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Into Your Arms

Into Your Arms


Looking for partner!

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”Love is like a puzzle, you spend a lot of time trying to piece it all together. Sometime you get so frustrated you want to quite, but in the end when all the puzzle pieces are in place, the result was worth all of the struggle and time.”

August Fall, is one of the most beautiful ocean front cities in the world located on the boarder of California and Oregon. One side of the city is considered California, the other side is Oregon, the city literally split in half. The city it’s self is an ultimate paradise and is the definition of a beach town.
August Fall:
Cliff Side Homes
Down Town
The Boardwalk, full of shopping, it has a carnival like atmosphere.
The Cove, A spot few know about
The Country Club

Summer is August falls most populated time, tourists constantly roaming the streets of the down town, and natives to August fall are wither surfing the day away or waiting for the summer night clubs at August falls popular boardwalk. The teens of august fall are almost never home, they run the town.

Couple One

She’s a rich girl, who’s always gotten her way. She’s a junior in high school and one of the most popular girls in her high school. He’s been homeless his whole life, in and out of foster care. Now in his early twenties, he’s use to this life and now he’s just enjoying traveling and being a wander. But, fate had decided that she needs a lesson and they both need to know what love really is. He want’s nothing to do with her at first and not that she likes him all that much, but it only makes her wat him the more he ignores her. Little do they know there falling for each other, harder than they know.

Girl One||AGE: (15-17)||OPEN
Boy One||AGE: (21-23)||TAKEN

Couple two

Her family is one of the wealthiest in her city, best friends with girl one, she is the queen bee of her school, she’s never suffered, she’s always had everything at the snap of her fingers. He was recently released from prison for drug possession, attempted murder, and theft. No one want’s an ex criminal working for them, but he was lucky enough to get a job at her father’s beach side country club/golf course. At first they don’t get along, but the more time they spend with each other, the closer they become. He wishes he could take back his past, she doesn’t care about his past all she cares about is the here and now.

Girl Two||AGE: (16-18)||TAKEN
Boy Two||AGE: (22-24)||OPEN

I am looking for one other person to take the roles of Girl One and Boy Two, this will be a private RP, between myself and one other person. Rules and Character sheet will be up to Myself and the other person whom I pick. Whoever shows the most interest in the OCC will most likely be picked. Also this RP will have a big age gap between the couples, so if your not comfortable, then yeah. Also their will be adult themes. ALSO there will be lots of drama and cheesy cliques, DEAL! I'm in need of a good romance RP!

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Max walked down the cozy streets of August Falls, it was too perfect, the neighborhoods all looked like they had been taken straight from a magazine, all the small beach houses with their perfect lawns and white picket fences. He wondered what it might have been like to have grown up here, to have had a seemingly perfect life. His hands shoved in the pockets of his leather jacket, his worn backpack hanging haphazardly from one should, his brown hair just barley covering his brilliant blue eyes. Anyone could tell he wasn’t from August Falls, anyone could tell that he was a wonderer he didn’t really belong anywhere. He was looking for a street Rover Avenue was the street his father had told him. He wasn’t even sure how his father had gotten ahold of him, then again his father was involved with gangs, he probably had heard something. Either way he had found Max and he had insisted on seeing him and had his father not mentioned a sister, he wouldn’t be in August Falls right now.

His blue eyes lazily glanced up at the next street sign “Rover” he repeated to himself out load reading the green street sign. He stood on the corner as he glanced across the street to a little girl with long brown hair, she resembled him quite a lot. “Randy, lunch.” He heard a gruff man’s voice call from inside. That was it, that was the house and the was what remained of his family. He wasn’t quite sure if he was ready for this, what would he say to the man that allowed him to be taken away, to a man that was hardly ever a father to him. He took a deep breath and turned, he decided he would explore the town a bit maybe take a much need walk on the beach and think up what he would say.


Graceland laid on her bed staring up at her ceiling, it was the first official day of spring break and she was already bored out of her mind. Her music blasted through her stereo speakers enough to feel the vibrations on the wooden floors of her room and enough to drown out her family. Her blonde hair was braided to the side and she wore an expansive powder blue sun dress. A loud pounding on the door caused her to jump. She pressed pause on the controller to her stereo. “Gracie, turn that fucking shit down!” her brother yelled as he pounded on the door. She rolled her eyes “Make me!” she yelled back. Her brother opened the door, rage behind his dark blue eyes. “Unlike you princess, I’m trying to do something with my life, so I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it down.” He said harshly. “Oh yeah, I forgot…going to college and having sex with stupid bim…” “Knock it off you two, and get down stairs, were going to the club.” Their father’s voice was stern and cold as he passed Gracie’s room, giving them orders like her normally did. She slipped on her flip flops and headed down stairs only to be greeted by her lush of a step-mother. “Oh Grace, please tell me you’re not wearing that.” Her step mother cooed, in a condescending voice. Grace glared at her “Move or I’ll make you move.” She threatened.

After a few more arguments and a silent ride to her father’s country club they were finally their, not that there was really anything to do, but it was the monthly meeting and all of the high class country club families came, the adults talked business and the kids normally got into trouble. Gracie pulled out her cell phone she didn’t want to have to sit her for the next four hours alone. Hey, come to the club, I’m bored as hell. she text quickly sending the text to her best friend Adalyn. She sighed as she changed into her swim suite and decided to get a bit of tanning .


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The sunlight streaming through the bay window lit the page of the book, the only source of illumination Adalyn Perry needed to read the original edition of Wuthering Heights by. She'd spent the the whole night before from the minute she'd gotten home from school holed up with the new arrival, glad it was finally spring break and she finally had time to curl up with the novel. It wasn't her first time with Emily Brontë's classic novel, but this was the first time she'd been able to locate and procure such an early version of the book, who's pages were so old that she had to turn them with practiced care.

"Ah, this is the life." The thought strolled through her mind as she reached the final page of a chapter. Setting the book gently against the cradle of her bent, sweat-pant covered knees, she took the opportunity to stretch her arms. Addie couldn't have picked a better way to start her spring vacation then curled up in the window seat of her family's library with a literary classic in-hand, especially since her sister was currently out of the picture. Her personal terror, Charlotte Perry, wouldn't be arriving until that Friday as her break was- thankfully- not scheduled until the week after theirs. It wasn't the first time she'd been grateful to Duke University, and it most certainly wouldn't be the last. The only problem she could easily for-see was that she only had one more chapter left in her novel, and then what would she do? Unfortunately, Addie wasn't enough of a forward thinker to have planned ahead for that eventuality.

Just as she was starting to realize that this would be a problem, the phone sitting beside her on the velour fabric suddenly trilled at her. She jumped a little at the sudden noise- the first she'd heard in more than a few hours- and quickly reached for it. The message on the screen alerted her of Gracie's distress and she found herself smiling, that girl couldn't go more than a few hours without becoming bored. Without a second thought- even to the last chapter of Heathcliff and Catherine's story- she unlocked the screen and tapped out a quick response, lol~~~ I'll be there in a few ;D My Dad has 2 go 2 that meeting anyway. See ya soon beautiful~~~ Of course she and her family had been members of Gracie's father's country club as long as it had been open- their families went back for ages- so it was a given that he'd be attending the meeting as he always did- even if he had to cancel a shareholder's meeting to do so.

With the response sent to her best friend, Addie gently placed the ancient book on a side-table with her place marked and hurried out of the large oaken doors to get dressed. In the process of leaping up the stairs she passed her father- clad in his polo and boating shoes-, on his way to the meeting. "Just wait- I'm coming too! Gracie's there!" the girl called back to him as she continued on her way to her room. She knew the man wouldn't think of correcting her and that he'd be waiting with the car ready when she came back down the stairs.

Less than ten minutes later she was running back down the grand staircase that led to the front door of their beach-front estate, this time clad in a skimpy, pink tennis dress and a pair of high-heeled sandals that defiantly weren't made for tennis playing- her racket and a bag full of swimming gear in hand. Adalyn hurried through the doors and out to the sleek, white sports car waiting at the end of the front steps with her father in the front seat. After throwing her things into the back she slid into the passenger seat, her hands instantly going to yank her curly, brown hair into a ponytail as soon as the door was shut. "Ok Daddy, let's go!" She commanded and her father obeyed, putting the car into gear and driving them off to the country club at a reckless speed.


"Alright just call me if he needs anything. Or anything happens. Or just... just call me," the words sounded stressed even to Jackson as they passed his lips- no wonder the babysitter was giving him such an odd, understanding look.

"First kid, eh? Don't worry hun, I've had loads. I know how to deal with 'um." Helega Peterson must have been old when Jax was born, which meant that she was now practically ancient and also that her words were more then likely true. This fact did not, however, make him feel any better about leaving his little brother alone with her. If he had to be honest, he wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving Rory with anyone- it had nothing to do with poor Mrs. Peterson- it was just the way he was when it came down to anything involving the kid.

"Umm.... I guess you could say that....," He responded hesitantly- unwilling to get into an argument with the woman who would be watching his brother for the rest of the week and also because he was already running late to work at the club. "Anyway, just call me. My number's on the fridge," Jax called over his shoulder as he hurried down the stairs of the rickety old apartment building. No matter how worried he was about leaving his brother alone with a woman who might croak at any moment, he was already on thin enough ice when it came to his job; even if he was always on time and the hardest worker in the entire employee force, being an ex-con was enough to put him on a permanent black list. Honestly this didn't mean that he held it against Mr. McDonald, he was still just grateful to the man for giving him a job; the only thing that this really meant for him was that he would always try his hardest to show that he was worth the potential risk they'd taken in employing.

Trying to keep up his "perfect attendance record", Jax barreled down the sidewalk as fast as his legs could carry him- heedless of the reactions the other pedestrians gave him. Luckily enough his apartment was close to the busstop, and from there it was only ten minutes by bus to the stop nearest the club. Unluckily, given that the patrons of the club never needed to take public transport, the closest busstop was another ten minutes away by foot- which could be shortened to seven if he ran the whole way. The second Jax stepped off the bus he took off once more- the bag containing his work gear bouncing against his side from its place on his shoulder. He raced through the empty field leading up to the wide, white building, only slowing when he got close enough to spot a group of customers standing before the front steps.

Thanks to his busy, work-heavy lifestyle, Jackson was barely panting by the time he trotted over to the employee entrance. Casually he glanced at the old, thrift-store watch attached to his wrist and cursed to himself, "Shit..." Unfortunately he didn't even have time to go into the locker room to change properly before his shift started; so he popped open the door and hurried to his locker. After yanking out the bright, blue polo shirt that was the required uniform, Jax shoved his bag deep into the recess of the plain metal box along with the plain black t-shirt he'd been wearing over his required khakis. He never stopped moving even as he began to roll up the shirt to slip it on over his tattooed torso. Shoving open the door he'd just entered, Jax pulled the polyester uniform shirt down to cover his skin on his way to the pool where he started every day at work.

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Re: Into Your Arms

I would love to play girl one :) I am looking for a good romance RP, and would love to play her!

Re: Into Your Arms

Yeah, I would also be interested if it was just one character as taking on two right now is a bit much to take on with irl stuff. I love Girl one, haven't played one like that in forever and its my favourite to write for.

Re: Into Your Arms

I was looking for a romance rp but I don't think I want to play more than one character. why not have 4 people rp this instead of you and another person?

Re: Into Your Arms

Ooooooh, this sounds really interesting! :D I'd love to get in on this with you if that's alright, I'm a sucker for a good romance roleplay and when I saw the gif of Colton Haynes for boy two I was immediately smitten~!

Just let me know what I need to do! I'm totally okay with playing girl one and boy two as well as cheesy cliques and romances! ^_~

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