Invasion of Fiction(The Reboot)

Invasion of Fiction(The Reboot)


A world were fiction is not so fictional.

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Plot: Fictional Characters are every-where...from manga and comics to television shows, and movies. Various characters exist, all living in the universe there creators make. Heroes, Smallville, 24, Jump, Push,Cheaper By the Dozen, Gossip Girls, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, Spider Man, Uncanny X Men, ect..barely any of them have anything in common. However, now they will all be united. Gravitational Portals open up in various universe's, and the result fictional characters are released into the real world. How such an event has transpired no one knows, but know the world must deal with unimaginable chaos. What will happen? Find out.

Character Sheet (Created by Ylanne)

Full Name:
Name at birth (if different):
Aliases (if any):
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.):
Preferred name:
Skin Tone:
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.):

Political Affiliation:
Languages spoken:
Now lives:
Lives with:
Relationship Status:

Special Abilities/Skills:
Favorite Types of Music:
Favorite Types of Reading Material:
Serious Problems:

Taken Characters
Clark Kent (Smallville)

Barack Obama

Deceased Characters


Toggle Rules

1.No Godmodding/Power Playing. This basically means your fictional character cannot gain extra powers, or do things they are not capable of. Be reasonable though..plz.
2.You can be any fictional character from any fictional genre, and you can also play as yourself in real life. You can also pick a character from another RP, but only one. However you can have as many characters as you want.
3..Romance is allowed, although if it's too graphic take it to pm's
4.Violence will be in this there might be violence and considering all fictional characters it may be gory at times.
5. If your characters goes to a new location, I'll add the location
6.No religious characters, meaning the Judeo-Christian God, Buddah, Allah ect, but you can play Zeus from Percy Jackson.
7. You can make characters that exist in the real world
8. After submitting your profile's, post them in the OOC section as well.
9.Post in the OOC after making your sheet, so I know you made it in the first place
10. Check the list of characters, and users before joining
11. Also choose when your characters start. So basically you can use a character from Heroes...either them from Season 1, or if you want from Season 4? Up to you.
12. Also existing Normals such as President Obama, or Michael Jordan are NPC's as of now. If you want to RP one of them PM me, but you CANNOT be insulting, or EVER be OOC for these characters.
13.Have fun! :)

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#, as written by TFairy
Sara groaned as she regained consciousness. She ached all over. The last thing she remembered was teasing Morgan as they walked into the Lab. She groaned a bit louder. She'd passed out in the Lab. Just great. Just what Hodges and the other Lab Techs needed. She hauled herself up into a sitting position, feeling a hand on her back helping her up. She let her eyes flicker open, where she met her colleague's chocolate colored gaze, concern tainting her features.
"Sara? Thank goodness you're awake. I was so worried..."
"I'm fine, just a bit sore. What happened? Please don't tell me that either Hodges or Eckley was around."
Morgan shifted around uncomfortably. "Actually, Sara... I don't think we're in Vegas anymore. We're definitely not in the lab, we're in some apartment or something. Everything just went black and I woke up here. You've been out about ten minutes longer than I was."
Sara stood up somewhat shakily, glancing around the small room. "Are we locked in?"
Morgan shook her head, standing up with Sara. "I wanted to wait until you were awake and alright before we went anywhere. My phone's out of battery, I couldn't call Catherine. We should call her, find out where we are, and maybe she can help us get home. The guys at the lab will know what happened to us."
Sara pulled out her phone, hitting in their Supervisor's number. She frowned as she held it up to her ear. "It says that Cath's number doesn't exist... I dunno, maybe it's the signal or something. I'll head outside, maybe I'll be able to call the Lab there." She headed outside, rubbing the back of her head as she went. God, she still ached.
"Lady, are you okay? You look kinda sick..." The stranger made Sara jump, she quickly glanced towards the room where Morgan still was.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm CSI Sara Sidle, I need to know where--" The man burst out laughing, cutting Sara off. "Lord, nobody told me there was a costume party going on!"
"There's no costume party. I'm with the Las Vegas crime lab. I need to know where I--"
"How's Grissom?"
Sara felt a shock run down her spine. How did he know?


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Raymond was leaning against the counter of his work place. He hated working at burger king with a white, hot intensity of a thousand suns. He hated providing customer service, some people seriously had no bussiness attending a fast food joint if they can't act like they got some class. He felt so isolated, to the mainly spanish speaking co-workers. His only ray of light, being his boyfriend. Unfortunately he'd quit the day before to persue other job opportunities. Raymond was hoping to follow suit, but so far things were looking good.

" Exscuse me sir, can I have a crown please " Raymond looked down and saw a little girl of about 6 looking up at him. He had mixed feelings about children, but liked them in the scheme of things. He picked up one of the crowns and gave it to her.

" Heheheh, thank you for your kindness master, heheheheh " Raymond rolled his eyes, how the hell did he miss it.

" Alucard, your job here is make sure im safe from all the crap happening these days. Can you be a little more serious about it? "

Alucard laughed again as he slipped the crown on his head " But my master, if someone were to attack this building, there guard would be lowered by this unthreatening form, correct? "

Raymond sighed " True enough I suppose. Just go sit back down, I have one more hour, then we go home " he hoped Marik and the others hadnt blown his house up.

Raymonds apartment

Marik Ishtar was sitting at one end of the kitchen table, rubbing his millenium rod. He had found himself out of his own world. But he'd adjusted quickly enough. Raymond discovering and allowing him stay in his home was much appreciated. The boy had a deep seated evil beneath the service and Marik found it quite....evil. Soon others found there way here and now he'd assembled them for a council. An evil council.

" Gentleman, and I use that term lightly. Today is the day we plot over how to take over the worl. But first let us do a roll call. Orochimaru! "


Marik opened his eyes, having had them closed for an evil effect and foudn the kitchen empy.

" Where the [email protected]#$ is everyone! " he demanded.

Suddenly a large snake poked it's head out from below the table. It opened it's jaws and Orochimaru pulled himself out of it's mouth, taking a seat at the tabel. Smiling " You rang? "

Marik just starred at him " ....That was wrong on so many levels " shaking his head he got back to the task at hand.

" It's time to hold the evil council of evil and im doing roll call! "

" Oh goody " Orochimaru rolled his eyes and leaned on the table. He wondered why he still kept himself in the company of such fools. World domination was fr children, the only thing that he cared about was learning all of the jutsu of the world. Though for the time being that would have to be put on hold to he returned to his own world, and if nothing else the fools were good for some laughs.

Marik continued " Hollow Ichigo! Ok seriously that name just seems odd to me, can't he pick something else? "

" Whats wrong with my name? " Marik yelled and fell out of his chair as Hollow Ichigo appeared next to him. Orochimaru laughed softly to himself " This ones fast "

Hollow Ichigo cackled and sat down " Hows my name weird? "

Marik glared at him as he got back up " It just is, pick something else "

Hollow Ichigo just shrugged " White Ichigo "

" Shiro Ichigo "

" Thats the same blasted thing in japanese "

" Heh, your hard to pleae. The Hollow within Ichigo's conscience "

".............That name is so....EVIL!! "

Orochimaru rolled his eyes and laughed " Yes, his original name with extra words thrown in " Marik nodded

" Indeed now...Wait arent there more of us here. Wheres fluffy? "

The Hollow within Ichigo's conscience shrugged and Orochimaru pulled a snake out of his mouth who then pulled an apple out of the snakes mouth " I havent a clue "

Marik starred again " Well there goes the plans for brunch "


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#, as written by Aufeis
((I'm bored, so meh, whatever.))

The Supermarket:

I stood in line with the six pounds of hamburgers and woman's clothing, both of which getting me an odd look or two from the passer-by's. Not that it mattered, I'd never seen these jokes again. When the time to ring up the items came, I just handed the cashier some cash. It was all I really had, aside from a debit card, especially since I was distinctly against credit cards. With that, I began the journey back to the car, chewing one a piece of "Rain" 5 gum, my favorite. I went through a pack in about a week, if I was lucky. I got back into my car and got ready to head back to the house, but not before pushing my glasses up on my nose and rubbing my eyes, "They always said be careful what you wished for. And I always did wish for more excitement in my life..."


The Apartment:

Savannah cocked her head at the strange and unfamiliar acronym that the Creator's ally had written. However, she also frowned when one of the men proclaimed himself the greatest super hero ever, "Self proclamations of glory are hardly befitting the words of a hero, and lead to arrogance and flaw on the field of battle. Besides, a true warrior had respect for the challenge instead of reveling in the glory of a fight." Of course, those were the words of a knight who had never even heard of a "super hero" before.

Brandon: Well met, sers, but...
Brandon: I do not...understand.
Brandon: BBB?
Brandon: Is this some sort of guild or something of the like?
Brandon: Although I would feel a little more comfortable asking these questions face to face. Is there any way to make this inane chatter cease from emitting from this contraption?
Brandon: The yelling is quite annoying.

At this point, Savannah was attempting to figure out how to turn off the Windows Media Player which had just clicked onto auto-play and was now spewing out Linkin Park into the room, the music not necessarily loud enough to be heard in another room, but loud enough to off put someone who had never heard this type of music before.

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Several Fictional characters appeared in the real world. Clark Kent appeared in Tampa Florida where he met Michael Henderson, who saved him from some Kryptonite in Wal-mart. He began following Michael around gaining information about the world, while Savannah the protagonist of Brandon Flood's book appeared to him, as well as the Angel Castiel from Supernatural. The trio formed an alliance, and Majin Buu appeared in New York destroying the Empire State Building. While Roland having been in a similar dimension began searching for a tower, while Daniel avoided a confrontation with Buu, gathering the deceased souls from the building's destruction. Castiel left to search for beings from other fictional universe's, while Travis Linton find a Squirtle bringing it to his house.

Floyd learned of the destruction in New York, concluding Terrorists were attacking, logging onto AIM to talk to Brandon. He learned from his friend Jeff that Majin Buu was attacking NYC. Buu went on a murderous rampage, while Father appeared in Orlando, where he began gathering souls, engaging Homeland Security, and sending out his Manequin Soldiers to invade Florida. He wrapped Orlando up in a Diamond Dome, while Jess Travis's sister seeing the news learned that a Godzilla like creature was loose in Colorado. Brandon got Castiel to return to his apartment, where he learned about Majin Buu. Flash appeared in New York, and confronted Buu. Homeland Security began evacuating Civilians, while Milo Ventro met up with Floyd in his apartment. As the creature in Colorado neared the Linton House-Hold, Jess retrieved a knife her brother got her. Travis took the Squirtle to his house naming it Gill, getting Jess to run a cold bath for his pokemon.

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