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Kennedy Coleman

"I did Figure Skating as a hobby... I never dreamed I'd get this far!" WIP

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a character in “International Olympic Academy”, as played by Grrbot




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Kennedy Coleman
"The one and only."

Kennedy, Dee, Dede.

"Kennedy or Dee is fine. Call me Kenny and I'll throw you down the Ski Hill."

"I'm finally able to enter the olympics!"

Ice Skating (Solo)
"Something about Ice Skating is just so thrilling."

Country of Birth:
"The land of the free. "

Snow Bunny
"I prefer not to be labelled but alas there's nothing I can do to stop it."


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Basic Physical Appearance:
Kennedy has long straight blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back. Her hair is parted down the middle, letting long strands of hair frame her face. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair but she always insists blonde is her natural hair colour. Kennedy has striking blue eyes. Often the first thing people notice about Kennedy is her gaze and the bright shade of blue her eyes are. People often saying her look is intimidating but has a calming affect on you at the same time.

Kennedy stands at 5'7" and weighs in at 127 lbs. She has a slim build from her workout routines which she performs daily. Kennedy believes it's important to stay in shape and be healthy when your an athlete and often claims it gives you an edge on your opponent. But not only that, Kennedy also feels pressure to be skinny, thus developing anorexia and bulimia disorders at the age of 14.

Kennedy's closet is filled with sweaters, jeans, and work out clothes. She doesn't really like wearing revealing outfits for fear of being made fun of. She's very self conscious and she'll do anything to avoid being made fun of. She usually wears baggy hoodies and jeans with sneakers. She isn't much of a girly girl. She's more towards the tom boy side. Kennedy usually wears her hair down, in a ponytail, or in a side braid. She usually doesn't have time to do much with it unless she's trying to impress someone or going to a party.

Highest score in their chosen sport:
When Kennedy was 15, she entered the World Figure Skating Competition that would expose her to everyone. Going in, she didn't think she'd make it and her family had already prepared a let down speech. The Competition was in Sydney, Australia, a 19 hour difference from her home in Seattle, USA. When the competition was being broadcasted, her parents were in bed fast asleep as it was the middle of the night in Seattle. Kennedy did her best and it proved to be what it took. Kennedy ended up winning and breaking a world record at the time with a score of 108.52 in Free Dance. Kennedy shot to fame within a day and she soon became a house hold name.

Strong Points:
Kennedy has an amazing ability to land most of her jumps. Her consistency is spot on and she's a fan favourite.

Weak Points: Kennedy recently suffered a concussion in the summer which delayed her training quite a bit. She's also not as flexible as the other competitors although her choreography tends to compliment her strong points.


Do it with passion or not at all.


  • Was in the car that struck her father and ultimate killed him.
  • Struggles with Anorexia and Bulimia.
  • Her humour tends to be dark
  • She can be pretty inappropriate at times and she won't realize it until she's offended someone.
  • Memorizes people's last words and mumbles them to herself in stressful/anxiety inducing situations.
Death || Being Outcasted || Blood || People Finding Out About Her Disorders || Public Embarrassment || Heights
Kennedy is a bubbly girl. She loves to laugh and make other's laugh. In a world so full of hate, she loves to bring smiles to everyone and cheer others up. At times she can seem to be a bit abrasive but she's actually very sweet. She loves to joke around although it's mostly dark humour which not a lot of people appreciate. She can be very sarcastic and sassy.

Kennedy is a popular girl. Before her breakthrough competition, she had a small group of friends but she soon shot to popularity. Kennedy didn't care if it was because she was famous, she liked the attention. Kennedy can start to feel Anxiety if she's left alone for a long time, thus creating a thirst for attention all the time. Kennedy also feels Anxiety around her friends. She's scared she'll do something to upset them and they'll leave her but she doesn't realize her friends only stick around because she's famous.

Kennedy is a persistent girl. She's driven and focused which aids her in her olympic dreams. She's competitive and will do what it takes to win. She'll attempt jaw dropping moves that could quite possibly injure her just to get a taste of the gold medal. She's stubborn and won't let up on things she wants. She'll often show people up just to spite them. Inside, there is a part of her that is careless and reckless and wants nothing than to do better than others.

At home Kennedy is pretty quiet. She'll spend hours on end in her room or in the bathroom. She hides a stack of fitness magazines in her room which she looks at when she feels down. At the age of 14 she developed Anorexia and Bulimia disorders so when her parents aren't home, she'll lock herself in the bathroom till she's pale, sweaty, and reeks of vomit. Kennedy keeps this a secret because if anyone found out, they'd surely send her to the hospital and keep her away from participating in the Olympics and her social rule would come crashing down.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear.


/add more accordingly

Personal History:
Kennedy was born in Seattle, Washington, USA to Carmen and Bryan Coleman. She was the first of 4 children to be born. Growing up, Kennedy was granted a very privileged life. She attended a public school near her house and went to Skating practice every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. She never really liked School but she always looked forward to her practices. She'd go to her Grandparent's house every weekend for family dinners and her family was very close knit.

Kennedy's skating coach first acknowledged her talent in the 5th grade. She started teaching her more complex moves and soon Kennedy started doing competitions on the national stage at the age of 11. Kennedy started wracking up medals and her peers knew of her talent but no one realized how far her talents went. At this time Kennedy transferred to a new school with no classes. You came in when you wanted, worked on what you wanted, and left when you wanted. She found this worked great for her hectic practice schedule.

Kennedy qualified for The World

History of their Sports Career:
{Maybe one to two paragraphs about how they got into the sport, etc.}


So begins...

Kennedy Coleman's Story