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Into The Stars We Travel

Into The Stars We Travel


A sci-fi game basing some roots in 1980s styled sci-fi and mixed with modern aspects of science fiction.

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In astra via sumus, nobis dormientibus mille somnia.

It began in the 70s. With the world in a flux of science-fiction craze, people were open to new ideas and were excited by the prospect of space. Sputnik, the Apollo project, all of them made possible and achieved by our great imagination. We exploded as a culture, even as war ripped across Earth. Vietnam proved to be the worst by far for our world. Funny how that war ended up bringing us together for what would be the greatest endeavour of the human race.

Earth was dying. Scientists of both the U.S.S.R. and the United States of America, of China and Singapore, all stated something that would chill every single bone in every politician. A shocking revelation of what exactly was unleashed less than thirty years before, still recorded by the black-and-white photos as the mushroom clouds rose majestically into the air above both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The beginning of the nuclear race and the subsequent Cold War was putting a strain so large on the Earth's resources that it was expected that by the year of 2000 A.D., the metals and oils would begin to run out. Somewhere in between the years of 2012 to 2020, Earth would have no more to yield. And the human race would once more be plunged into a new Bronze Age.

Something had to be done.

The United Nations agreed entirely and 100%, for once, that something had to be done. National Aeronautics and Space Administration formed a new branch known only as Space Command. And with the UN and NASA working together, they devised the most imaginative plan yet. A plan that in the event that this was the fate of the Earth and its sentient race, there would be a way to survive.

The Nostrodamus Project.

For once in the entirety of the planet, all governments worked together to build what would be the first and only generation ship. The ship measured well over a kilometer long and nearly five hundred meters in width. And despite the problems of Communists vs. Capitalists, it took a mere twenty years for this vessel to be complete. The resources used to build it were astronomical, made even more amazing due to mounting tensions between countries. Russia threatened the United States, the United States threatened Russia, the two promised to never unleash nuclear weapons without due cause, and each proceeded to lie through their teeth. Berlin tore the wall down, the Soviet Union collapsed.

April 22, 1992. A day in which the world and its future would be changed forever. Lotteries were held to draw a populace for the Nostrodamus. Loved ones gave tender farewells as the rockets soared into the sky. Mir space station's operators watched as the people struggled awkwardly in the free-fall of zero-gravity. And millions watched or listened through televisions and radios as the final countdown began. And finally, with the last click of the clock, the ion drives flared into great brilliance. Nostrodamus began its journey into the great unknown, carving a bright swath of light for several hours across the night sky.

Ironically, the departure of Earth's first and only generation ship ended what was the greatest act of the human race. History soon forgot the Nostrodamus Project, writing it only as a footnote in a dismembered space organization. Wars began and ended, for the prophecy that the world would run out of resources turned to be all for nought.

I will not bore you with what you know of your history. But I will speak of one other side to this story.

It took hundreds of years before the human race created a safe faster-than-light drive. But we... we were the first. Just as we developed the very technology that has kept us alive. Humans have launched probes of prototype FTL drives, all of which we have recovered... and perfected.

The colonists of the Nostrodamus floated in space for eighty years before those first probes passed by us. The colonists had to adapt. We took those probes and reverse-engineered those drives. It took quite a few tries before we were sailing stars. And we did find a suitable world.

By now, you are confused. Let me explain. You thought this was a human talking? No. We were once human, no more are we. Changed has our physiology become into something different. I would say more of our side but now, right this second, your eyes have begun to narrow.

The history after we have found another world to live on, I know does not interest you. Nor the story of how we became a species completely set aside from yours. And neither does our sciences interest you.

History as you know it, you have most likely seen and experienced it. For it all started on one faithful day, for both of our races.

April 22, 2923.

--Unknown, date unknown.

Toggle Rules

General Rules

1.) No Mary Sues. While having a great character is... well great, it cannot be Chuck Norris.

2.) No biotic/psionic abilities. This is to limit the amount of ridiculousness that runs rampant in some games. Only antagonists may have these and even they will be limited in what they can do. No Force, no Element Zero, NO NO NO.

3.) This is an adult game. Do not be childish. While sex intercourse is a thing in adult games, please do not insist on flaunting it. Sexual things I will ask the players to try limit. By all means, have as many kids as you want. But do not make it a thing every other scene.

4.) Be civil. Do not bring any drama from real world into the game. This will start a fight and no one will be happy. If you wish to talk things that start fights, such as politics, and the item discussed has no connections with the game world/universe, find another chat room to talk about it in.

5.) Character deaths... now this is a touchy subject. So therefore, this ruling to hopefully iron out any problems that might arise. There will be deaths in this game. Whether from getting shot enough times, hunger, explosions, anything that can kill you can. This being said, under no circumstances can you kill another Player Character without FIRST consulting both author of the character AND the GM. Sometimes, NPCs may kill a PC. That is the job of GM. Sometimes, PCs have it out for others. In which case, I have final say. If both are not agreed on the conditions of death, the answer is NO!

Character Creation

1.) The beginning race of the game, as of the writing of these rules, is Human. No aliens whatsoever. I realize this may put a damper on some people. However, this is the human's story in this. As the story progresses, another race or two may become available. Check with the GM on this matter when creating a character.

2.) There are two things that a starting character can be: a low-ranking naval officer of the space navy or a contracted civilian.

3.) This corresponds with the Rule #2. No mercenaries. While this may be a space game, humans have just now begun to explore beyond Sol and establish colonies. However, this rule may be excluded from later on in the game if the story goes far and wide. Check with the GM on this matter if you join the game late in the story.

4.) What profession are you? Remember, the space navy needs botanists, scientists, pilots, marines, navigators/astrogators, engineers, doctors...

5.) Describe yourself. Pretty simple.

6.) There are some colony worlds in which you may start your character's backstory. However, most characters will most likely start out on Earth. But you are not limited in this regard.

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The stars were a beautiful vista to behold to all. The countless worlds, small and large, were far too many to even begin to count. Some teemed with life, others not. Such was the way of the universe. Such was life. But what was not life was the artificial structure that marked the greatest technological creation in all of the history of sentient life.

"My Lord?"

Terrik turned from the view afforded to him by the round observation bubble of the orbital shuttle.

"Yes?" he said with a calm precision.

"The vessel is ready, my Lord. The permission of departure is granted."

"Then we shall begin our mission," finished Terrik. The final word had just cleared his lips as he strode towards the aft airlock.

It did not take long before he had reached the bridge. Already the plot had been laid in. The vessel thrummed with power. It was the pride of the Imperial fleet, for the Augum Imperium had taken its most prized technology, all of its defenses and offensive capabilities, and constructed something that the Dissidents would fear for time immemorial. This very construct would bring peace to the galaxy. But the Dissidents were not the objective for this ship. The very mission that was about to be undertaken would be a quest to the one world from which the Augums had been birthed, a holy place for all understanding and creation. A place which its very name coined all of the ground on which one stood.

"My Lord," astrogation called out. "We are ready!"

"Engage main warp drive," ordered Terrik. "Set time dilation to 5.2. Execute." The orders brought the ship out of its orbit around the planet that, for well over a century, the Augum Imperium had ruled unopposed except by the Dissdents. The sun's light fell over the prow of the ship. The words written upon the hull were one that all Augums owed their hearts for it was a name that sheperded them through the stars.


And its destination.


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Character Portrait: Terrik Voren


Character Portrait: Terrik Voren
Terrik Voren

First Space Lord of the Augum Imperium


Character Portrait: Terrik Voren
Terrik Voren

First Space Lord of the Augum Imperium

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Character Portrait: Terrik Voren
Terrik Voren

First Space Lord of the Augum Imperium

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Most recent OOC posts in Into The Stars We Travel

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Apologies to players, I have had some unfortunate luck with computer memory problems. Therefore, go ahead with your first posts. I look forward to reading your posts!

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Yoshi, I saw the video and was sold at 3:05. This is excellent inspiration for this game. And yes, always room for more!

In response to your question, moons and planets abound. Most likely the star systems and planets we see in Star Trek will play a role, as well as Babylon 5. Wolf 359, Sigma Octanus IV, Epsilon Eridani, all may very well be colony by this point. You may use the examples given here or you may create a backwater colony from which you hail from. Though, in all likelihood, there is a large possibility of characters still being of Earth.

As of this posting, I will begin the first post of this game. Templar, seeing as you have been here for some time in this community, I would like your help with dredging up some sort of order if things get out of hand.

I await all of your characters!

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

I'm just wondering where these colonies are based? If you're open to suggestions this video has cool potential locations.

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

So, if yoshimirobotbattle joins, it'll be four of us - five with the GM. I'm still down to join and have been monitoring this thread. What do you all think?

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Is there still room for more players? I'm very interested in this RP and I'd like to start drafting up a character if that's okay?

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

You are correct, Templar. There are some colonies just started up so the places can be worked out if you wish to input a planet or moon. So Earth or her colonies are the birthplace of your character.

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Still thinking about it, to be honest. I assume we're playing as humans, and we start off on Earth, or in the Solar system or something? Wasn't able to glean a straight answer on that front.

The number of players is a small concern in itself; if I end up joining along with a friend of mine, the grand total would be just four players including the GM.

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Very well! That is one, you in Templar?

I will be posting a few characters to start. I currently will run the first Augum only to start First Contact and to give you guys a beginning antagonist.

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

Well, I'm down. I don't know how this'd go with only one member, though.

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

In regards to Game_Templar posts. Your characters will be a part of the discoveries as they are pioneered. However, with war appearing out of nowhere, contractors and other naval personnel will be pulled to help fight the new threat. No fapping off, since it would become a military command structure. More on your post here in a bit.

In regards to HouseRoman posts. The United Nations have direct command of the most government proceedings concerning Earth and her colonies. However, it does not directly control the EDF (Earth Defense Force) and the ESN (Earth Space Navy). All three have their own councils and are regulated by a set of codes that require a majority vote from three to do anything extreme or large. They act like a triumvirate in this regard.

The game universe does not have an ansible, like some other sci-fis that have near-instantaneous communications. I am taking a leaf from Mass Effect in which laser comm-buoys are used. It is a large network of automated satellites that take input and sends it along to the correct destination. The laser communications works by pulsing a type of Morse Code faster than is humanly possible. However, there are always ways to improve this network and is entirely up to the character if they want to try and find a new way or improve the current.

Warp Drive is the way FTL occurs. The method used: two super magnets are suspended above and below a piece of etherulium (this is a fictional element for purposes of this game. It is quite common on asteroids). When activated, the magnets begin to spin around the metal, creating a very powerful magnetic field that is amplified by the positive and negative energy field that the metal begins to emit. The metal in question is the catalyst in this, as the magnets only serve to generate the field necessary to make the positive and negative fields. Due to how the magnets are rotating, the poles of positive energy and negative are always changing. This oscillating energy field reduces the plane of space-time in front of the vessel while raising it behind it. The faster you travel, the greater the depression/ascension is. I suppose it is possible to generate a large enough field that other smaller ships can "ride the wave" so to speak, but that is up to the characters.

Now in the regards to the "aliens" question. Currently, there are only two sentient species that will begin this game. They are the Humans of Sol and the Augums (AH-gums). The latter was once the humans of the ship Nostrodamus. They still retain their human shape and look almost entirely human. Except for a few things. To survive long-time exposure on a ship that had not the greatest protection, they had to develop technology in ways that would make most scientists have a fit. One of the technologies was nanites. Once these nanites were created, they were implanted. The Augums, in a way, became the perfect life-form. They were resistant to radiation of all sorts, including solar radiation. They could survive a few minutes longer in a vaccuum than a normal human. And they possess a faster healing rate, able to heal most wounds within days instead of weeks although very serious injuries may still take a long time to heal.

They do, however, still need to eat and drink water but they can go longer than most humans without it. By now, why Augum? It is what they decided to call themselves after finding a new world, since they no longer considered themselves entirely humans.

As of this time, no other species can be allowed to be played. That is not the same as finding alien species on other worlds but they are not allowed to be sentient. That being said, there is a race that will come into the story later on that is not Human or Augum. But that depends if we can reach the milestone. And most importantly, once we have reached a certain threshold in the story, I will open the Augum race to be played. However, and I suspect I will have to make another stop at the rules page, this race is considered restricted. My definition of this: a restricted race is limited to only a few players and MUST BE CONFIRMED FOR APPROVAL by the GM.

The reasons for restrictions on playable races until certain story requirements are met is to limit the ridiculousness that appears in games. By having only one and unlocking the rest, I am hoping to not only keep the players from just running rampant but also giving incentive to continue playing. I also tend to view games as a TV series with episodes. As such, I try to mirror reveals and important plot arcs over time through several "episodes". Just how I have DMed IRL.

Also, the intro was meant to ask more questions than answer.

Has this helped?

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

I'm also interested in this. Can you give an outline of which line of technological achievement and government structure it's going to follow?

Re: Into The Stars We Travel

As much as space opera science fiction is my jam, I'd much prefer seeing a clear outline of the plot before jumping in. Reading the intro left me with more questions than answers. Where do our characters fit into this? Will they do so in a manner that doesn't result in everyone faffing around in their own separate parts of the galaxy? Are alien species welcome, or are we just having humans/aliens-that-are-really-humans?

Into The Stars We Travel

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