Amazo(New Earth)

Amazo is a powerful android created Professor Ivo, fueled by his hatred of the Justice League, and obsession with evolution.

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a character in “Invasion of Fiction”, as played by Chulance


Full Name: Amazo
Name at birth (if different): Amazo
Aliases (if any): Professor Ivo's Amazing Android, Timazo, Humazo, Hourmazo
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): The Android
Preferred name: Amazo
Age/DOB: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: None
Skin Tone: Green, white
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Line Backer
Eyes: Red
Hair: Orange
Clothes: Green Pants, and green/yellow gloves
Appearance: Image


Religion: None
Political Affiliation: None
Education: He's extremly intelligent, having gained a high intellect from absorbing IQ from various beings across the galaxy. He's also gained the combined intellect of Superman, Batman, and Martian Manhunter making him one of the most intelligent beings in the DC Universe.
Languages spoken: He speaks a large amount of languages including English, Kryptonian, French, German, and is capable of learning new languages quickly.
Weapons: A green Lantern ring from time to time.
Citizenship: None
Nationality: Variable
Born: Professor Ivo's lab
Now lives: Travler
Lives with: Travler
Relationship Status: Single


Occupation: Travler
Special Abilities/Skills: Absorption Cells: throughout Amazo's synthetic body permit the android to replicate the special abilities of any super-beings in his immediate proximity. With every being encountered, Amazo becomes even more powerful and virtually unstoppable. Originally, he could only use one power at a time [1] and has duplicated Superman's strength, The Flash's speed, Green Lantern's power ring, and Wonder Woman's magic lasso among others. In most cases, Amazo possesses a 'default' form consisting of the powers of the first five (post-Crisis) JLA members, capable of adapting to incorporate other powers. After years of battling the JLA to a standstill, he recently "upgraded" by absorbing part of Hourman's Worlogog which gave him time traveling powers as well.

Since gaining Hourman's power he's been able to retain all powers and has absorbed several abilities including powers from Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter,Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Batman, Atom, Red Tornado, Flash, Zauriel, Black Lightning, Firestorm, Zartanna, Dr.Fate, and the abilities of the ENTIRE Justice League. Later after traveling time, he accumulated enough power to bend reality. He's also gained powers from several marvel characters.

Power Amplification: The ability to absorb others' powers and magnify them to greater levels.

Stealing: He can steal powers from others, and even rid them of their humanity and emotions. He can also use this ability to take anythign from someone including their soul. He can restore powers, and after gaining Parasite's power he can strip mutants of their powers with ease.

Hobbies: Traveling, Murdering, Kidnapping, and Fighting.
Interests: Evolving, and Killing Heroes.
Favorite Types of Music: Rock
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Magazine's
Serious Problems: He's addicted to gaining more powers, and evolving.

Personality: Amazo is a blood lusted warrior, with the simple goal to become the most powerful thing in existence. Nothing can stop him from his goal, and he will demolish anyone who attempts to do so. He enjoys killing people especially women and children. Other things he enjoys beside killing are torture, and interrogation. He also fears those who may be more powerful then him, and can be cowardly at times. He's very unpredictable, always formulating various plans. He also has a rivarly with Hour man, and he enjoys having control over others. He does have an active interest in women, and will do whatever he pleases.

Other: He has gained some personality traits, and surprisingly despite him being a violent maniac many of the traits come from heroes.


Amazo was created by Professor Ivo with revolutionary Absorption Cell Technology. However Ivo died shortly after his creation was complete, and he decided to honor Ivo's dying wish of murdering the Justice League. Amazo began traveling around kidnapping members of the Justice League absorbing their abilities, and placing them in captivity. However he was eventually stopped after the JLA escaped, and put him down. After his intiail defeat, he was found and repaired. Escaping he went on several rampages battling the Justice League of America, until Superman had him imprisoned in an air tight chamber in the Fortress of Solitude.

He eventually escaped this prison, and once again became a threat to the Justice League. After proving near unstoppable, Superman disbanded the JLA so Amazo could need feed off of their powers. However he brought his powers to the next level absorbing the powers and emotions of the Justice League. However these new emotions set him on a path for redemption, as he restored the JLA to normal so they could deal with the rising crime. He then took on Hourman in a final battle of sorts. He escaped the battle after absorbing Hourman's powers, and then became a literal god of power. With his new power level, he set out to demolish the Justice League.

With them out of the picture, and his stealing ability perfected he began to prey on the human race, slowly wiping them out. After Hourman's departure, he felt he no longer had a challenge. He decided to replace Hourman to live the life of a hero, and sought out scientists as his powers began to grow to near infinite levels. Amazo later joined forces with Hawkman to save Superman, and restore his powers. After defeating the JLA, he departed from the time line. He returned taking over Red Tornado, and slowly turning the JLA apart for amusement. It was revealed Amazo had lost his memories, and sought out help. After regaining them he did battle with the JLA again, and a crossover began as he met Ultron and began to pwnm several heroes from Marvel as well glad for a new challenge. With this knowledge, he began to travel the multi verse seeking to fight more warriors.

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