Light Yagami

Light Yagami, a man disgusted by rising crime rates. Using the Death Note he murders criminals, and assumes the alias Kira.

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a character in “Invasion of Fiction”, as played by Chulance


Full Name: Light Yagami
Name at birth (if different): Same
Aliases (if any): Kira,
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): President/God/Lord Kira
Preferred name: Light
Age/DOB: 23, February 28, 1986
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 5'11
Weight: 178 lbs
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Clothes: Usually white and black colored clothing.
Appearance: Image


Religion: None
Political Affiliation: Unknown
Education: College Education
Languages spoken: English and Japanese
Weapons: Light has a Death Note, a supernatural note book that lets him kill others. He can kill others with their name and face. The basic killing method is heart attacks,but he can specify the method of death. Light can write in the death note with ink, blood, any form of liquid as long as it doesn't simply tear apart the paper example's of the latter being water. Light knows the limits of the notebook, and has became a master of using it.
Citizenship: Japanese
Nationality: Japanese
Born: Tokyo,Japan
Now lives: In his own Apartment
Lives with: Misa Aname
Relationship Status: Dating


Occupation: Super Detective
Special Abilities/Skills: Light Yagami is a Genius with an extremely high IQ. Due to his high IQ, his memory is near photographic. He can memorize things easily, and is a master manipulator. He is a capable fighter, capable of having a short duel with L.
Hobbies: Killing Criminals, Dating, Writing,
Interests: Women, Law Enforcement, Power, Flying, The Shinigami Realm
Favorite Types of Music: Classical
Favorite Types of Reading Material:
Serious Problems: Light has an extreme God-Complex.
Personality: Light's personality is at best cocky and arrogant. He believes himself to be the best and these beliefs are only reinforced throughout the series. At the start of the series Light is a humble, reasonable and intelligent young man. Confident in his abilities with a strong sense of justice.

Upon coming into contact with the death note, Light strong sense of justice is unearthed and starts his escapade to rid the world of evil. But the introduction of L begins to reveal Light's competitive side. His hunger to defeat L consumed him and this is where he began to lose the better parts of his personality.

His confrontation with L showed his brilliance and cunning as well as the arrogance he held. The constant strain pushed his psyche to great limits and contorted his mind thus changing his persona entirely. Light then became two people. There was the brilliant super sleuth with a heart of gold and there was the brilliant mastermind who manipulated many seeking to move closer towards his goal. Both men used there intelligence to advanced towards there goals yet only one succeeded.
Other: Light loves potato chips, and saving money.

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