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Virginia 'Pepper' Potts

Former CEO of Stark Industries, Mr Stark's personal assistant and partner

0 · 169 views · located in California, USA

a character in “Iron Man: The Arch Remains”, as played by Maerorem-Caligo


Pepper was the CEO of Stark Industries, but later resigned. Instead, she helped Tony with the development of Stark Tower, and is now Tony’s partner. Initially, before Tony became Iron Man, she was his personal assistant, going through the meetings, and all business that didn’t necessarily need to be dealt with Tony himself. She eventually confessed that he was the only person she had, using the words; ‘You’re all I have too, you know.’ She helped in foiling Obadiah Stain when he attempted to kill Tony using a version of the Mark I armour, was saved by Tony from the imploding droids Whiplash created, and then saved Tony when Aldrich attacked him.

Pepper is often formal, but has been seen to be emotional, like when she became angry with Tony after he instructed her to get the files from Stain, or when she cried upon Tony’s return. She is smart and level-headed, and grounded. She’s not the dreamer type, and not often flirty. She does, however, show that side of her specifically with Tony in the privacy of their home. She became emotionally distraught after Tony fell into the ocean with most of their Malibu home, and is often seen as being sentimental. She helped Tony remove the old reactor from his chest, before giving it back to him with the words; ‘Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart’. She cares deeply for Tony, and is the only person to call Rhodey by his actual name ‘Rhodes’. She has a friendship with him, and had ne with Coulson before Loki killed him. She used his first name Phil, confusing Tony, who said; ‘No his first name is agent.’ She can be sarcastic, but that’s not often that she shows that.
It is seen early that Pepper has feelings for Tony, as seen when she cried when he returned from being captured. When asked about it, she said that they were ‘tears of joy. I hate job hunting.’ She was clearly happy that he had returned, safe and sound, and showed compassion in the fact that she wanted Tony to go to the hospital. However, he tells the chauffer Happy Hogan to take him to get a cheese burger. They then head to a press conference in which Tony declares that Stark Industry’s weapons manufacturing division is to be shut down. This leads to Obadiah ordering an injunction on him, locking him out of the company. While Pepper tries to deal with the legal issues, Tony figures out that ‘Obi’ is dealing weapons under the table, which leads to him asking Pepper to help him in retrieving the files. She confesses that he is the only person that she has, before heading off to do the deed. When Iron Man gets into a battle with the so dubbed Iron Monger, Pepper helps Tony in destroying him. Their love interest continues to grow as seen when Whiplash shows up. Pepper’s constant concern is obvious; however, she appears irate with him as well. When Whiplash is supposedly taken out and his droids self-destruct, Tony swoops in to save Pepper. She tells him that she quits, she can’t handle it anymore. Before the argument is finished, they kiss, and their relationship begins.
When the Avengers initiative is set in motion, Pepper and Tony spent their time in Stark Tower.Image However, tragedy was close to becoming a reality when Pepper almost lost her lover in his heroic acts. She watched anxiously on the plane as Tony and the other Avengers fought Loki and his army, ignoring her phone which was signalling a call from him in his attempts to say goodbye. He escaped the other dimension, however, and they were reunited. Their relationship is brought closer still after Pepper is captured by Aldrich, who then uses the Extremis on her. Tony saves her, and then she saves him. Finally she was cured, but was distraught to learn that Tony had to keep the Arch reactor.

So begins...

Virginia 'Pepper' Potts's Story