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Naru Ninjarou

0 · 235 views · located in The Labyrinth

a character in “Into the Labyrinth”, as played by Finneline


Naru Ninjarou
Counting Stars | One Republic

❝ You know, things get interesting if it's outta place indeed, yet I demand everything to be as normal as possible. Yeah, I want to have that average student life and try not making any ruckus. No hell, I am not being manipulated! ❞

Full Name|| Naru Ninjarou.
In the past known as the rumoured "Shorty with the strong lefty" though yeah, not by his friends, more his enemies. And he got lots of them, probably one source of a problem he has to handle everyday. Anyway, it is indeed the past, but having him retire from being a delinquent doesn't mean that his oppenents give up defeating him. Once a delinquent, you'll remain forever. Or so in his infamous district. Well, for him, he obviously liked to be called Naru, whether you're younger or older. That's due to his last name... which unfortunately for him contains 'Ninja' -- a fact that brought him to continuously involved in fights. It is always something anyone laughed about despite it will caught Naru's anger fairly quickly just after the calling 'Shorty'. Yes, Naru is perhaps a bit sensitive there.

Gender|| Male

Age|| 18 years old

Orientation|| Heterosexual

Species|| Human

Slot|| Slot 4

Appearance|| Well yeah, he is your avarage japanese guy, but only at first though. The things which is mostly making him stick out is that he dyed his hair into a dirty blond. Can't ensure if that's allowed in his high school, nonetheless, he'd do it either way. He is indeed short for his suppose to be already mature age. Even his lines are still delicate and his skin still soft and innocent coloured like a babies, even his body build isn't quite there yet with his muscles not being developed at all. You can almost say that he'd pass as a middle school brat without any problems. It's a mystery how he is able to beat down opponents which are at least four heads taller than him with his slim and small frame. His round baby face is emphasizes by his big but sunken bright hazel eyes which are strangely attractive due its heavy-lids. The figure express that of a kids, though through his work-out, he reaches a certain manliness that won't remain unnoticed. So even though being in a disadvantage as a guy with his small figure, there is something intimidating about him... yet it disappears as soon as he starts to open his mouth.

World|| It's earth, guys. Earth. You know, blue planet? It's the third planet from the sun and known to be the home of the so called 'humans'. A species which demands logic, although there are various times things defies their logic. Well, humans are strange creatures in their own way -- just depends from which perspective you're seeing things. Anyway, back to the world. Within the place those humans inhabit exist circulatory and a harmony within the nature of things, providing the living being who need oxygen to surivive the necessary sources to continue their existence. Humans, one species but then again, differ themselves from one another, might it be because of the appearance, lifestyle, culture, religion and everything else there is. Many among those believe in a so called 'God' who is supposed to be the one creating their universe. Overall, humans might probably be the most boring species among all from other worlds because their lack of ability and skills. Nonetheless, they have their own weird and interesting sides.

Face Claim|| Masaomi Kida

❝ My hobbies? Well, does star gazing counts? Or fighting? Or 'staring at the mirror fiercely while figuring out my height because I am too scared to measure it'? N- Not that I am implying of being a shorty! ❞

✔ Stars
✔ Nights
✔ Being useful/ helpful
✔ Fights (though gradually he only focus in material arts)
✔ Random Accessory (including piercing)

✘ His nicknames (especially... yeah, you know which one)
✘ Meaningless fights
✘ Cheaters (cuz he is a pretty proud guy)
✘ Light Pollution (City life in general)
✘ Fish (hates the taste)

Personality|| Naru is a man of logic... and I mean his logic. You can say, he appears to believe that everything he does is in the name of justice... which of course, lead him to various of problems. Even then, his understanding character always is in front, supporting his friendly being he is. Anyhow, that doesn't mean he is open to anybody. Whether or not tell someone private matters was a problematic question to answer, although he'd trust anybody easily. It's just that, he isn't ready to tell everything. Displaying only his surfaces might be untrustworthy and secretive, however, Naru still continues to do that. All, with the basic of his dislike to share his family situations. Aside of that, he counts to be a faithful friend and a talkactive boy with an interest of meddling in someones affairs. Well, forgetting the fact he is the class representative, he sure loves to ask questions to people, whom he adores. May seem like a goody-two-shoes, that's how he express his concern about others and on another side, let people to befriend with him quickly. Never has he problems to socialize with people and they never get tired of him. On the contrary; they even feel assured to share their problems with Naru because he is an unexpectedly good adviser. Many already seek his presence only to have him help them -- so it's not a rare thing seeing him being used by others.

Well, although he might seem like a goofball, he is unbelievable perceptive and self-sufficient. Despite being very secretive about something, Naru will eventually find out due to him quickly grasping ones character. Although he might not seem like it, he is a very empathic person and cares about what other people view him -- though rather inconsistency is him being apathetic; as if forcing him to not having any prejudice or something. I can't say he is a complex character, but he is an enigma for himself, probably all due to the vulnerability of a human heart.

You know I like you if...|| Well, if they are friendly, Naru sees no need for him to be harsh and mean. In fact, if he likes people, he'll act like a real buddy, trying to be empathic and always hearing out their problems, which will most certainly be solved by him. Yeah, he is a kind person and faithful on top of it.

You know I dislike you if...|| He doesn't even try to get another impression of a person when he stubbornly believes in one and dislike them for that. Not being someone who is able to forgive easily, Naru never associate with people he dislike and certainly ignore them until they reach the point where they piss him off and make him do what he actually wants to hinder. Due to him not really loving fights which are meaningless, he tries to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

You know I have a crush on you if...|| Well well. What a question is that? Naru is sharp if it's about others feelings, but truly dumb and slow if it's about his own. Truly, it would be interesting to see his behaviour when he is in love, but having him as who he is, he'd probably just see his urge to be with the certain person all the time as him really liking the person, not as his love interest. Still like a buddy, yet owning a desire to possess -- which he just can't seem to understand. That 'uncertainity'.

❝ Seriously, I don't get why every single person on this earth is possessed by those games and not getting tired of staring at that freakin' screen for hours! If they want to beat people, just do it in reality! But no, they prefer shooting down zombies, aliens, monsters or whatever creature there is, creature of fiction! Man, it's ridiculous I am starting to cry. ❞

History|| If you ask him, he'll not answer, and if, either lies will he tell you or just try to shake off the subject and avoid you. Well yeah, I can't say he had a beautiful childhood, but it wasn't sad and despicable like you may thought it is. It's just... he is a result of a teens mistake. Short, his mother and father are both underaged as one told them that they have him. To be honest, his mother wanted an abortion. She disliked the thought of taking care of a baby while she studied... and she had her dreams, that time. Nonetheless, Naru's grandma is very strong believer and view abortion as killing a living, so she prohabited it when she found out. In such a house Naru was born at. His strict grandmother already considered him as mature in a young age and told him everything. Everything which consist of her being his grandmother and his mother went away to work abroad, far, faw away. His father is unknown, or so his grandmother had told him. Nonetheless, due to him knowing his grandmother well, he knew that she just hid his identity from him to make him stay away from that man. Naru knew it. And never questioned it -- why should he want to meet with someone who he didn't regard as family? So yeah, he lives with his lone grandmother... who is pretty rich, which is why he couldn't really complain about his familiar situation although he sure has questions. Questions over questions, which he believes never could ask to the relevant person. Or if you want it, his biologic parents.

He grew up to be an extrovert person, friendly and cheerful -- because although his grandmother might appear strict, she is an understanding and caring person and Naru loved her very much. For him, she was the only family he has and will ever own. Weird though is, that he calls her with the name, very unusual because people around them always called her with respect. At first, his grandmother dislikes it, but having Naru to be very stubborn, she let him be. For him, she was his mom and no one else -- so he disliked the 'grandmother' thing. It seems so distant to him. Well, probably because of that situation, he seeked others and quickly find a place to belong in the society. All for him to forget the loneliness and a certain curiosity. A curiosity to meet his parents.

Aside that... why was he a delinquent in the past (still is now halfway)? Well, he had his reasons that time, percisely 5 years ago when he first entered middle school. You can say, he was screwed. Bribed. Attacked. Mobbed. Whatever -- no one really knows for sure and Naru eventually forget -- he entered his districts gang. What they actually do is just hang around with some suppose to be fearsome gadgets, well, no one really knows the purpose of their foundings. They wanted to appear strong anf fierce, to look well, thrilling. Post Script: It was around the years when a bad boy lands quite well by the girls -- so yeah. Occassionally, they started fights with other gangs, but it never came to a big fight within their districts only because their leaders were rather pacifistic in a way. Anywho, as then the high schoolers meddle inside, Naru was probably one out of many middle schoolers who started to become their lackey somehow and knowing Naru's short-tempered individual, that job wasn't something he adored. He rebelled, in all honesty, alone. No other middle schooler had guts to go against the high schoolers because obviously they are stronger and bigger. Naru's encouragements didn't reach their ears, so that's how he started material arts. Although his grandma was against it, he still did it anyway. Everyday, he optimistically challenged his upper classmen to a fight, which always ended with the same result: Him getting beaten up. Well, predictable but still, you could say, it moved some underclassmen somehow.

Eventually, he had become stronger. Or so he thought. Reality wasn't something kind you see, he can't just become strong only having done material arts for 2 year only. Nonetheless as destiny wanted to have it, the highschool in the next district changed their leader... and he was rather not the peace kind of guy, seeing his overly serious visage and his muscle packed figure of a 17 years old. And yeah, in the end, that big leader made a surprise attack and utterly defeated Naru's upperclassmen. Of course, they vow revange and somehow it came to it as Naru jogged and so the mass of students gathered with a fierce glare on their faces. Ready to brawl. No, he did not act like a freaking hero and shouted: "This isn't right!" Or something -- he owned and still owns a well-functioned brain after all. As if anyonw would ever hear someone as 'short' as himself -- that fact hurt more than what he is about to do afterwards, namely aiming for the big, fierce and old-faced 17 years old leader of the other gang. Hit him right in the place where it hurt the most -- without coming out of the consequences.

How such situation was tamed, no one really wanted to understand but obvious thing is that Naru's still alive. Somehow.

Special Abilities|| Fighting and material arts. Probably the only thing where he can make use of his over eager fighting spirit and his overactive being. Well, not to mention the unbelievable things he does in sports. His physical ability are truly better than the average human, though not reaching an incomprehensible amount and is still in the human area -- which means he also has his human limits. Anywho, the reason for still not having good scores in sports is probably his inability to follow the rule properly. Well, he is for freedom anyway, so why should he care, right? Aside from the famous things about him, there is also a secret talent which he makes use of sometimes: Drawing. He easily memorize things he finds interesting and just from the memory, sketch it down on the paper. And it's not only a random drawing with rough pencil lines -- they truly give off a professional aura. Whatever this might lead to is still a mystery -- because well, he only draws things he likes. Of course, this gains no good result in art class either.

Other|| He is a... to humbly express it... a good eater. So it's not wonderous to have him to be broke quite often. One another extra: He likes classic music. Shh, no telling other people. He is actually a bit embarassed by that, whatever the reason might be.

❝ Got a problem? Leave it to me! Though I mean problems which can be solved quickly with my fist, not with my brain or so. For that, I have to admit, I am not the best person. Though if you're persistent, I can write some crap down so you have at least something on the paper. Hmm? Bad idea? Well, then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU COMING HERE FOR? ❞

So begins...

Naru Ninjarou's Story