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Into the Labyrinth

Into the Labyrinth


You're asleep. Dreaming, yes, but you've never heard of any dream feeling this real. [no spots left, though challenging people for their places is an option.]

747 readers have visited Into the Labyrinth since Tragedy:) created it.


You're dreaming.

Asleep, though it doesn't feel like it.

So why aren't you waking up?


They call it the Labyrinth, which is silly, because from where you're standing, it looks like a normal maze. Just a grassy clearing of sorts, encircled by a tall hedgework. But wait... where's the way out? Maybe you spoke too soon. There are no doors, no openings of any kind. Huh. Then how are you supposed to leave?

noun: labyrinth; plural noun: labyrinths
1. a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.
"a labyrinth of passages and secret chambers"
synonyms maze, warren, network, complex, web, entanglement

The Labyrinth* is an ancient, sprawling, puzzle-like structure that has existed before the establishment of dreaming itself. Notorious for its occasional meddlings in the time/space continuum, the Labyrinth has been hailed as the Bermuda Triangle of dreaming. Vaguely sentient and ever-changing, the interior of the Labyrinth is an extremely dangerous mixing pot of castaway dream material. But for all this, in the end it's just a maze. A puzzle, a game. And there is no way out, no waking up until you solve it.

This roleplay follows the story of five young people, who's sleeping souls have been snatched from their respective universes, and sucked into the innermost sanctions of the Labyrinth. The way out is divided into parts, (levels, if you will) that increase in difficulty the farther out one gets. Each level is different, and only the first few will actually take the form of a maze. Some levels will emulate life to simulate the appearance of whole cities, or even take on the form of a dreamer's internal landscape. Some will take a while to pass, while others may go by briefly.

To pass a level, the key needs to be found. The key, like the level, can come in many forms, but will be instantly recognizable to a dreamer. But finding the key, dear reader, is the easy part. The real challenge lies in creating the door, which is where the big twist comes in. You see, the whole Labyrinth is designed to respond to emotions, and the bonds between people. Each level represents a different stage of a relationship, so for example the starter level would be Strangers. The door appears once that stage of the relationship has been cleared, so once everyone has became acquainted with one another, the way out would become apparent, and the key could be used to unlock the next stage, Acquaintances.

Now, with this in mind, there are three possible Gateways out of the Labyrinth, and not all of them need to be used. They are the different bonds in their ultimate forms, representing the clearance of the final levels of a relationship. The Familial Gate, for the highest of friendships, the Amatory Gate, for the truest of romantic soul-mates, and the final gate, going by no name other than Nemesis, for the deepest and blackest of enmities. Every member in the group must advance a step towards one of these gates to clear a level, and create the door. So, by the final level the dreamers will all have very strong relationships, but eventually will have to split off.

However, the party members can't win either way. You see, to awake and clear a Gateway, one needs to pass with the other member of the relationship... and these types of relationships are very rarely formed in triplets. Yet, there are five dreamers. One will be left behind. Not only that, but what happens when the winners pass through the Gateways? They wake up.

*important terms will be underlined

Slot 1 | Taken by Tragedy:)
I hail from an unnamed metaphysical world where everything is insubstantial and color doesn't exist. Things such as touch, taste, or feel- all of these are unfamiliar to me, though I know of them. This is due to the number of portals to the Solid that litter my world. Myself and others like me pass through them sometimes, but rarely of our own volition, for we become trapped until an inhabitant (yes, the Homo sapiens) frees us. We are invisible to all but a select few, and those few have given my kind several names where we used to have none; demon, ghost, or spirit, to list a few. I have never slept before, and certainly never dreamed until now. However, I have heard of the Labyrinth, and so I am vaguely aware of the situation.

Available Species
  • Ghost
  • Spirit
  • Demon
  • Poltergeist
  • Will-O'-the-Wisp

Vocab Terms
the Solid- most likely modern-day earth, home to humanity

Note: This is the "paranormal role". The unnamed world is the spirit world of sorts, not the afterlife, but rather a gutter for castaway snippets of memory, energy, dream, and magic. The creatures who exist there are a culmination of all these bits and pieces, usually held together by a memory or a strong feeling. Rarely are these memories good, and the resulting spirits are usually monstrous.

My world is a harmonious blend of sunlight and shadow... or at least it used to be. Nowadays it's wartorn, with the Children of Lune fighting for supremacy over the Children of Sol. With forces evenly divided, combat has produced nothing more than bloodshed. We don't have much in the way of technology (nothing involving gunpowder, for example) but we more than make up for that with our supernatural tendencies and the abilities of the people. We look down on humans for their greed and lack of occult understanding. We have ways to visit their world, doorways that open at the right time in the right place. As a result of this limited contact, the humans have formed many a myth and legend about our kind. I know plenty about the Labyrinth; there was even a whole section about it in school. But I was messing with powers that I shouldn't have, and now I'm here. But I know what I have to do to get out.

Available Species
  • Any legendary creature from Western folklore

Vocab Terms
Children of Lune- night-oriented mythical creatures (e.g. vampires, werewolves, goblins)
Children of Sol- day-oriented mythical creatures (e.g. unicorns, valkyrie, fairies)

This is the "mythical role". The charm to this is that nearly any creature from Western folklore is available for the pickings (the exceptions are creatures available for other worlds, and magical humans like witches). So, with that in mind, pick something interesting! Don't just go with your average, run of the mill vampire or werewolf. Try a unicorn (note: for animal-like species like dragons or unicorns, a human form is required, one that retains from previous characteristics)! Or specify a more unique class of vampires, based on the beliefs of a certain culture.

My civilization spans countless star systems; to limit it to one world would be unthinkable. The Imperium's technology and size bests that of any other galactic empire, flourishing under the iron-fisted rule of our present Kindly One. We call ourselves humans, but in truth we have evolved far past that, having unlocked the full power of the brain long ago. My intellect would be able to match or surpass the greatest minds Ancient Earth would have to offer. Yes, I have dreamed before, to my embarrassment. The Imperium frowns upon emotions, dreams, and the supernatural, so of course I have no idea what's going on here.

Available "Species"
  • Lab experiment
  • Physically-enhanced Imperium officer
  • Cyborg
  • AI Robot with human mutation
  • Human/Alien hybrid

Vocab Terms
The Imperium- a large, powerful empire run with a machine-like efficiency
the Kindly One- a title reserved for the current dictator of the Imperium
Ancient Earth- the home planet of humanity, long since absorbed into its red sun

Note: This is the "sci-fi role". Unlike all the others which are from the same time frame, this takes place in the future as the evolved form of humanity. The character coming from this kind of world will have a hard time, as human interaction is kept to a bare minimum. Humanity is spread out to its thinnest, and all humans are raised to be overseers of conquered areas. Not only that, but marriage is non-existent royal permission is needed for breeding privileges. A very strict society.

Oh crap, oh crap... where am I!? I-I don't know what's going on, I fell asleep, and I think I'm dreaming, but this doesn't feel like a dream! I tried the pinching thing, and it hurt, but I don't think that's what's supposed to happen? Wh-what? You want me to tell you about my world? Uh, okay, uh, it's called Earth? Third planet from the sun, you've heard about it, right? No? O-okay... well.... look, I really think you have the wrong person here. I'm just a normal student! Shouldn't you be going after some famous person or whatever? Please, I really don't know what's happening here, you can't leave me alone with these people; they're so weird!

Available "Species"
  • Average human student

Vocab Terms
Earth- modern day home of humanity, also known as the Solid

Note: This is the "normal role". All of the other roles are designed to be as odd and far out there as possible, but this one is meant to be as centered as they are weird. The character coming from this world is to be as normal as normal can be, just your average student doing average day to day things. Of course, this doesn't mean that they need to be plain or boring. This character should be as well-rounded as the others.

Up to user, provided that it's unique and different than the other worlds mentioned, and also holds a link to Earth. Some ideas are; a world inhabited by deities, a world based on Eastern mythology and folklore, a high fantasy-esque world taking place in Earth's past, much like how Slot 4 is set in the future.

Available "Species"
  • Also up to user.

Vocab Terms
Earth- modern day home of humanity, also known as the Solid

Note: This is the "customizable role". You can pretty much do whatever with it, provided it's different than the other roles, and that any creatures that inhabit it are either human-like or have human forms. No normal humans; something has to make them different or special.

Keep in mind, it is possible to challenge someone for a reserved spot.

Character Skeleton:
Code: Select all
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][center](Go onto and put your character's first name here, or what they like to be called)
[url=(link to theme song)](theme song title) | (theme song artist)[/color][/url][hr][/hr]

[img](direct anime image link)[/img][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][/center]

[b]Full Name|[/b] [size=90](keep in mind the world they come from, include middle name and titles)[/size]

[b]Gender|[/b] [size=90](pretty basic)[/size]

[b]Age|[/b] [size=90](consider species and world, in human terms we're talking 15-19 years)[/size]

[b]Orientation|[/b] [size=90](can be whatever)[/size]

[b]Species|[/b] [size=90](must choose something from list)[/size]

[b]Slot|[/b] [size=90](whatever you signed up for)[/size]

[b]Appearance|[/b] [size=90](give a paragraph or two of additional info)[/size]

[b]World|[/b] [size=90](you can just copy/paste the description on the main page, or elaborate if you wish or if you have Slot 6)[/size]

[hr][/hr][center][img](anime image link here)[/img][hr][/hr][/center]
[*](at least 5 things)[/list]

[*](at least 5 things)[/list][/center]

[b]Personality|[/b] [size=90](a few good paragraphs, include mannerisms and so on)[/size]

[b]You know I like you if...|[/b] [size=90](how do they act around people they like)[/size]

[b]You know I dislike you if...|[/b] [size=90](how do they act around people they don't like)[/size]

[b]You know I have a crush on you if...|[/b] [size=90](how do they at around people they /really/ like *wink*)[/size]

[hr][/hr][center][img](anime image link here)[/img][hr][/hr][/center]

[b]History|[/b] [size=90](it can be brief, it can be long, as long as it gets to the point. include family and any past events that still effect them today, the lifestyle they grew up in)[/size]

[b]Special Abilities|[/b] [size=90](include powers and any skills they might have picked up)[/size]

[b]Other|[/b] [size=90](anything else?[/size]

[hr][/hr][center][img](anime image link here)[/img][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][/center]


1. Use good roleplaying skills.
  • No auto-hitting, no god-modding, no meta-gaming... etc.
  • Good grammar and spelling.
  • 200 words per post, at least. The size of the posts will fluctuate depending on what's happening in the roleplay at the moment. Try to go along with what's happening and let it change gradually.
  • Post periodically. If nothing's going on with your character, then you can hang back and chill for a while. But if shit's going down, you'd better be there front and center. Most importantly, don't keep people waiting on you.

2. Be active OOC.
  • Politeness, of course, is an always.
  • Post OOC at least once every day. To me, being active there is more important than being active IC. That way I know you're alive.
  • Let me know when you're not going to be around.
  • Collaborate with posting and so on.

3. In the Labyrinth, if people don't play, they fade away.
  • I work on a three strikes, you're out system. On the last strike, this is what will happen to your character.

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A artificial intelligence and human hybrid he struggles with what is happening.

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Character Portrait: Archangel

A artificial intelligence and human hybrid he struggles with what is happening.

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Character Portrait: Archangel

A artificial intelligence and human hybrid he struggles with what is happening.

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