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"So what are you, man or superman? -Lana Lang

Full Name: Clark Jerome Kent
Name at birth (if different): Kal-El
Aliases (if any): Red-Blue Blur, Blur, Superman, Joe, CK, Smallville, Superguy, The Traveler, Boy Scout, Good Samaritan, Kal,Mild-Mannered Reporter, Super boy, Kal-El, Son of Krypton, and Son of Jor-El.
Title: Officer Kent.
Preferred name: Clark
Age/DOB: 21/1986
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: None
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 6'3
Weight: Average
Build: Slim Line Backer
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Clothes: Clark almost always wears red, white, and/or blue (including his underwear), and yellow and gray on occasion; As Kal or Kal-El he wore green or black. As the Blur however, Clark wears black and Grey. He also wears the Superman costume, with the House of EL signal burned in.
Image (Common Attire)
Religion: Atheist
Political Affiliation: Undisclosed
Education: High School Education
Languages spoken: English and Kryptonian.

The Fortress of Solitude The Fortress in which the remains of Jor-el arrive. Clark formed this with the Crystals of Knowledge, and this is where he goes to speak to his biological father. The Fortress uses native Kryptonian technology to achieve feats of immense power. In the past, it has opened a portal to the Phantom Zone, reversed time, and created a complete solar eclipse. Given the broad range of its powers and abilities, it is the most powerful entity in the Smallville universe, with power surpassing even that of Clark Kent and other Kryptonians, and even villains. These powers are usually accessed by Kryptonian crystals placed inside a control console at the Fortress. Sometimes a single crystal is placed into the console alone. Other times, multiple crystals are used and they are placed within different areas of the console and moved around; in this sense, the Fortress console seems to resemble a programmable computer system. So far, the only entity shown to be capable of such programming has been the Zor-El replicant.

The Fortress is also home to Jor-El, the spirit and artifical entity of the orignal Jor-El. It is unclear whether or not Jor-El actually has innate powers himself, or if he is somehow able to tap into the power of the Fortress. So far, he has demonstrated the ability to seemingly restructure matter at will; he has transported Martha and Lois back to Smallville, taken Clark's powers away, restored Clark's life and power, froze Clark inside of a giant crystal, released Clark from the crystal, and restored (most of) Chloe Sullivan's memories. In each case, Jor-El has used these powers without the presence of a crystal or appearing to use the console. It is also unclear whether or not Jor-El needs to actually use the console to activate the power of the Fortress crystals. In Reckoning, he handed Clark a crystal that will reset time back to the beginning of the day. Even though no console was involved, when Clark took the crystal he was suddenly sent back in time to the morning.

The Fortress somehow contains vast reservoirs of power, although the initial source of this energy is unclear. The Fortress is capable of recharging from external energy sources such as the Crystal of El.


he one major vulnerability of the Fortress is the Kryptonian dagger that Jor-El gave to Clark. The dagger was apparently capable of inflicting damage even on super powered Kryptonians. But that capability came at a heavy price: when Brainiac was stabbed with a Kryptonian dagger, he was somehow able to access the power of the Fortress to open a portal to the Phantom Zone. Normally that would require access to the crystals and console of the Fortress; somehow because the dagger was part of the Fortress, Brainiac was able to circumvent the access limitations of the console, and access the power of the Fortress directly through the dagger. [1]

In addition, somehow Brainiac was also able to drain the entire power reservoirs of the Fortress leading to its seeming "death". It is unclear exactly how this happened. After the Fortress' death, the connection between the Fortress and Jor-El's oracle (Lionel Luthor) was broken.

Legion Ring This is a piece of technology from the 31st century that gives the wearer the abilities of time travel and flight. Clark's ring was designed differently from others, as it dosen't come with the flight feature. The ring however can travel through space as well as time. Clark is immune to time alteration when wearing this ring, and can remember original time-line's.

Citizenship: American/Kryptonian/Kandorian
Nationality: "Caucasian"
Born: Planet Krypton
Now lives: Smallville,Kent Farm
Lives with: N/A
Relationship Status: Dating Lois Lane

Special Abilities/Skills:

That's why I'm lucky to have parents like you. Every time I woke up and had a new ability, you were always there to help me adjust and this time is no different.– Clark Kent

Clark's superhuman abilities are powered by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. His body is a veritable solar battery that absorbs solar energy. He converts this energy into his abilities. His abilities usually appear suddenly and he must learn to control them. They seem to get stronger as Clark gets older.

Super strength: Clark often uses his super strength to take care of the farm. He lifts farm equipment, plunges fence posts into the ground, and drives nails with his thumb. Clark was easily able to catch a monorail train with no apparent effort and put it down carefully. When Clark is directly exposed to sunlight his strength levels are greatly increased. Currently Clark Kent can't fly but he can jump very high.

Invulnerability: Clark's invulnerability has also increased with his age. He is immune to human illnesses and bullets bounce off him. Clark is also highly resistant to energy-based attacks. He is currently durable enough to survive a distant nuclear blast and survive re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere and fall to the Earth's surface without damage. Clark also has an invulnerability to most telepathy. Ryan James was unable to read Clarks mind. He is also immune to several meta human abilities included Cryokinesis, Transmutation, Truth induction, Persuasion, Induced Paralysis, Disintegration, Pheromone Manipulation ect.

Healing factor: When Clark is wounded, he heals quickly if not instantaneously. His blood can also be used to heal any form of sickness, or injury. It can be used to revive the dead, and even restore Kryptonian abilities.

Super speed: Clark can run at speeds faster than the speed of sound. He uses this speed to run between distant cities (Smallville to Metropolis) faster than a word can be spoken, but not as fast as Bart Allen. Clark's super speed is depicted as instantaneous reappearance at his destination. Clark's speed has reached the point, that when using his speed to him time has stopped. Clark can also swim at super speed but may not be as fast as Arthur Curry. He emits an aura when using his super speed.

Super stamina: Clark can run for long periods of time without getting tired.

X-ray vision: Clark can see through any solid object except for lead. It may appear as a skeletal image similar to the ones seen on hospital x-rays, or it may be a full color image. Clark appears to have mastered the skeletal images over full color.

Heat vision: This power first manifested when Clark was 15 and was initially connected to his sex drive. Clark can also project force with his heat vision. He can choose to emit fire or pure heat. He can control the size of his heat vision, and can disintegrate large amounts of water with ease. He can decimate entire structure's, as seen when he demolished the Kandorian's tower.

Super hearing: When Clark was temporarily blinded at the age 16, this ability manifested to compensate. Clark can hear indirect whispers and both sides of telephone conversations.

Super breath: At age 19, Clark was vulnerable in the Phantom Zone and returned to Earth with super strong sneezes. When he got better, he honed the sneezes as super breath.He can freeze people with breath also.

Super dexterity: Clark is able to throw a basketball into a hoop yards away easily. When he failed to throw a football in a hoop, Martha Kent was shocked and stated that she had never seen him trip.

Flight: Brainwashed as Kal-El at age 17, Clark could fly in full control of this ability, but at 22 has yet to control it. However, he has had this innate ability since 14 but cannot consciously use it, probably because his physical mind hasn't developed the ability to control it. However he has mimicked flying a few times, making super leaps from building to building, jumping up at great speed onto missiles and off from bridges. He was also seen hovering a few feet off his bed while dreaming of Lana.

Longevity: According to Jordan Cross, Clark will live for an extremely long period of time, explaining it as if he can "go on forever". Also, Jonathan Kent and the Martian Manhunter have stated that he may be immortal.

Microscopic and telescopic vision: Clark has the ability to see things miles away.

Clark can hear Kryptonian beacons, and is able to mentally interface with Kryptonian artifacts to order them to fly into his hand as Kal-El. He has also had a possibly precognitive dream relating to the arrival of the second ship, though this is not clear. Although he has not been heard speaking it, Clark has been fluent in written Kryptonian language since about age 15 (it is unknown if he can understand or speak spoken Kryptonian).

Clark does not have a photographic memory but can speed-read.

Clark Kent's fighting style

Clark Kent believes strongly in non-lethal combat and has never directly killed anyone using his powers [27]. As a result, he has adopted a fighting style that depends largely on knocking opponents unconscious using his super-strength. He will sometimes combine these attacks with super speed, in order to remain anonymous (or to sneak up on his opponents). He does use more force when battling more powerful meta humans or extraterrestrial beings.


"We all have our weaknesses, I guess. Except for you, of course." – Chloe Sullivan

Clark is vulnerable to kryptonite, radioactive remnants of his home planet, Krypton. The known variations of kryptonite affect him in different ways. Clark can protect himself from kryptonite radiation using lead. Removal of the substance reverses the effects.

Green kryptonite renders Clark physically weak and painfully ill. He once stated that green kryptonite exposure hurt more than cracked ribs.

Red kryptonite makes Clark lose his inhibitions and social conscience. The effects strengthen over long periods of exposure. Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark usually refers to himself as "Kal", short for his birthname, Kal-El.

Black kryptonite can separate Clark from his Kryptonian persona, Kal-El.

Silver kryptonite makes Clark dangerously paranoid and suspicious, inducing hallucinations in the process.
Blue kryptonite robs Clark of his powers.

Kryptonian metal, such as the Starblade, can harm Clark. When stabbed by the blade, Clark received a near-fatal wound; he only recovered when Jonathan Kent healed him thanks to a temporary 'donation' of power from Jor-El.
Red Sun Radiation strips Clark of his powers.

The Persuader's atomic axe can cause a lot of damage to a Kryptonian due to the unknown properties of the metal.

High Pitched Noises because of his superhearing Clarks ears are extra sensitive to extreme noises such as Black Canary's sonic scream.
Some of the powers of metahumans effect Clark.

Hypnosis/mind control

Other Kryptonians/aliens Clark can be wounded and even killed by other kryptonians and aliens
Lead Clark can't see through lead with his x ray vision.

Although most metahumans received their powers from green kryptonite, Clark's vulnerability or immunity towards each individual seems to vary based on unknown factors; some powers seem to be deflected due to his non-human status, while others appear to have limited effect due to his powers. Clark was also vulnerable to the magical abilities of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and the hypnotic abilities of Simone's gemstone. He is also vulnerable to the powers of various intergalactic creatures from the Phantom Zone and was incapacitated by Black Canary's sonic scream (although his heightened hearing might have contributed to this more than any actual weakness on his part). As Clark got closer to Lana, he was experiencing large exposures to kryptonite without being in intensive pain until he touched her and seconds later kissed her. He wasn't able to get up as quickly as usual (after exposure to kryptonite) and could barely speak, struggling with the words: "I love you."

Hobbies: Writing, Farming, Playing Sports, Community Service, Helping others, Working, Watching movies,
Interests: Football,Basketball, Astronomy, Saving Lives, His work,
Favorite Types of Music: Rock
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Science Fiction
Serious Problems: Clark has several issues the main one being his inferiority complex, which can lead to him doubting himself, and sometimes doubting what he is capable of in crucial situation's. His ability to see the good things in people can lead to him being manipulated, and the such. Finally his savior complex, which has even lead to Oliver Queen calling him a Modern Aged Jesus.


"You feel no pain greater than to see others in agony." – General Zod, to Clark Kent.

Most of Clark's personality traits are the direct result of his modest farm upbringing. Being very close to both of his parents, Clark was respectful, obedient and highly valued their approval. Raised with a strong moral background, he does not like invasions of privacy, thinks the bad guys should be punished and wants things to be fair. Clark is also hard-working and usually does not place much value in material possessions.

Two traits of Clark Kent that have been prominent for most of the series have been his positive view on humanity and his self-loathing of not being human. He is idealistic and has the ability to always find the good in people, which manifests itself into a willingness to trust others to a fault. (An exception in Season Three Clark Kent being Lionel Luthor). Clark's optimistic opinions may also be somewhat inherent; while amnesiac, he retained a positive attitude of the people around him. He strongly believes that feelings such as compassion are synonymous to the human race, and thinks humans are, on the whole, noble beings.

Clark has often expressed a desire to be human and disdain towards his alien heritage, probably because he feels his biology hinders his humanity despite several people telling him that humanity is more than biology. This self-loathing is probably why Clark internalizes situations and believes everything is his fault, or revolves around him in some fashion. It deeply affects him when his loved ones suffer because of his secret, as he fails to consider that people who love him would willingly suffer for him and instead blames himself for any trouble that befalls them. He considers knowing his secret a burden to bear that puts the secret-keeper in danger. He often feels guilt about things over which he had no control and because of this, does not consider himself a hero. It may also explain part of his constant fear of sharing his secret, assuming that he won't be accepted for what he is because he is not comfortable with himself. Clark also struggles with the fact that he cannot save every endangered person and as such, feels that his heroic deeds are inadequate

This inferiority complex also extends to how Clark feels about his own race since he was quick to judge that Kryptonians are evil until discovering that they, like humans, were capable of love and compassion as well as hate and evil. Clark has made some improvements toward accepting who he is, expressing gratefulness for his abilities and taking pride in his compassion for the human race, which he views as a strength. However, recent events have caused Clark to abruptly change his mind about his compassionate side, and he now feels like caring too much for humans limits his ability to save them. As he has grown older, Clark has begun to realize that the circumstances surrounding his destiny affect a greater circle than his small hometown and has clearly decided to embark on his Kryptonian training in the near future. However, after reuniting with Lana Lang in the fall of 2007, he abandoned these plans and declared his intent to attempt to make a "normal" life with her on the farm. After Lana moved away from Smallville, accompanied by a near-death experience when he was temporarily rendered powerless, Clark resolved to take a more active role in his destiny and took a job at the Daily Planet to be certain of being in "the thick of the action". In conjunction with this decision he begun to use his powers in a more active manner.

Clark can be impulsive and often acts before thinking things through, doing things without considering the real-world repercussions or adverse outcomes, despite his good intentions.Unsurprisingly, Clark has a hero complex, often trying to save lives at any and all costs. He has willingly risked his own life to save his loved ones and has, on many occasions, offered the Kents' home to individuals seeking refuge. Clark has a temper which can come out when the people he loves are put into danger. Clark is also very comfortable around children and enjoys situations in which he gets to be a "big brother" figure.

Additionally, because he closely guards his secret, Clark can sometimes be dishonest. He often makes up lies to explain his sudden presence or absence as well as his knowledge of mysterious things. He seems slightly less mature than his friends, although this could be the result of his sheltered upbringing. Clark has also been known to whine, mope, or pout, especially about his roller-coaster relationship with Lana Lang. His family and friends have repeatedly told him that he shouldn't bottle up his emotions until they get the best of him. Clark has also shown to be somewhat of a workaholic, using work to cope or avoid his problems, or working unreasonably long hours.

Clark has a few ironic traits to his personality: He is afraid of heights despite the fact that he can survive almost any fall and he is also habitually late despite being able to run at teleportation-like speeds. Finally, and perhaps most ironically, Clark highly values trust in a relationship, despite his constant lies to protect his secret.

Recently, Clark has fully begun his Kryptonian training and is much less emotional, and more violent than before (although he retains his humor while around Lois). He has also seems to have become much more calm during battles, and resorts to more brutally offensive methods than he would have in the past. His willingness to use violence is further expressed when he put a witness in the hospital, lifted Tess off the ground by the throat and manhandled her while under no threat, then hit her hard enough to put her in the hospital as well.

Just recently Clark has told Zod to stay away from Lois Lane, for she is off limits, if Zod doesn't leave Lois alone, Clark will... destroy them all.

Other:Clark was a member of the Philosophy Club, Astronomy Club, Computer Club, and the Key Club in high school. He is good at math and his interests include playing football and basketball, astronomy and journalism. Clark is a poor dancer, and his first word was Lara. He is immune to the effects of Alcohol, and he rarely missed school. He graduated from High school in 2005, and he's trained in CPR.

Born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton to Jor-El and Lara-El, he was sent to Earth after his planet was about to be destroyed. Kal-El's ship crash landed in Miller's Field, Smallville, Kansas where he was found and illegally adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent where they named him Clark after Martha's maiden name. During his middle school years he met and befriended Pete Ross, and Chloe Sullivan. Also during his child hood his parents helped him gain control over his basic abilities, and he developed his crush on Lana Lang. Early on in his High School years he began using his abilities to stop Meteor freaks, humans gaining powers as a result of being infected by meteor rocks.

During his self assigned mission he managed to save Lex Luthor from an accident, and befriend him. He started a rivalry with Lana's boyfriend Whitney. He also started a love triangle with Whiteney and Lana. He formed an alliance with Whitney, before the latter left to the Marines. He nearly started a relationship with Chloe, when he left to help save his friends and family from some severe Tornadoes. Shortly after during his sophomore year he manifested Heat Vision, and exposed his abilities to Pete. He also discovered Red Meteor rocks, and had an on off relationship with Lana .He continued to deal with meteor freaks, and began to delve into his Kryptonian origins as he discovered the Kawatche Caves. A man named Virgil Swan helped Clark learn more about his destiny, while he began to get into struggle's with Law Enforcement.

He began interacting with Jor-el via his ship, and learned Martha was having her own biological son. He argued with Jor-el regarding his destiny, and later destroyed the ship causing a shock-wave that killed his mother's newborn son. He then took red kryptonite to become Kal, and moved to Metropolis. Once there he became a criminal, and Chloe helped hid from his friends and family. He then joined Morgan Edge's Intergang, but was brought by home by a temporarily super powered Jonathan. With help from Lex he took down the Intergang, and exposed his abilities to Lex in the process. Clark ended up breaking into Belle Reeve to save Lex, but Lionel had already put Lex through electroshock therapy which erased Lex's memories of the past seven weeks.

Clark met and dated a meteor freak named Alicia Baker, and ended up causing Pete to leave Smallville with his mother. He ended his friendship with Lex, but agreed to testify against Lionel in court. However Jor-el empowered a girl named Kara, and she took Clark to the caves to accept his destiny. He vanished in a flash of light, leaving his father in a coma.Three Months later Clark returned to Smallville as Kal-El to round up the Stones of Knowledge, however his quest was cut short after black kryptonite was used to return him to normal. He met Lois Lane, and together they saved Chloe from an assassin hired by Lionel. He also restarted his somewhat rocky friendship with Lex. Clark then joined the Football team, and met the speedster Bart Allen. He set him on the path of righteousness, before Lionel jacked his body. While Lionel was in control of his body he quit the Football team, and turned down a scholarship.

He managed to re-obtain his body, and set things straight with his friends. During Chloe's birthday, he began dealing with Lana's ancestor the witch Isobel, and her magical allies. He reunited with Alicia Baker, and she gave him red kryptonite. The two moved to Vegas to get illegally married, but later Alice was murdered. He brought the murderor to Justice, and and Dr. Swann sent Clark the key after his death. Clark re-established connection with Jor-El, and headed to China to get the stones before Jason, Isobel, and Lex did. As his senior year drew to a close, Clark had many strange things happen to him; he got possessed by Dawn Stiles during his senior prom, lost his memory, and he and Lana found a rapidly-aging child left abandoned in a field.

However near Graduation day he experienced Precognitive Dreams, and later a second Meteor shower took place. Clark gathered the stones, and formed the Fortress of Solitude. Chloe had been brought to the Fortress as well, forcing him to reveal his powers to her. He managed to fight off some other Kryptonians who came during the meteor shower, before finally being stripped of his abilities due to not returning to the Fortress in time. He was forced to fight off some meteor freaks Lex sent after him powerless, and after this he ended his friendship with Lex. However while powerless he lost his virginity with Lana, and started a relationship with her. He eventually regained them after being killed, and saved Smallville from a nuclear missile. He then met Milton Fine a college professor, from Krypton. Clark befriended Fine, but turned against him after learning he was helping Zod. After this Clark revealed his abilities to Lana, which got her killed.

Jor-el sent him back in time to save her, but this time his father Jonathan died. Clark then dropped out of Central Kansas A&M to single handedly manage his family's farm. Clark later exposed his powers to Lionel, after saving him, and Martha.Clark began to use his powers to help people including the super powered Vigilante Andrea Rojas, and the meteor freak Maddie Van Horn. Around this time was mind controlled by a woman named Simone, becoming her slave. After regaining control, he ended his relationship with Lana permanently. Towards the end of the year he was forced to fight Fine, and the now super powered Lex. He was placed in the Phantom Zone by Zod, and there he met Raya. He escaped to earth by also freed several criminals from the Phantom Zone, known as Zoners. He defeated Zod, and then began hunting the now freed Zoners. Around this time he met and befriended Chloe's new boyfriend Jimmy Olsen.

He also befriended Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow. Around this time he met Raya, but she was later murdered by a Zoner named Baern. He managed to get his friends and family together for Thanksgiving, and got Chloe's assistance in his mission to hunt down the Zoners. He also learned from Chloe that Lana still loved him despite being in a relationship with Lex, but later learned that Lex impregnated Lana. He temporarily joined the Justice League to help save Bart from Lex.A fter being infected with Red Kryptonite once again he crashed Lana's reception, and ended up kidnapping her. Martha used green kryptonite to stop his rampage, and he planned to stop Lex and Lana's wedding by revealing his powers to Lana. However she went on with the wedding after Lionel black mailed her, and Angered about Lana's marriage, Clark resorted to hunting down metahumans and turning them over to the police.

With Oliver's help he resumed his hunt for Zoners, and later helped Chloe save her mother Moira. After Moira's death, Clark and Lex were trapped in an underground tunnel system filled with kryptonite. With Lana's help, the duo escaped the system. Finally Clark went after Lionel after Lana's death via car explosion, and was calmed by John Jones a martian who was helping Clark fight Zoners. They tracked down the last zoner named Bizzaro who made a duplicate of Clark's body, and broke Reeve's dam. Clark stopped the rushing waters, and went after Bizzaro defeating him. He later met up with his cousin Kara Kent, and started a relationship with Lana with her knowing his secrete. He began to learn Lana's true nature, after she briefly obtained his abilities. He also began to deal with the Veritas a group determined to locate him. He also managed to briefly revive his mother Lara, and Kara's father Zor-El.

Finally after a climatic battle with Zor-El, Kara vanished. Jor-El imprisoned Clark in ice as punishment, and after being released he learned Bizzaro took over his life. With Lana's help he killed Bizzaro, and learned of Chloe's activities in the Justice League. He helped her fight Black Canary, and helped Oliver recruit his team. He later helped rescue Kara, however let her live a normal life upon learning her memories and powers had vanished. Clark had a reunion with Pete, which resulted into him learning Lionel was not truly his alley. Before he could act on this knowledge, Lionel had him captured and imprisoned in a Kryptonite cage. Kara now re-empowered thanks to Lana and Chloe, saved him from Lionel. He later met Patricia Swann, Dr. Swann's daughter to get the latter's diary. He cut off ties with Lionel, and began dealing with the return of Milton Fine aka Brainiac.

Around this time Brainiac placed Lana in a coma, and he began hunting Kara after she flew into Space with Brainiac. Around this time Lionel was killed by Lex, but the rest of the world assumed it was a suicide. Clark found a message from Lionel regarding Veritas, and his recent unexplainable actions. He set out to collect the Veritas Keys, and to stop Lex. Clark learned Kara and Brainiac were in the past, and decided he needed to die. Jor-El placed him in an alternate reality in which he never made it to earth, after escaping he departed to the past to stop his murder. He killed Brainiac, and brought Kara back to the present. Clark tracked down Edward Teague, the last member of the Veritas for the last part of the key.

However Edward betrayed him, planning to kill him to save the earth. He was rescued by Chloe, but failed to get the key. After learning of Lana's recovery, he went to get her only to learn she left Smallville. Clark then confronted Lex in the fortress, the latter having the orb. Lex unleashed the orb's power, causing the Fortress to collapse. Clark as result lost his powers, and escaped to safety. He was captured and placed in a Russian Concentration camp. He was rescued by Oliver, and together they went to rescue Chloe, and the rest of the Justice League from a facility called Black Creek. He was later killed by Oliver who was being controlled by Luthorcorp agents, but John came and flew him to the sun. He regained his powers, but John lost his. He then began saving lives becoming the Red Blur Blur, and met Davis Bloome.

He also met the new owner of Luthorcorp Tess Mercer, and began avoiding her attempts of seduction. He also faced some meta humans, and aliens. His relationship with Lois continued to grow, and Clark continued to fight crime in Metropolis. Eventually he and Lois were trapped in the Phantom Zone, were he met Kara. The trio escaped, and Clark with Kara's help stopped Zod's Wife Faora who possessed Lois. Kara left earth to find Kandor, and while Clark tried to assist Chloe as she began loosing her memories due to Brainiac. He rebuilt the Fortress, so Chloe could regain her memories but made sure she didn't remember his secrete. He began dealing with the return of Brainiac, Doomsday, and his new allies the Legion. Doomsday crashed Chloe's wedding, and kidnapped her. At the same time he learned Oliver was after Lex, and Lana returned. He learned Brainiac took control of Chloe's body, and with the Legion's help they removed Brainiac from Chloe's body.

Clark resumed his relationship with Lana, and she later worked with Dr.Knox to gain powers from a suit designed for Lex. Together they fought crime in Metropolis even dealing with the Toyman. However Lex forced Lana to absorb large amounts of kryptonite ending their relationship. Finally he revealed his secrete to the world, and became a global hero. But Linda Lake a former nemesis he faced, turned the world against him after exposing all the damage he'd caused. He used the Legion ring the Legion gave him, to travel back in time to keep his secrete safe. However he took on a dual identity, to inspire the world. Soon, Clark struggled with dealing with Davis Bloome, a paramedic who was secretly Doomsday, a biological weapon created by General Zod in order to kill Clark himself and then destroy the Earth. Clark ended up fighting Davis after learning of his murderous habits, and Chloe managed to kill him by submerging him in kryptonite. Later however..Tess formed a team, and used a shape shifter to gain information about Clark.

Clark then began to hunt down Davis and Chloe, after learning they left Smallville together. Clark learned that Oliver killed Lex, and Clark learned he would be killed by Doomsday after a member of the Legion visited him. He joined forces with the League to stop Doomsday, and used black kryptonite to separate him from Davis. . However, when Davis subsequently killed Jimmy Olsen and was killed by him in turn, Clark lost faith in humanity and vowed that "Clark Kent is dead," severing all ties with his friends and family for a time. Shortly after, however, Clark realized that he could not completely shut out his humanity and rejoined society.

However his life had changed as an assassin from the future had revealed he would cause the end of the world. Clark resumed work at the Daily Planet, and crime fighting as The Blur. He dealt with a slew of new enemies and problems such as John Corben, Major Zod & his Kandorian army, along with a zombie virus, and the return of Toyman. He briefly acquired Telepathic powers to stop Toyman, and learned from Jor-El Kandorians were scattered across the earth. Clark was reunited with Jor-El who had been revived from the dead, but Zod murdered his father. Clark and Lois after being placed on a blind date, started a relationship. Clark also began to reach out to Oliver who had quit being the Green Arrow, after Jimmy's death. Eventually after kissing Lois she fell into a coma, and Tess had her kidnapped. He went to rescue her, and learned what she saw in the future. With this knowledge he befriended Major Zod, and the Kandorians.

Clark helped Oliver stop his old arching mentor Vordigan, and warned Zod to stay away from Lois. Clark began investigating the murders of the JSA, and gathered the League with Oliver and Chloe. Clark was then infected with gemstone kryptonite gaining the ability of Persuasion, but also being under Major Zod's control. Chloe saved him, and the others placed under his control. With this done, Clark destroyed the Kandorians Solar Tower to prevent the future he witnessed. He later began helping the Kandorians deal with some traitors, and used his blood to heal Zod, in the process restoring Major Zod's abilities. After this he continued to assist the Kandorians, but with the help of friends he brought them down. With the Kandorians down his relationship with Lois continued, as he wanted to help more people, the Blur needing a face, with help from Chloe he donned the personality Superman.

As the mysterious alien hero from Krypton he was quick to begin saving lives in Metropolis revealing he was the Blur, and had been hiding from the public to avoid confrontation. The Government was quick to persecuate them, but he gained there trust, and quickly developed an enemy in Lex Luthor who knew his secrete, and told the world about the dangerous Kryptonians, and even planned to expose Clark. Around this time he began interacting with Batman, working together they stopped Lex from exposing him, and threatened his life. Starting the rivarly against Luthor that grew into legend, eventually joining the Justice League, and taking over after Oliver was seriously injured, after he recovered he remained in control fo the team, while staying a star reporter.

Floyd Banker

Full Name: Floyd N. Banker
Name at birth (if different): Floyd
Aliases: Lil Flo, Floy, Chulance, Chu, Pikachulance,
Title: Mr. Bitches
Preferred name: Floyd
Age/DOB: 20/May 1990
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Black
Skin Tone: Dark
Height: 6'1
Weight: 207 lbs
Build: Slim/Line-Backer
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, cut short
Clothes: Usually Jeans, and a shirt. Also sungasses

Religion: Christian
Political Affiliation: OBAMA!
Education: High-School education, and studied stuff.
Languages spoken: English and Spanish
Weapons: A gun
Citizenship: American
Nationality: African American
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Now lives: Atlanta, Georgia
Lives with: Lisa
Relationship Status: Dating

Occupation: Blockbuster(Part-time.)
Special Abilities/Skills: He is a capable dancer, and can play the drums, and piano. He can rap, and Dance. He's also a Black Belt in Karate.
Hobbies: Listening to music, Musical instruments, Dancing,
Interests: Drums, Piano, Singing, Rapping, Dancing
Favorite Types of Music: Rap, Hip-Hop, and yeah. MJ, Gucci Mane, Little Wayne. He don't like no rock, metal, all that stuff.
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Er....heh heh
Serious Problems: He can get angry easily. He also has problem focusing, leading some to believe he has minor ADD.

Personality: Floyd is a care free easy going man, who is ghetto as hell. He is constantly acting like a fool, which can upset others. He dosen't care about what others think about him, and will tell people. He does not like people who insult him, and he is quick to talk smack. He also hates racism, but can be quick to assume others or racist or that they have some hatred towards him. He is upsetting of others no matter their sexuality. nationality, religion ect. He is adamant about his beliefs, and can be quite stubborn. He also has a lack of respect for women, or so some people tell him so such as Travis Linton. He is an aspiring writer, and is constantly trying to get women. His friends have nick-named him "Mr. Bitches".

Other: He loves ice cream.

I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.-Castiel

Full Name: Castiel
Name at birth (if different): Castiel
Aliases (if any): Unknown
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): The Viceroy of Heaven
Preferred name: Cas
Age/DOB: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Variable
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Slim
Eyes Variable
Hair: Variable
Clothes: Variable, usually lighter colors.
Appearance: Image

Religion: Christianity
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Education: Highly Educated, very knowable of various things beyond human comprehension.
Languages spoken: Omni-lingual
Angel Sword: A long or short blade that is capable of killing angels, and any being, regardless of their abilities, such as healing factors, or immortality. Even humans are capable of using the sword if they seize it from him. When an Angel is killed by this weapon, they explode with an intense white light and their wings are burned like ash onto the ground where their bodies lie. This blade is even capable of slaying Archangels.

Citizenship: Heaven
Nationality: Variable, Currently Caucasian
Born: Heaven
Now lives: Heaven
Lives with: Angels
Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Host of Heaven Leader
Special Abilities/Skills: Castiel is one of the oldest angels, and now an archangel after his second resurrection. His is true voice is piercing to the human ear; only certain people can hear him properly. Looking on his true visage will burn out a human's eyes, as Pamela Barnes found when she tried to summon him in a seance. The sight of his true form will also burn the eyes of humans possessed by demons, as shown in the diner scene when Sam is attacked by a blind demon. The demons are terrified of him.

He uses Electronic Voice Phenomenon to speak to people with his true voice. He can also use Radio, and Tv to communicate with humans with his true voice. He can teleport himself, or a group through time and space, although this can have harmful biological effects on humans. Being the current leader of Heaven, he can freely travel Earth, and Heaven, as well as summon ,and command legions of Angels. He also has to ability to heal others, from anything including restoring a cripple's legs. Due to his Angelic Nature, he has several other supernatural abilities. He is immortal, and immune to all forms of harm. He can be killed by the Sword of an Angel, and Enochian sigils and symbols written in blood can be used to repel or banish them from a place temporarily. Enochian magic can also be used to render humans invisible to angelic senses requiring them to use only their vessel's senses to locate their target. There is also at least one incantation that can banish him back to Heaven.\

He can take on a human vessel, with permission from the human. The source of his powers is his Grace, and he can remove it at will to become human. He has super strength, and appearing in a certain location can cause harmful effects such as black-outs, or glass to shatter. He can alter memories, or render someone unconscious with physical contact. They can exercise and destroy demons. He is also able to cause humans immense pain, negative biological effects, or instant death. Such negative effects including bestowing cancer, or removing lungs. He is Self Sufficient meaning he does not require food, water, sleep, and other such necessities. He has Telekenesis, can implant visions in Prophets, and can bring humans back from hell.

Circle's of Holy Oil can leave him trapped, and an Angel Banishing Signil drawn in human blood on a door, or wall can banish him. While he was still at the level of a regular Angel he could be effected by Cambions, and Archangel's abilities. Being the new Viceroy of Heaven, he is immune to all of their abilities. He is capable of materializing matter out of thin air, and currently has practically limitless power which can achieve nearly any effect he desires. He can decimate entire structures, control seismic activity, perform Dimensional Travel, Generate False Realities, Emit Beams of Destructive Energy, Manipulate Reality, Control the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum, Generate Time Loops, destroy and recreate Planets at will, Incinerate other lifeforms, See the Future, Shape-Shift, Manipulate the Temperature, and Revive the Dead.

He can be harmed by the Colt, but cannot be killed. He can manipulate diseases, and the Weather. He is also capable of turning invisible, and Generating anything he wants from Aliens, to sexy teenagers who absorb life force. He can control any creature, and manipulate Holy Energy. He can also generate and control limitless numbers of clones. He can even animate, and manipulate fiction. He is also able to Generate Illusions, and can transform any object or person into something else with a thought. He can choose how much of reality he wants to effect, and can mask himself from detection. He can wipe out the Entire Host of Heaven with a single word, and can change reality with his words. He is one of the most experienced Combatants in history.

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Traveling, Helping Others, Hunting, Driving, Reading
Interests: Hunting, Leading Heaven, Reading the Bible, Humans, Books,
Favorite Types of Music: Christian, Rock, Metallica
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Fantasy, Realistic, Mystery
Serious Problems: He sometimes does not care or take into account others feelings, and enjoys solving problems in the most effective manner, now matter how cruel said manner is. Often turns to Alcoholism to deal with his problems.
Personality: Castiel typically displays very little emotion and always exhibits an extremely somber disposition. Although it has been suggested angels possibly do not possess the ability to truly feel emotion, Castiel frequently exhibits what could be referred to as friendly affection towards Dean. This attachment and growing ability to feel even causes him to be "demoted", as his superiors fear emotions are clouding his judgment. Throughout his appearances in the fourth season, he also seems to, at the very least, come close to expressing regret, hesitance, and anger several times, and has once quietly laughed at a joke Dean made in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester". Though Dean "[Castiel is] learning a little bit about humanity and re-learning something about his own humanity from that exposure. So...there’s a humanizing of Castiel going on."Castiel begins having an internal struggle between what is right and what is wrong, and whether or not to obey orders from Heaven. This is because interactions with Sam and Dean have made the angel "uncertain" and "more fragile". Castiel envies Dean's decisiveness and desires to emulate him. Having lost his connection to Heaven in the fifth season, Castiel's humanization seems to have quickened by the episode "Free to Be You and Me", as he appears extremely anxious while in a whorehouse, is visibly distraught when asking Dean for help, and refers to the Archangel Raphael as "my little bitch".

Contrary to depictions of angels in popular culture, Castiel and his peers are not out helping people in need. Though he has a conscience and cares about humanity's welfare—he finds humans to be "works of art"[7]—Castiel is willing to kill innocents if the need arises.

Castiel like all other Angels was created by God, and lived in Heaven doing God's mission. He like many other angels worked to maintain the 66 Seals, and later went to Hell to retrieve Dean. He met up with the Winchesters, and gave them the mission to stop Lilith from breaking all the Seals. He appeared again sending Dean back in time, and giving the Winchesters the mission to save a town from some powerful witches without harming innocents, before him, and his partner decimated the entire City. He later teamed up with Uriel to hunt down Anna Milton, a fallen angel, who could hear Angel's communication. He tracked her down, but was forced to combat the demon Alastair, and was nearly killed, until being saved by Dean who helped Anna regain her angelic abilities.

Castiel began growing suspicious of Uriel, learning him, and some other angels planned to free Lucifor. He attempted to stop Uriel, but was overpowered, until Anna rescued him murdering Uriel. Castiel set up a meeting with the Winchesters, but his superiors removed him from his host Jimmy Novak. He took over the body of Jimmy's daughter in order to fight off some demons attacking his home, and later returned to Jimmy, to allow the rest of his family to have normal lives. Castiel gets Dean to ally himself with God, and Angels, and rescues Sam from a demonic bunker. He leads other Angels to Anna, allowing them to capture her. He teams up with Zacharia to hold Dean, until it's time for him to play his "role" in stopping the Apocalypse. Upon Learning the Angels are breaking the Final Seal, he decides to help Dean stop the apocalypse. Raphael, and others angels comes after them, he sends Dean to Sam, and fights the Angels. He is instantly murdered by Raphael, however he is resurrected by God, and murders two Angels to save the Winchester Brothers.

Castiel carves Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs to hide them from all angels, including Lucifer. He met up with the brothers again planning to track Down God, taking Dean's amulet, and after no results, he joined the Winchesters Mission to find the Colt to kill Lucifor. During the hunt he locates hundreds of Reapers in one location, and decides to investigate, only to be captured by Lucifor. He escapes, in the process loosing his ability to slay demons, but he manages to rescue the brothers. When the brothers were killed, he used electronic equipment to communicate with their deceased souls, now in Heaven. He sends them to find Joshua who is in constant communication with God, upon learning the Lord does not want to stop the Apocalypse, he becomes depressed, and Alcoholic. He joins Sam in the mission to keep Michael from gaining control over Dean's body.

He later confronts Dean, upset after Michael gains control over there newly resurrected Half Brother Adam. Later, he carves a banishing sigil into his own chest and activates it in the presence of multiple angels in order to clear the way for Sam and Dean to attack Zachariah and save Adam. The effects of the sigil send him onto a fishing boat, now completely human. Despite his lack of power, he is able to defeat the Horseman Pestilence, and assists Bobby and Sam in preventing nationwide distribution of the Croatoan virus. He is later killed by Lucifor after attempting to stop him from fighting Michael, due to said battle causing the destruction of half of the Earth. He is resurrected by God after the Apocalypse is stopped, giving incredible powers by God, becoming the new Viceroy of Heaven. He departs to Heaven which is in complete Chaos, and takes over the Host of Heaven.

Other: Castiel was the first Angel to be introduced in Supernatural, and the first to develop empathy to Humans. He is also one of the most faithful, and the only one to start off as an Angel, and later become an Archangel. He is also an Archangel who does not require a host to use his abilities. He has a love for hamburgers, even an obsession.

Full Name: Father
Name at birth (if different): Homunculus
Aliases (if any): The Good Gentlemen, "The Little Man in the Flask"
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): The Philosopher of the East
Preferred name: Father
Age/DOB: 435
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Humunculus
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Build: Slim Linebacker
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Blond Hair
Clothes: White Arabian Clothing
Appearance: Image

Religion: Atheist
Political Affiliation: Amestrian Government
Education: Highly knowledgeable
Languages spoken: English, Japanese, and various others.
Weapons: Anything he generates
Citizenship: Amestrian
Nationality: Unknown
Born: Xerxes
Now lives: Amestris
Lives with: Homunculus
Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Traveler
Special Abilities/Skills: Father is a master manipulator, and planner. He's a capable of combatant, being over four hundred years old, he's highly trained in several forms of martial arts. He is also Immortal, meaning he is impervious to death in any form. He never ages beyond his current point in life, and can regenerate from any level of damage. His body is composed of many Philosopher's stones, allowing him to perform alchemy without drawing a transmutation circle, clapping his hands together, or even moving at all. He can also ignore Equivalent Exchange. Meaning he can turn a rock into a diamond, or a sandwich into a bomb. He has mastered and is capable of using every form of Alchemy such as Mustang's flame alchemy, or Isaac's Cryokinetic Alchemy.

He is also capable of negating Alchemy, and abilities that can generate similar effects. He is capable of absorbing matter, changing it's size, and re-realeasing it into the physical world. He can also absorb Philosopher stones from those who have them. Once he absorbed God, he gained virtually unlimited power, and his physical stats were pumped to extreme levels giving him enhanced strength, speed, durability, and such. He is capable of manipulating energy, allowing him to easily decimate massive structures, and can perform Alchemy from extremely long distances. He can summon blasts of Energy from all directions, manipulate the weather, and even Generate, and a cause a Sun to go supernova, and survive with no apparent harm or discomfort.

He is also able to generate humans, and control said generated beings. He is capable of easy creating Humunculus, and using the abilities his Humunculus have. He also acquires the ability to forcefully suck the souls out of others to replenish his own life and powers, and converts said souls into Philosoher stones. His body now generates an energy shield that protects him from any and all forms of attack.

Hobbies: Training, Reading, Music,
Interests: World Domination, Humanity, Alchemy
Favorite Types of Music: Classical
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Mystery,
Serious Problems: He has a mad craving for Philosopher's stones, which of course require human lives to generate, and he is constantly seeking perfection,no matter the cost.
Personality:Father is usually seen as a very calm and somewhat serious individual. He rarely shows any signs of surprise and also has a somewhat bored look on his face in many of his appearances. He is dark, foreboding, and has great confidence in all of his plans. During his first meeting with Edward Elric he shows a somewhat comical, lighter side to his personality, similar to that of Hohenheim, but almost immediately after switches back to his very serious demeanor. Father is also cold, pitiless and believes that everyone around him is nothing but tools to be used as part of his plans. The only exceptions to this may be his seven Homunculi "children", as Hohenheim had stated during their battle that one of the reasons he had created them was because he wanted a family of his own, hence his title of Father. Father is seen with a surprised and sad look immediately after Hohenheim states this. His thirst for power seems to be the only thing more important to him than his Homunculi, noted when he does not hesitate to abandon Pride in exchange for resupplying his Philosopher's Stone or to absorb Greed into his body to resupply it. Unlike Lust or Envy, Father has also stated that he feels no hatred or condescending feelings towards humans. He confesses to Edward that he merely sees humans as nothing more than stepping stones for himself, explaining his outright indifference towards them.

Despite his normally calm, brooding, calculating personality, he is shown to be extremely excited when his plans finally come together, showing a wicked, gleefully evil side to his personality. When outside of his human container and revealing his true form he is often seen with a wicked grin. Back when he had his original, mortal form in the flask, he had a much more charismatic and arrogant personality to him. "Full of human emotions", as Hohenheim notes, before he purged out his cardinal sins.

Other: Father enjoys sitting down, after developing his craving he was constantly mobile. He looks exactly Hohenheim, even in his Third Form. He considers humanity beneath him, ironically humanity created, and silenced him.

Full Name: Super Buu
Name at birth (if different): Majin Buu
Aliases (if any): None
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): Destroyer of Worlds, The most evil creature in the Galaxy,
Preferred name: Buu
Age/DOB: Unknown/5 Million B.C.A.
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Djinn
Skin Tone: Pink
Height: 4'1
Weight: 143 lbs
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Slim
Eyes: Blackish red
Hair: None
Clothes: His pants and Majin Belt. He may gain clothes from victims he absorbs.
Appearance: Image

Religion: None
Political Affiliation: None
Education: None
Languages spoken:
Weapons: His body
Citizenship: None
Nationality: None
Born: From Magic
Now lives: None
Lives with: None
Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Mass Murderer
Special Abilities/Skills: Buu wields several super human abilities. Some of his basic skills are superhuman strength and speed. He is also immune to conventional means of harm, and can only be harmed by the strongest of fighters. He has the ability to manipulate energy, and has several other mystical powers. He can absorb humanoid beings, heal any wound but death with physical contact, Regenerate, manipulate his body, Duplicate himself, Copy any attack he observes, Teleport, unleash Hurricane winds(Super Breath),Use Telekineses, Fly, Travel through dimensions, Summon Objects, Alter Size, Use Telepathy,Shape Shift, and Transmute matter.
Hobbies: Murdering others, Eating, Causing chaos
Interests: Killing, Eating Sugary sweets, Martial Arts,
Favorite Types of Music: None
Favorite Types of Reading Material: None
Serious Problems: He's addicted to killing others.
Personality: Buu's only reason for existence was to cause absolute destruction. He enjoyed the destruction he brought to the universe. On the rare occasion he ever showed any restraint of his power, it was to make his "game" of destruction last longer instead of producing an instant kill. He is not a sadistic killer seeking to bring pain to his victims, as he seemingly doesn't know or even care about pain, nor does he seek to lord over anything. He merely seeks to have fun creating havoc and destruction in the whole universe. Only by Kid Buu gaining enlightenment through absorbing other beings is existence spared, and, of course, by a Genki Dama fueled by beings from across the universe and beyond.
Though he is highly irrational and insane, Kid Buu does seem to have some intelligence, as he quickly realized that Goku refused to hit him with the Spirit Bomb as long as Vegeta was in the area and took advantage of it by pinning the latter to the ground.
Other: He cannot harm Hercule, or Bee.

"It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Milo is the most human of us all. Then... he shoots fire from the skies, and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him." -Aaron Stark

Full Name: Milo Salvador Ventro
Name at birth (if different): Molito
Aliases (if any): Fusion, Miles, One man Army, The Cheater, Superman, Swiss Army Knife of mutants, The Living H Bomb, and The Avatar.
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): Commander
Preferred name: Milo
Age/DOB: 6,027
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 6'1
Weight: 245 lbs
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Linebacker
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, bit long.
Clothes: Wears Casual clothing. Loves Black pants.
Appearance: Image

Religion: Christian
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Education: Superb, unparalleled, near limitless amounts of knowledge.
Languages spoken: Omni-Lingual
Weapons: He has the Ultimate Nullifier, the Infinity Gems, Infinity Gauntlet, and various other weapons.
Citizenship: American
Nationality: White
Born: South America
Now lives: Genosha, the SXM Mansion
Lives with: Marie Alexandrian Holden
Relationship Status: Dating

Occupation: Superhero/Leader of the SXM
Special Abilities/Skills:He is a former police officer cop so he is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. He is quite the strategist when his mental capabilities are put the test, and a capable interrogator. He's performed grueling training with Keel allowing him to push his physical body to peak condition. He's learned how to pilot most vehicle's, land-based, aerial, sea, and he can use, and plant explosives. He is a master hacker, and has several other skills.

Empathic Mimicry/Assimilation: He can copy any powers of other Homo Superior's he has come into contact with. He doesn't need to be near the original users to call on the power. His ability also allows him to mimic the powers of extraterrestrial, and even magical entities. He does NOT copy a person's abilities, only their powers. Due to his mimicry he has built up a gigantic arsenal of powers, and thanks to having duplicated the Surfer's Power Cosmic his power cannot be siphoned by other mutants.

Another aspect of his mimicry, is that he can remimic a power. Meaning every time he meets a speedster, he mimics their speed, and keeps building up his speed. Due to this basic powers such as his strength, and speed have been pumped to god like level's. The number of powers he has mimicked is beyond numerical comparison, but it is confirmed that he has access to over two hundred abilities. However it has turned out his ability is not actually EM, but he is an Evolved being with the ability to assimilate and store infinite amounts of abilities. He is also capable of absorbing abilities of others, and can duplicate all traits Memories, Talents, Physical attributes, energies, skin color ect, and can even absorb qualities.

Evolved Beings improve the qualities of anything they absorb bringing it to it's highest natural level, then pushing it ten times beyond limit.
They are capable of duplicating inanimate objects such as clothing, and can duplicate any object no matter the level of power, and even absorb, and duplicate as many as they want, and even mimic the properties of inanimate objects, or even a source of energy, and they become immune to the effects of anything they assimilate, the Suctioning Tatto's appear all over their stomach and back when they enter their true form, which his skin becomes grey in. He gains no special attributes, this is just his original appearance.
Hobbies: Crime Fighting, Traveling, Eating, Training, Reading, Watching Television,
Interests: Vigilantism, Traveling, Food, Martial Arts, His Abilities, Books, Television, Video games, Comics,
Favorite Types of Music: He is a fan of Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap. He's known to occasionally listen to soft rock.
Favorite Types of Reading Material: He enjoys Manga, Mystery, Superhero fiction, and suspense.
Serious Problems: The Void can sometimes usurp control over him, and cause him to go on murderous rampages, or even place him in a coma of sorts where he is immobile, and his abilities are out of control. By willingly committing acts of murder, he can suppress the Void.
Personality: Molito is a being that believes himself superior to all others, and has limitless loyalty to his people. He has a hatred for mutants, humans, and especially Hunters, and considers the Void to be one of his closest friends. He has a Commanding Personality wanting others to do as he says, and punishes those who do not obey him. He has no compassion, and is heartless actually enjoying the murder of weaker suspicious, gaining happiness from the shedding of blood, and enjoys building up members of the Children of Vault. He considers CTV his life, and is dedicated the organization wanting to follow Sangre's mission at all costs. He has a love for the finer things in life, and has developed a romantic interest with Melina, whom he'll bend rules to protect with. However after suffering the loss of his memories, his personality changed drastically due to his upbringing, and he adopted a new identity.

As Milo Ventro he is Deeply tormented by deaths and the pain his step-father put him through. He covers this up by being a wise crack, unpredictable and a joker. Will go to the ends of the Earth to protect his loved ones. He loves being a hero and helping others. Despite his great wealth, he is not one to act self centered. He is very giving, and charitable to those less fortunate. He is against the ending of other lives, and prefers to do whatever it takes to preserve life.

His love for the life of a hero, has lead to him to develop somewhat of a hero-complex. Meaning he is determined to save lives, and will blame himself for the slightest mistakes made by him or his team-mates. Due to his personality he's developed close relationship's with other members of the team. The people closest to him aside from his own family are Yamairo, Harry, Nate, Katy, Michael, and Lucy.Unlike the older members of Yamairo's group he did NOT share the paranoia of the Government's reaction to mutants. He supported mutants who used their powers for the benefit of others, and is always trying to convince other mutants to commit good acts.

He strongly disapproves of mutants abusing their abilities, and will reprimand homo superior's who choose to go against his rule. He also cares deeply for his family, and can even be pushed to kill when it comes to situation's regarding the lives of a family member. With the death of his father Samuel Ventro, he began to resent the thought of messing with life and death. He believed such acts upset the balance of life, and could cause hazardous effects. Also during the time of bondage with Madara's soul, he developed a mean streak of sorts. Some other changes in his personality during the time included growing more reclusive, and burying his emotions in his work.

However with his separation of Marie, it appears he has once again suffered deep emotional damage. After failing to get back together with said girlfriend, he decided to once again bury his emotions in his job. However as he grew more ruthless, and violent he began to understand the world, and humanity more. After learning how Illiria had caused his desperation he confronted her, and got back together with Marie, happiness restored. However his personality was forever tainted, but after saving the universe from the Hunters he grew extremely cocky, with a mixture of his darker qualities. He's only serious when he's dealing with the Void, which he tries to hide from his friends and family.



"My name is Wally West. I'm the fastest man alive. I'm the Flash." -Wally West

Full Name: Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West
Name at birth (if different): Wallace Rudolph West.
Aliases (if any): Flash, Fastest Man Alive, Scarlet Speedster, The Flash
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): N/A
Preferred name: Flash
Age/DOB: 30
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Clothes: He sticks to casual clothing, and his costume.

Religion: Atheist
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Education: Has a college education, mastery of the speedforce, has many years of experience fighting all kinds of enemies. Has read the internet. The whole thing
Languages spoken: English, and every other Language known to man, as well as several alien one's such as Kryptonian.
Weapons: None
Citizenship: American
Nationality: Caucasian
Born: Blue Valley, Nebraska
Now lives: Keystone City
Lives with: Linda Park West (wife), Jai and Iris West (twin children)
Relationship Status: Married

Occupation: Superhero, Mechanic for the KCPD
Special Abilities/Skills: Speed Force Conduit: Speed Force is a vaguely defined extra-dimensional energy force from which most superspeed-powered heroes draw their powers. The Speed Force serves as the ultimate measure of velocity in the DCU. They are often referred to in terms of barriers: Sound barrier, Light barrier, Time Barrier, Dimensional Barrier, and finally the Speed Force Barrier. While all speedsters are powered by the force, West mainlines the power from the force itself and cannot be cut off from the source, unlike the others. Wally is the fastest of all the Flashes and the fastest man that ever lived. He is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed. He is currently fast enough to easily break all the barriers and even enter the Speed Force. Wally has, on several occasions, traveled much faster than light and been pulled into and exited the Speed Force by his own volition. The Flash is considered to be one of the most formidable and powerful meta-humans on the planet.

- Decelerated Aging
- Constructs
- Sharing the Force
- Steal Speed
- Speed Force Aura
- Superhuman Endurance
- Self Sustenance
- Superhuman Speed
- Infinite Mass Punch
- Time & Dimensional Travel
- Regeneration
- Phasing
- Flight
- Increased Perceptions
- Supercharged Brain Activity
- Vortex Creations
-Speedforce dump

Hobbies: Flirting, running, eating, Dancing, Partying,
Interests: Racing, Food, Girls , Music, Parties,
Favorite Types of Music: Rap, hip hop, Caribbean, anything with a fast beat.
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Anything with a Fast moving plot.
Serious Problems: He can be extremely overconfident in his own abilities, and is extremely hard-headed never listening to others, and always doing what he wants, instead of listening to others.
Personality:Wally is always wisecracking and enjoying life. As the Flash he is portrayed as hero loved by the people. He is the one that the public is most likely to run into on the streets and interact regularly with. He’s also easily approachable, spends most of his spare time talking to common people and visiting people in hospitals. He can be friendly and easy-going personality serves as a bridge between the metahuman community and the civilian populace. While on the other hand, he becomes a serious, mature person who isn’t afraid to make the hardest of decisions. Even if it means his life.

Other: He loves sugary sweats, and is very overprotective of his family. He enjoys helping others.

" Sometimes, I admit, I think of Bruce as a man in a costume. Then, with some gadget from his utility belt, he reminds me that he has an extraordinarily inventive mind. And how lucky I am to be able to call on him. " -Superman

Full Name: Bruce Wayne
Name at birth (if different): Bruce Wayne
Aliases (if any): Batman, Dark Knight,
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): N/A
Preferred name: Bruce
Age/DOB: 30's
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210 lbs
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Linebacker
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Clothes: Business Attire, and his costume/
Appearance: Image

Religion: Atheist
Political Affiliation: Democratic
Education: World's greatest detective, routinely outsmarts Ra's al Ghul, an immortal criminal tyrant who is hundreds of years old. Polymath and scientific genius
Languages spoken: He is able to speak Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and possibly more
Weapons:Batarangs (several different types), small explosives, smoke and tear gas pellets. He also has access to a Green Latern ring, and several weapons cosmic, magical, and such in nature. He also has his super computer, second only to the Watchtower's computer, he has the Brother's Eye a satellite capable of controlling all technology on the planet. He also has the OMAC virus which is a fast spreading infection that turns his opponents into cyborgs under his complete control, and his satellite can emit a powerful being of focused energy which can even take down beings such as Superman.
Citizenship: American
Nationality: Caucasoin
Now lives:
Lives with:
Relationship Status:

Special Abilities/Skills:
- Indomitable Will
- Intimidation
- Interrogation
- Peak Human Conditioning
- Master Acrobat
- Martial Arts Master
- Weapons Master
- Master of Stealth
- Expert Marksman
- Genius-Level Intellect
- Polymath
- Master Detective:

* Master Tactician and Strategist: He commonly utilizes cunning tactics to outwit his foes. He is an excellent leader and at times commands the Justice League and the Outsiders.
* Escapologist: He has been described as second only to Mister Miracle as an escape artist.[citation needed] He has been seen escaping from a posey straitjacket in less than 52 seconds, and remarked afterwards that the time was way too slow for him.[citation needed]
* Aviation: Has been seen flying the various versions of the Batplanes with ease and flying a helicopter.
* Tracking: Trained in hunting techniques by African Bushmen (the Ghost Tribes of the Ten-eyed Brotherhood, among others).[citation needed]
* Master of Disguise: Has mastered the art of disguise by the time he was 23.[citation needed] Has further learned Expanded Disguise techniques by the time he was 26.[citation needed] Batman has many aliases he uses to infiltrate the underworld or just to go undercover in public situations. His current aliases are: Matches Malone, Thomas Quigley, Ragman, Detective Hawke, Sir Hemingford Grey, Frank Dixon, Gordon Selkirk, and Mr. Fledermaus.[citation needed]
* Expert Mechanic and Vehicular Driver: Proficient at combat driving. Has learned improved vehicle designs. Was trained and proficient in basic vehicles operations
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