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a character in “Into The Fray”, as played by Citadel


Name: Balor
Nickname: Black Reaper
"If only being tired gave me a reprieve from it all."

Age: 34
Race: Human
Balor stands a slightly intimidating 6'3" with a broad, muscular build. He travels light, appearing to favor no armor, preferring to use his speed to overcome his enemies.
Personality: Someone once told Balor that when they looked into his eye they saw the end of everything. That there was nothing left except a shell. Truthfully, that is not far from what is left of Balor. He comes across as a tried, world weary individual with a dark wit and a knack for scaring those who look at him the wrong way. Despite this, Balor does seem to do the right thing when called upon, but will never do something purely because he was asked to. The man was bred for one purpose, and that was to fight,
Powers/Abilities: (Can be race specific)

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Balor's Story