Bruce Grogan

"Life is tough, but its tougher if you're stupid"

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Age - 39
Occupation - Trader/Scavenger
Personality - Bruce is a stubborn, hard-headed man. He does not show much sympathy and tends to be somewhat pessimistic about things, although he argues that he is just being realistic. You could say that Bruce is an alcoholic, drinking after every "work" day. He has a hard time letting go, haunted by nightmares more often than not. Bruce has a hard time trusting people, and he prefers to be alone with his dog. His other past-times include scavenging and drinking. Bruce has a highly developed eyesight and sense of smell, making him a great marksmen.

History - Once upon a time, Bruce had a wife and a daughter and they were his entire life. They lived together in a settlement far from Ironhand, never really bothering anyone and doing the best they could to survive. The settlement Bruce and his family lived in was self sufficient, living off what they could, even having some sort of organized structure with a leader. Bruce was a lead scavenger in this group, and every once in a while he would lead out a group of skilled man on expeditions to scavenge and bring back all they could. This town was compassionate to strangers, accepting any who needed help and integrated them into their small society. One day a traveler came by their settlement, he was clearly battered and starving, and like many others before him, he was accepted into their small town. This man learned the towns routine, knowing when the scavengers will be out and for how long. He waited for his perfect opportunity, and once the scavengers left he brought a large group of bandits into town. They snuck their way in, playing on the groups trust of this man, and ambushed the town. The bandits made quick work of all the inhabitants of the town, killing most in their sleep. Only those who hid well enough survived this massacre, Bruce's wife and daughter were among the causalities. When the scavengers returned, they were broken. Their town and loved ones were all gone. The scavengers plotted their revenge, tracking down the bandits and sparing none. Most of the scavengers chose to stay together after this was done, with an attempt to form a new group, Bruce chose to leave and strike out on his own.

It took a long time for Bruce to discover Ironhand, on his journey there he met Spike, a german Shepard who managed to survive off of eating animals, the dog took a liking to Bruce and was his only companion since. When Bruce stumbled upon Ironhand he decided it was time to make a more permanent settlement, although he has plans of leaving. Bruce and Spike live in a much less populated part of the city, traveling to the main part every morning to sell and trade valuables.


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