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the state or fact of continuing to live or exist,
typically in spite of an accident,
ordeal, or difficult circumstances.


a human with the arsenal of a
is truly a terrifying sight

Magic has always existed in our world, it has coursed the veins of ancient bloodlines and gifted individuals since the age of iron and it will continue to do so until the end of time itself. In this modern era, average people still remain oblivious to the arcane, as if set apart from it by either ignorance or fate.

Humans go about their everyday life, completely unaware of the events that ravel before their very eyes. While most humans are unable to see magic there are some that are able to see magic as bright as day. While not being able to actually use the arcane arts these rare humans do possess a natural resistance to the arts. While not being absolutely immune to magic, what would usually kill a normal human would just injure these individuals.

Magi is the title given to those with the ability to cast spells.


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Character Portrait: Fukumi Hinatsu


Character Portrait: Fukumi Hinatsu
Fukumi Hinatsu

The Priestess


Character Portrait: Fukumi Hinatsu
Fukumi Hinatsu

The Priestess

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Character Portrait: Fukumi Hinatsu
Fukumi Hinatsu

The Priestess

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