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The Planet Grimore (officially Grimore I), orbiting around a yellow-red star also named Grimore.

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a character in “Invasion of the Qua”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Grimore I is nearly wholly covered with water, being similar to Earth in that sense, although the water is almost completely free of salt. Thusly, the fauna and flora within these waters of Grimore I are very different from the familiar species on Earth.
Grimore's equatorial diameter is 8724.9 km, which is approximately 1.37 times larger than Earth's equatorial diameter. Gravity on Grimore is approximately 1.45 times stronger than on Earth, owing to both the larger size and a larger abundance of dense elements, such as osmium and iridium, also due to frequent meteor strikes. I.E., its specific gravity is 5.8370437956204375~.
Grimore I is the first planet from its star. It is approximately 1.06 AU from its home star.
Its maximum concentration of Magitons (as measured near Cadremus Keep) is 5.36 x 10,000 MT (Magitons) per cubic meter.

It has two moons, one named Raelik, the other named Ordus. Raelik is approximately 1342.5 km. in its equator; Ordus is 1223.9 km. Both have a specific gravity of 5.83643535~. Each one orbits Grimore in opposite directions. Raelik moves 1.0962002776052 km/s counterclockwise; its apogee is 378235 km. Ordus moves 0.97641812851036 km/s clockwise; its apogee is 424635 km.

All around the Grimorean solar system is a massive spherical cloud of comets and asteroids within Grimore's gravity. The cloud begins at approximately 2 AU from Grimore and ends 5 AU from its star. Make no mistake; it is absolutely _dense_, far denser than the asteroid belt. For every cubic kilometre of space a hundred asteroids orbit within. Collisions, both object-on-object and object-on-ship, are common. The mass majority range from about 0.001 mm to 7422.9 mm across the largest axis -- collisions won't hurt that much. However, electromagnetic reception on both sides of the asteroid belt is interfered with.


Technology on Grimore encompasses a wide range of things, from around 1300's technology in the villages, to space probes and primitive Magiton gunships in the cities. The newer technology is imported from several places, and oftentimes is supplemented by the use of Magitons. As Magitons tend to be a Grimore I-only incidence, disregarding other places with great concentrations of it, technology using it is often rendered useless outside Grimore I.

With the technological growth of Grimore has come the development of spacecraft ports and factories all over the cities. While most of Grimore enjoys a rural life not dissimilar to what they've been living for ages, in the cities, many new and exciting technological advances have begun, mostly due to the new interactions with other spacefaring civilisations. Cities dot the land, and Castle Cadremus is slowly losing its Magiton-granted advantage over the rest of the world, a change felt deeply by all, no more so than the four Generals (who are now under the command of a new leader, a man responsible for single-handedly orchestrating the industrialisation of Grimore - Wyatt Nolan.) None of them have ever had to deal with the yoke of reporting to someone else before, and Orienda of all people is almost reaching the breaking point.

The very air and water of Grimore I is filled with Magitons, and this can be canned or bottled, then released when needed. Studies are currently being conducted at Castle Cadremus regarding the use of Magiton-imbued dirt and dust.

Spacecraft unique to the Grimore are as follows:

The space probes are reinforced with titanium and aluminum (imported from Terra!) to protect from moderate-sized (ship to asteroid) impacts, and can release homing beacons, distress beacons, scanners, and up-close probes that have a direct wire connection to the main probe. The wire is about 200 metres long. To move the ship in a certain direction, a magician that can control wind is tasked to blow the wind in the probe a certain way, causing said probe to roll slowly through the vacuum of outer space. It floats quite slowly through space.

The Magiton gunship is, as stated, a gunship. It is much better reinforced than the space probes, with titanium and carbon fibres in thin, alternating layers. All over the gunship, torpedo tubes about 30 cm in diameter filled with junk metals and what depleted uranium Grimore could obtain were placed, somewhat like spines on a sea urchin. Below the tubes were small packages of liquid water and then perfectly-sealing plugs made out of carbon steel; the intent was that a master water magician could magick the liquid water into firing up, sending the makeshift torpedo into space with it at speeds of up to 300 km per hour, and the plug would follow after to ensure that no air would leave the gunship. Obviously, the projectile wouldn't be extremely powerful, but the leaders of Grimore relied upon its allies for success more than its pure offensive power. The gunships rely on the same sort of locomotion as the space probes.


As a matter of fact, life did not first appear on Grimore naturally. Exogenesis attempts by Terra had first focused on Gliese581g, but the space ship holding organic matter, including humans, accidentally took a sharp turn into the Death Cloud, and was knocked up rather thoroughly, hitting the solar panels on the side. With the source of power broken, the ship had to go on full throttle on the batteries it had. There was only just enough energy to set up a force field protecting the ship from further asteroid collisions and to boost the ship towards the nearest planet somewhat close to Earth-size. Grimore II was on the opposite side of the solar system. Grimore III was much too big. The only planet they could possibly reach was Grimore I.

And so they did.

Crash-landing into a barren wasteland, the surviving population of the ship (which happened to be fifteen people; the ship had begun its course with twenty) wandered about until they were dying from such thirst, from such hunger, that they began to see things. Fire burning the landscape. Wind kicking up dust. Sandstorms.
In their fear, they began to run. Their visions chased them to a giant ocean, and with nowhere to turn, they jumped.

Immediately the taste of cool, fresh water woke them from their hallucinations. Somehow it calmed their hunger, soothed their parched throats. They emerged from the sea, drunk with pleasure and laughter with their serendipity.
And that was when they realised that there was nothing living here at all.

The people suddenly quieted fearfully. They had left the ship, with its cargo of food, seeds, and cryopreserved animal embryos, somewhere in the wastelands.
How would they survive?

Evidently, though, they did. The descendants of those fifteen people are the people of Grimore today.

So begins...

Grimore's Story