name and began to travel overseas for games. Seeing the world was amazing and it made Jazz even more determined to push herself in her chosen sport. When she heard about the International Olympic Academy she knew that that was where she needed to go. Her parents, while initially hesitant to letting their daughter live away from them, agreed in the end, caving in to their child's wishes.

History of their Sports Career:
Ji-hye was recommended to tennis by a teacher when she was six. She took quickly to the sport, showing good coordination and a willingness to put in the hard yards to succeed. She was a naturally competitive child when it came to sports and in tennis that competitive nature was an asset.
As she grew so did her talent. Her parents were advised to enrol her in more lessons, one on one with a private coach. She began to win the weekend games and travel further afield for junior tournaments. By the time she was ten Jazz had won the under-ten's South Korean Tennis Tournament twice and was moving ever upwards. The death of her grandmother, rather then put her off her game, only helped to push her forward. She began to travel overseas and when she was old enough to began to compete in international competitions.

So begins...

Jasmine Han's Story